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blue chairs

I am an eighteen years old boy. What follows happened last year just after I moved to Florida.
I was new at the high school. Every Monday I heard about all the crazy parties that had taken place over the weekend. I was extremely lonely and had been using a dildo on myself for the past couple months. I don’t consider myself gay, just curious. The dildo got me aroused and helped me masturbate, thinking about all the hot chics in school and on the beach. I smoked a lot of pot, too.
Finally fall rolled around and the leaves started to fall. It also meant soccer season would begin. I went to try-outs and made Varsity no problem. After all, I had been playing for ten years now.
After the first week of practices I was finally asked to come to a keg party on Friday night at this girl’s house. Her parents were going to be away for the weekend. I hadn’t ever had alcohol before, except for a beer or two over the summer when I went back home to Georgia.
I showed up around nine o’clock after eating dinner with my parents. I walked in and said hey to everyone and was introduced to a multitude of people. Then the drinking started.
I got a cup and started drinking off of the keg. Pretty soon things got fuzzy, and then some guy offered me a couple shots of rum, which I took. I kept a low profile for the next hour or so, making small talk and learning some new names. Then I walked outside, feeling the cold air.
“Hey man, wanna go smoke?”
I looked up to see on of my teammates staring at me.
“Come on, let’s go. Get in the car.”
I got in feeling a little bit nervous. There were three other guys, all of whom had obviously been drinking. I hated to get in a car with a drunk driver. Then one guy pulled out a fat sack of herb and packed up a huge bowl. We started to drive around the neighborhood, passing the pipe around. I was getting really stoned. Combined with the alcohol, soon I was really wasted.
The car stopped. I looked around. We were parked at a dead end.
“So, you’re new, huh?” The guy next to me asked.
“Yeah, I just moved here this summer.”
“Well then, you haven’t been initiated have you?”
“Initiated?” I was confused. What the hell was he talking about?
“Get out.”
He quickly pushed me out of the car and followed. The other two guys stayed in the car, smoking. I couldn’t really walk and so I sat on the ground. He proceeded to walk up to me and pull his shorts down, leaving a thick cock reeking of manhood dangling in front of my face. I was bewildered, what was going on?
“Suck it, bitch, or else we’re gonna have to leave you out here.”
I was terrified, I had no idea where I was and had told my parents I was spending the night at the neighbor’s house. He thrust his dick into my face. Tentatively I opened my mouth and tasted his precum.
I slowly licked his shaft, moving my tongue up and down his hardening cock. He lifted it and motioned towards his balls. I didn’t know what else to do so I enveloped his sweaty sack, tasting the salty flavor and allowing my nostrils to be permeated by his manly essence. I sucked weakly on his nuts, filling my mouth and playing with them with my tongue.
“Suck it harder, bitch, or you’re gonna regret it.”
I redoubled my efforts and slowly moved back to his cock. It was about six inches long, and I could barely get half of it in my mouth. Then he grabbed my hair and began fucking my mouth, forcing his entire length down my throat. Tears burned my eyes as he intensified his efforts, fucking my mouth harder and harder. Saliva began falling out of my mouth, and the squishing sounds became very audible as he went in and out of my mouth. He began grunting and I knew what was coming.
“Fuck.” He moaned and I could feel his cock grow. He thrust into my mouth and down my throat and held his cock there, filling my gullet with his huge, slippery cock. He pushed against my face, while pulling the back of my head, and I could feel long jets of sperm shoot down my throat, deep into my stomach. He grunted again and slowly withdrew his now limp dick from my mouth, it exited with a pop. He put his pants back on.
“Get back in the car.” I obeyed. When I closed the door, the two guys in the front turned around and smirked.
“Did you finish the initiation, Jason?” The car started.
“For now.”
We got back to the party and I could still taste Jason’s cum in my mouth. I hoped word wouldn’t get around, or else I was screwed. I quickly got to the keg and downed a couple beers to get the taste out of my mouth. I was really horny, now. Secretly I had always wondered what it was like to suck cock. I didn’t see Jason for a while, which was just as well.
About one in the a.m. things at the party got interesting. Girls were dancing on tables, and I was plastered beyond my wildest imaginings. I kept hoping I would see some hot chic to get with, but it seemed like they were all occupied. An hour later the girls started to leave. I was pissed I hadn’t scored all night, but I was pretty tired anyway. It had been a long night.
I found an empty room, and fell to the floor. I had a hard-on and started to jack-off. Suddenly the lights came on and Jason entered the room, followed by four other guys. The two from the car weren’t there.
“Well look what we have here,” he sneered, “You haven’t finished your initiation bitch, and you sure as hell can’t jack-off in here. Get up and strip.”
The four other guys quickly took seats around the room as Jason locked the door. They all had beers and looked fairly drunk, plus they all looked pretty big, so I obeyed- what else could I do? I quickly shed my clothing and stood naked, my hard dick feeling the cool air. My lithe body must have looked good, I spent a lot of time in the gym and ran several miles every week. I knew my ass looked awesome, I had often studied it in the mirror. They all smiled when they saw me standing there, naked and trashed out of my mind.
“Dance on the bed, bitch.” I immediately got on the bed and started to dance. I was really embarrassed. Jason was a fucking bastard. I wondered when the initiation would finally end. Soon I was dizzy and had to get down. My raging hard-on begged for attention, but I didn’t even have the energy to masturbate. Jason must have realized this because he stopped asking me to do things, he just made me.
I was soon bent over the bed, my asshole in the air and my legs spread. I felt a beer bottle at my anus. It was wet with beer, and soon it was thrust in my ass.
“This must not be his first time, look how wide his hole is.” I heard through the haze.
Soon the bottle was removed and I could feel a huge dick at my hole. Cheers erupted as some unknown boy began to fuck me viciously. His hard fucking made my entire body bounce on the bed. Another boy got on the bed. I saw his hard cock in front of my face and opened my mouth, completely passive now. He mounted my head and began fucking my face. I felt my ass sting from the pounding. The slapping sound resonated through my head as my mouth was penetrated by more meat. After several minutes I heard grunting. Hot fluid filled my bowels and I felt my virgin ass receive its first load of cum. The boy screwing my face with abandon was soon moaning, and for the second time that night I swallowed a massive load of hot cream, the salty flavor filling my mouth and overflowing down my chin. They continued to fuck me in turn, late into the night. Jason mounted my last, after the others had all left.
“Now you’re initiated, you fucking bitch. Never tell anyone and never try to take revenge and nobody will ever know. I suggest taking a shower though, and then get the hell out of here.”
The whole room reeked of cum. He positioned his hard dick at my hole and began to fuck me. My ass was bright red from all the abuse of the night. He slowly entered me, pushed down until he was all the way inside me, and then pulled all the way out. He called me bitch, whore, slut, and continued fucking me for a half-hour. I felt him tense for the last time, and spew what felt like gallons of sperm into my already overflowing ass. After he left I stood up, feeling the cum run down both sides of my legs and my chin. I slowly masturbated and shot the biggest load on to the carpet. I got my clothes on and left.

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