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Best Of Friends?

It started one cold night when Rick was having a party in his house. He invited all of his friends including this particular guy that he was attracted to. Everything went well, everyone drinking, smoking, cooking and laughing. It seems that everyone was enjoying the party, except for Rick who was been thinking of how he can get this guy, Fred, who was very gorgeous and muscular. “I wont let this night pass without getting what I want” Rick grins.

He starts to flirt everyone, drink all the champagne, and starts to act drunk, little they know that Rick has planned everything for that night. “Hey Fred! Drink some more,” pouring a lot of whisky in Fred’s glass. “Thanks Rick, this is a good party,” said Fred. “Yeah, I know and it will be much better” Rick replied. It was almost midnight, everyone was starting to go, and all that’s left was two of his boy friends, Fred and Sam. Sam, a tall, blond guy that all girls wanted, would be staying with Fred. Both of them were drunk except for Rick. “This party was so cool Rick” Sam said. “Yeah, you’re cool dude” Fred said. “Oh it was nothing” Rick replied to them.

Little they know Rick was starting his plans. Rick told them to stay for the night coz he wont allow them to go home drunk, so, Fred and Sam agree. “Come, let’s go to my room so you can bathe and change your clothes” Rick said. The two just followed him upstairs into Rick’s room where he has his own bathroom. Rick was so glad that his plans are working fine. He gave them their towels and their clothes, but they were to drunk to do this and don’t know what they are doing so they asked Rick to help them. “Hey Rick, would you like to help us?” Sam said. “Yeah sure” Rick replied. Then he started to undress them one by one until he can see their huge 9 inches cocks and was rock hard. Suddenly, he felt something; Fred’s hand was holding the bulge in Rick’s pants. Rick was very amazed of what Fred did. “Take of your clothes Rick and join us…” Sam said.

Rick undressed let them see his 8.5 cock. After undressing he was hugged by Sam and he was starting to kiss him. Fred was licking his dick and balls. “Uuummmm, this is good guys,” Rick said. They were kissing and sucking each other their way to the bathroom. Rick was so happy that he never expected that this was happening and that his boyfriends were having so much fun too. Sam said that he wants to get fucked in his ass so Fred stood up and start to insert his huge cock in and Rick was sucking Sam’s dick while he was inserting his fingers to Fred’s asshole and Sam was stroking Rick’s cock. They were groaning and moaning while the water runs through their body. Fred was thrusting deep into Sam’s hole, and Rick was enjoying the sweet taste of Sam’s dick and pre-cum. “You’re one damn good cock sucker Rick” Sam said. Rick just shoved his face to Sam’s pubic hairs… Then Sam started to suck Rick’s dick… Everyone was enjoying giving pleasure to everyone. Fred was so pleasured that he was ready to cum inside Rick. “Come on Fred, cum inside me” Sam said.

“Ok dude I’m gonna cum” and Fred shoot his hot load inside Sam and he licks alls the dripping cum in Sam’s hole. Sam was next to cum and Rick swallowed the sweet taste load of Sam and Sam tasted too Rick’s cum when he begun shooting is cum to Sam’s mouth….

What happen next was another story….

Stay tuned….

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