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Badboy's Keeper

This story begins when I was a sixteen year old, I was living in the north of England and had dropped out of school, I was seen locally as a hardman and a stud, girls would fall at my feet and I was extremely over confident, I litterally thought that nothing and no one could touch me.
I had always been bigger than the other guys in my year at school and was expelled at the age of 14 for fighting with a teacher and then did some time in a youth prison for fighting with a guy and breaking one of his arms.
I was very muscular, had started shaving when I was 13 and had a moustache, I had 8 tatoos on my arms and had one on my chest, this was very attractive to others as I couldn’t go far without being eyed up by girls and women of all ages, I had already had loads of sexual experiences with girls at school and as my father was a club steward I spent a lot of time there with him and had done a few middle aged women too.
Then there was a friend that I had called John, he was very quiet and as we got to know each other got very attached to me and I reallised that I could manipulate him into doing allsorts for me.
He stayed at my house one night after we had been out and he had missed his last bus home.
I woke up and his hand was on my stomache, I got hard and moved so that my meat was in his hand and he awoke , startled but he let me fuck him, we were hard at it when my father came into the room. He just looked adnd then left the room.
Nothing had been said for over a week and I thought that it was forgotten about and I had slept with my girlfriend a few more times. She had stayed and my parents didn’t mind.
It was Thursday morning and I woke up at around 12 as usual, My father was in the sitting room and told me that he had decided to send me to Spain to stay with his younger brother who lived on a farm and would teach me how to be reponsible and how to do a hard days work.
I didn’t mind as I was bored and the weather was shit, my girlfriend had become tiresome and I had started to get pressure from John who seemed to be falling in love with me and I had stared to make matters worse by fucking him at any opportunity I was really beginning to find this more exciting than sex with my girl and it was confusing, I knew that 6 months away from everything would be good and I could come back and start again.
My uncle was 38 he had been in the army until he was 35. He was a monster, 6’8″ of solid muscle, he was in prime condition, he only shaved on a Friday night when he went ou and was really hairy, he had 22″ arms and everything else in proportion, he had a full gym in the house and went running for an hour and a half every morning at 5.30 before starting work on the farm, working out during the siesta for two hours and worked again till 8pm.
He lived alone and had a big reputation in the local town as a womaniser (but only at the weekends).
He met me at the airport and on the drive to the farm told me that he had been a free reign to make a man out of me by my father.
This was a little worrying for me but I thought that I wuld soon manipulate the situation to my advantage and it was great weather so I would get brown and return just in time for the next summer in England looking great, besides I had always had a thing for young spanish girls and now perhaps boys too.
When we arrived he gave me a stack of cut off jeans and told me that that was my workwear for the next sixmonths. I said thats cool and tried them on, quite tight and very short but that was cool by me.
I was woken up at 5 and I thought that he was joking when he told me about the run, He was not and gave me a rucksack full of rocks to add to the hell.I started complaining after about 45 minutes of running and he said that I should go home to think about what I was there for and he would deal with me when he returned.
When he got back I had changed and put on a t shirt and some of the shorts he had given me.
I said that runnung that early was shit and I thought I would start by putting my foot down.
This was a massive mistake on my part.
He grabbed me by the neck which shocked me, then he ripped the shirt off my back and said we dont wear shirts to work and I was there to do as he said and any answering back ould result in me getting my butt whipped, I yelled “yeah by who ”
He pulld me into another room that I hant noticed the night before and he had prepared the room for punishing me whenever I had stepped out of line. He was so strong that even though I was a big strong fucker I stood no chance against his brute strength and temper.
He opened a drawer and I saw a huge collection of horse crops canes and paddles of all sizes. He then opened the home made stocks and forced my head and hand in and locked it down, walked around to the front so I could see him, He was real scary, sweating, hairy and full of muscles,short 1 week beard and evil bright blue eyes he said now was where I was to learn about respect.
I couldn’t believe what was happening to me, only two days ago I was at home in bed with my girlfriend and later that day with John, I was the cock of the north and now look at me.
He then went around and started to undo my shorts and pulled them down I called him a fuckin queer bastard and that my Dad would be hearing about what he was doing, All he said was “How no phone”
I thought fuck I am fucked here.
He came around and put a gag in my mouth which was a long sock with a squash ball inside he said I would need to bite down on something when he got to work on me, he showed me a lond wooden paddle with holes in it and about 10″ wide and said that I was to be warmed up first with 30 swats and then I would get the crop for twenty.
I had no idea how much the paddle was going to hurt, he went around and I could see him in a mirror which was positioned so I could see what he was doing. He was rubbing my newly furry butt with the shiny wood and then lifted his massive arm above his shoulder and smacked down hard i tried to scream but nothing came out as i was gagged, all that could be heard was a grunt, I bit down on the ball. He followed quickly with the other 29 swats, I really thought that i was going to die there and then.I was slumped and I realised there was another mirror where I could see my marroon coloured blistered butt. He forced a gym horse under me and then cot a crop from the drawer, whipping me slowly and mearningfully I was sobbing and When he took th gag out I didn’t even have the energy to curse, then came the most amasing thing, he opened th stocks and carried me into the kitchen and laid me on the table, I could feel him as he was carrying me so big I was dwarfed against his massive bulk, he had just hurt me so badly and without mercy and now I felt so protected and safe in his arms.
After he laid me down he lifted me legs and started to lick my arse all over, I could feel his bristle on my blisted butt which was super sensitive and on fire.
I whispered for him to stop but for some reason pulled my knees involuntarily up to my chest opening up my hole, I could feel the cool morning air around my damp holeand tehn themost surprising thing as his hot hard wet and very long tongue sliped right up me slurping in and out.
I was being fucked by his tongue and I knew that this was only the first day of my stay and this was obviously going to happen a lot more in the future.
I was so hard and had pre cum all over my belly and he was licking it off and spitting it up my hole, I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed it further up my ass he was growling and tongue fucking me like a madman.
Then he climbed on top of the tabe, he was naked now and his dick was twice as tick and twice as long as mine I thought he was going to fuck me but he turned instead and squatted on my face opening up as he lowered himself, he was musty and freh sweat was trickling down his massive rock hard cheeks through the tough black hairs that cvered them, his hole tasted surprisingly sweet and he was leaning forward and sucking my cock pulling my balls down hard, all this had happened in the space of 10 minutes and was so intense that I came in hismouth and I realised that he was swallowing it, He turned and assume the position of press ups with his cock in front of my mouth I knew that it was my turn to drink and I wasnt wrong he face fucked me and then came, I had never tasted anything worse but I was so willing I just drank it down.
Afterwards he said that it was time to start work and we would skip breakfast as we had already had a protien drink and wated enough time already.
He then led me ot to the shed where he fitted me with a pair of hand screw nipple ectenders which I was to wear everyday untill he was satisfied with their growth I said thankyou Sir as that was what he wanted to be called. He threw an old jockstrop at me and said that I was to work in that for the day so that the air could get to my arse and he could see his handywork whenever he chose.
I knew that I would return a different person in six months……………
Tune in for the next instalment in part two.

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