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A Hard Lesson Part Two

Part two of a story of my experience in Spain , having been sent there by my very busy father to stay with my ex-army muscleman 38 year old uncle who was covered with army tattoos and very hairy chest arms legs and butt.
He had alreaady given me my first taste of my punishment by paddling and caning me and then making me cum end then making me drink his, afterwhich I was fitted with nipple extenders and made to do a hard day’s backbreaking work only wearing a dirty old jock.
After the first week I had started to get used to the morning runs and the hard work in the hot sun, my uncle who had to be called ‘Sir’ had started to have normal conversations with me and I had started to fit in on the farm and although I didn’t like all the work I had realised that my unclead I had a lot in common and he took me with him on a Friday night when he went out to the local town to get drunk and chase women. I was good but not as good as him, he was a master at the art of charming the pants off a girl and I knew I could learn a lot from him, on the first Friday I was out with him I was still bruised from the first beating I had received and had to mke an excuse to the girl I was with about having fallen offa tractor and bruised my butt. I got completely blasted and had to be carried home over myuncles shoulder when I met him after I had had my shag with a real cute girl. I remember that night feeling those massive muscles under that thinn T shirt.
I was woken up at 5 on the Saturday morning as usual I was carrying the worst hang over and my head was aching, I couldn’t believe that he was expecting me to run with him on day like this so I was saying fuck off and pulling the quilt over my head, I heard him saying okay then and leaving the room. I thought that he had gone alone and i was realyy relieved. Then I heard the door go again and I was aware of him standing over me and I peared through one eye ‘very nervously’ and sure enough there he was stripped to the waist and holding a selection of the impliments I had seen the week before in the drawer in the punishment room. SHIT I thought I have made another big mistake, He said that if I didn’t get up and take the punishment he would force me downstairs and force me into the stocks again, I was really fucking strong but I remembered trying to resist him the last time and how impoessible it was so I dragged myself out of the bed naked and said ‘right where do you want me then’? He said the word ‘SIR’ and I repeated. He pointed to the end of the bed nad I went towayds it, he said ‘stop’, I had a morning hardon and he walked closerand uupped my balls in his massive hand which was covered with hard skin from all the hard work he had been doing, his forearm was like a hegand I felt helpless again, I saaid that I thought that we were mates,he said that I shouldn’t get my hopes up.He tugged on tem and ten pulled a thin piece of nylon twine from his pocket and tied my balls up, he was a real expert in a minute he had them seperated and tied up tight hen he pulled out a couple of crocodile clips and fitted them to my nips. It was then that I reallised that they really were getting bigger and thicker and longer after a week and a half of wearing the extenders. then he made me bend over the end of the bed and spread my legs by kicking my ankles then he made me spread my hands out farand handcuffed them to the metal balls at the end of the bed.
I felt my balls starting to ache and he tapped them with those massive hands a couple of times.
I grunted a bit, he then took the two loose ends of the twine and tied one to each crocodile clips faily tightly so that if I jumped or made any sudden movements my nipples would be ripped off or almost and my balls would bw tugged tighter even harder that they were already. Then he got a thick paddle made from a pice of tractor tyre about 40cm long with a wooden handle grafted to it and flicked it a couple of times. He alsomoved the full length dressing mirror over so that I could see myself again in the other mirror above the headboard.
Hpulled off his shorts and said that It was turning him on and as he never wore underwear his massive meat jumped free and so did his balls. They were massive and looked abouth the size of tennis balls or two small avocados.
He walked over and said that theres two types of punishment that was on offer , one was a good thrashing and the other was to be left there like that watching my sorry arse while he went for his run for an hour and a half. I thought that I’d better get it over with and take the beating.
He moved into position and I said sorry Sir, My dick was as hard as rock under me and his power was turning me on. He gave me a warning shot with the rubber paddle, It hurt even more than the wooden one the week earlier. Then he gave me thirty more.
I had felt weak and my balls and nipples were in extreme pain now, I kept stiff though and didn’t slump down like I had the time before, ‘aah you are getting stronger boy’ he said as he moved to select the next impliment. It was a long ratan cane he was to give me ten of the best as he called it. I had been to a state school and caning was banned there so I han’t really heard terminology like this before, He whipped me till I was gaspingfor air and I couldnt believe the pain. I looked over and realised that although my dick was quite soft now his was standing upright like a foot length of scaffolding pole. Then he opened a jar of hair gel that was on the dresser and started to apply it to my arsehole and as he lubed me up he was spitting into the hole and stretching the rim with his thumbs, I started to groan and as I tried to pull away my nipples were on fire and about 2 inches long ,throbbing.
He said that he knew about me and my boyfriend at home and that he was going to show me what a good fuck with a man was like.
I thought I could not take his big cock but as he rubbed the rest of the gel onto it I saw it glistening in themorning light and his magnificent body like a tattood and hairy Arnie I knew I wanted to try, I was frightned but he pushed it in really slowly, and as my arse was stinging and blisterd from the outside I really couldn’t feel it I was open and my sences must have been completely fuked. I had to remember not to move even though I really wanted to buck back when he started with the rythmn speeding up and slowing down , pulling it out and leaving the end in me, then pushing it in as far as he could , I felt like it would come out of my mouth if he pushed any harder. I wondered if it had felt this good for John when I fucked him a week and a half earlier at home, I also thought that he must really be missing it by now if it had.
He came inside me and as he pulled it out I felt my arse give way and it was streaming out of me and down my legs, He unclipped the clips on my tits and as he did so there was a moment of intense pain and then relief. He undid the handcaffs and lifted me up ,I was around 14stone of muscle at the time and he lifted me like I weighted nothing he layed me on my back and untied my balls, I was so turned on as I watched this man that to my surprise and his I shot and It went all over his face, Im not sure whether it was the release of pressure or the excitement of the scene but it just happened, he quickly drank down the rest and then looked up at me with those evil blue eyes and said ‘look at what you have done to me’ I will leave you here to think about it and will deal with you when I get back. He pulled on his shorts and a couple of minutes later I saw him from my window with a rucksack on his back but stripped to the waist starting his run.I felt my arsehole with my hand and couldn’t believe how loose and wet it felt, I lifted my hand and smelt it, I just couldn’t stop myself I had to taste the liquid, It tasted like the room smelt, like mansex and I liked it.

I will be writing the next installment as soon as possible.

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