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Close Nit Family

It was a cold winter day, and school was out for christmas. Me and brother were home alone, because our parents had to work. Well my brother is 14 years old, about 5 foot 8 inches, and weighes about 170 pounds. I am 16, about 6 foot 3 inches tall, and weigh about 200 pounds. Well were wrestling like we always do, then all of a sudden I started becoming arroused. It shocked me, I had never been aroused by my brother. So I got up, and went to the bathroom. While I was in there, I noticed my sisters panties laying on the floor. I had never been intersted in them before, but I picked them up and felt them, they were very soft and silky. I was really turned on now. So I took them out in the living room and asked Fred if he had ever wondered what girls underwear felt like. He said that he would try them on if I did. Well he came over and helped me pull my pants down, and he noticed my giant hard-on. It is about 8 inches long, and about 2 inches round. He said that I must have really wanted to try those panties on. So he helped me slide them on and then he helped me tuck my hardon inside the silky panties. He said they look great on me. So we went up to our sisters room to get him a pair to try on. We got there and we were going through her drawers and he found the most perfect pair, a red silk thong. I couldn’t wait to see him in these. So I ran over and pulled his pants down, I was on my knees helping him pull up his thong, and my face about an inch away from his hard on, and it looked so tasty, not as big as mine, but almost. I just wanted to taste it, but I didn’t. My bro mad the comment that we need to wear more, so we decided that we would pick out an outfit for eachother. My bro picked out a black mini skirt, with a tight white top, a black silf white bra, black stalkings, and a black thong. I picked out a school girl outift for my bro, I gave him a plad skirt, a white button up shirt, and red silk bra, to match his thong. We got dressed and he looked so good, I couldn’t resist, so I grabbed his hard-on and started to suck it, I have given a blow job before, and I really enjoyed it. Then after about five minutes my bro came in my mouth, and I sucked it all down. Next he got on his knees, and sucked mine, and then he pushed me to the bed, and bent me over and started licking my ass, he was so good, I was about to cum everywhere, he turned me around and grabbed my hard-on and sucked it dry, and swallowed every bit of my cum. So I got up on sis’s bed and asked him to put my legs on his shoulders and fuck my ass, he did, since I have had anal sex before it din’t hurt that bad, but he was really pounding my ass, and he was about to cum and he let out big thrust and came in my ass it felt so good. So now it was my turn and I rolled him over and licked his ass for about five minutes, it tasted so good, and then I pulled him up in a doggystyle position and jammed my big cock in his ass, his ass wasn’t very tight, I couldn’t figure out why. But I ponded like I have never pounded anyone before. Then I came in his ass. We landed on the bed, I was on top of him, with my cock still in his ass, and I asked him why he wasnt very tight, and he said that him and his friends do this all the time. We layed there sharing stories, and all of sudden our sis walks in and sees us in her clothes, on her bed, and with my cock in my brothers ass….. to be continued

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