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My New Friend

My New Friend

When I was 19 I was pretty inexperienced about sex, I was confused and not sure of my sexuality. I mean I liked girls but didn’t really know any.

Well that summer I met a guy at a penny arcade; we struck up a conversation while playing the games. He ask me if I wanted go to his place for a beer, well he was a few years older but I said sure. When we got to his place he gave me a beer and I set on the couch, he disappeared for what seem liked a half hour. When he came back into the living room with two more beers he looked liked he had taking a shower and was nude except a towel around his waist and he sat next to me on the couch.

I finish my first beer and was on my second he asked me if I had been with another guy, well I was surprised he was so blunt and said no. This was well built a good looking, as I finish my second beer he got to get me another and his towel dropped off and I saw a 6″ cock semi hard and my groin started to throb. Well he came back with a third beer and by now I feeling good and he sit down on my lap. He start to kiss me I didn’t fight I let him continue putting his tongue in my mouth rubbing me through my clothes and I was getting hard.

Well he was pushing his cock into my hand and I stroked it like was my own. Man was it hard. He whispered in my ear suck it but I didn’t know how and I told him so. Well he said he’d show me and told me to get undressed. Now I was unsure but I got undressed any way and my dick was pretty hard and I am uncut unlike him. He sat me on the couch and my dick’s sticking up he starting nibbling the head slowly and I really liked the feeling and its getting hard so hard I couldn’t stand this very long, he’s working it in and out of his mouth I grab his head run my hands through his hair I said I ‘m cumming and shot the biggest load and he sucked and gobbled it all down not drop was spilled.

Now it’s my turn I drank up my third beer, he stood up and put his cock at my lips well I started licking at the head and begin working in it my mouth but I would gag, he told me to go slower and he put his hands on my head well work at it for what seem like a long time. I am swallowing as I get it in and he’s pushing and it’s in the back of throat his pubic hair is around my nose. By now his cock is throbbing and he pushes a little further and bam cum is flowing down my throat and he pulls out just a little and it fills me so full I couldn’t keep it all in my mouth. Its running out my lips but he holds and pushes it in and my throat feels it pumping, throbbing I didn’t want it to end. Well he pulls out licks the cum off my face and chest and kisses me. Well we were not finish by a long shot he proceeded to show me the ways of male-to-male sex.

He sucked me again an licked my ass hole oh what a feeling he licked and pushed a finger it in and then two and three by now I squirming and pushing back and he’s holding my cock and pumping then puts his hard dick there and rams it home boy did it hurt, a good hurt soon he’s working in me fucking me with my legs in the air like a bitch. He’s jacking my dick while he’s doing this and I cum all over his hand well he puts in my face and pushing it in my mouth I tasting my own cum and he’s cumming in my ass what an afternoon we finish up and the next day I moved in.

For the next three years he taught me all about sex he dressed me as a woman and we had sex and I made a pretty girl too. He’d bring guys over for me to suck and be serviced anally by them I loved it some didn’t know I was a man. I wore the finest women’s clothes and make up. We went to bath houses and we’d have sex, we go to the gym and work out then have sex in the steam room I became a real slut. Went we parted I was going from man to man sex was a blur I never found true love. I cannot get enough sex I am constantly looking for the next lover. I still dress as woman and still fool plenty of men but once alone they love my talents has a cocksucker. I love my life.

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