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Boys will be Boys

I was 14 when it happened and so was my friend that lived closed by with me. We had fun most of he time and we also went to school together in the 8th grade. We both had girlfriends and it wasn’t like we never had done anything with them (if you know what I mean). My name is Alex and I loved being with my friends. Especially with Cody. He was a tall dark and handsome boy the same age as me. We kinda looked alike in some ways but I had greens eyes and he had brown. We both had short spiked hair and Great bodies. I know because we had gym class together.

The girls couldn’t resist us. We were the hottest looking guys in the school. I girlfriend didn’t complain either. They liked us because we were good looking too. Not to mention we were passionate kissers also. Are girl friends said that are kissed was deep and lustful. Cody was slightly taller than I was and he stood out more than me. But we were the best of friends. We were your average school boyz. Until one day…

We were in gym class one day and Cody walks up to me and says that he needs help with his history homework and if he could come over to my house to study with me. I said sure because my parents were out of town and I needed someone around the house to be with.

Because my parents were not home I had the chance to do some things I couldn’t do when my parents were around. Like go upstairs and Jack off every ounce and awhile. I would go up and turn on my computer and go onto the Internet and see my favorite site, “”. I would sit there staring at the screen looking at girls kissing each other and rubbing their tits. I unzipped my pants and took my dick out and grabbed my lotion that was sitting on my nightstand and rub it all around my 7in shaft. I was closing my eyes and thinking about the girls and their pussy licking. I imagined myself licking that pussy up and down all the way. Then I started thinking about something else in mind. Cody was in my head. I was imagining kissing him. I imagined grabbing his cock and rubbing it. I was increasing my pace and switched to jerking my cock up and down, up and down faster an faster! My balls were starting to build up. I could feel I was going to come soon. Then I exploded. One spurt after another, I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t control myself and I had come all over my hand and jeans and still wouldn’t stop. I finally stopped after I had a huge puddle on my floor and on my jeans. My cock was still aching for attention until just then I heard a noise open my door. I quickly turned around and saw that Cody was standing right there!!!

“What are you doing here!” I asked “Dude put your fuckin dick away!” I quickly tried to put it back in but it was still hard and I couldn’t fit it back in. I saw Cody stare at the puddle of cum onto the floor and the room smelled like fresh cum. “What the fuck is that?” asked Cody. I was speechless. All I could do is stand there in front of my best friend with my 7in cock out. “haha I caught you jackin off in your room, look at all that cum! Fuck dude, what the hell were lookin at?” I told him that I was looking at lesbians on the Internet. At that time I could see a bulge in Cody’s pants. Cody quickly sat down on the bed trying to hide it.

“Do you have a hard on?” “Maybe, why?” “Have you ever thought about sucking a cock? Or having your cock being sucked on by a man? What the hell was I saying? Here I was sitting talking to my friend about Gay sex with my cock pointing strait out. Was I crazy? I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to have him. I grabbed the back of his head and kidded him with my tongue. I could tell he didn’t object and respond. I stopped and pushed his head toward my cock and slowly he took in about half of it in. He started to move his head up and down while I was just leaning back and enjoying it. I took my cock out of his mouth and told him to take off his clothes. He removed his shirt and jeans until only his boxers were left. I could see the strong cock though them. He took off the boxers and it popped strait out into sight. It was about 7 1/2 inches. a little bigger than mine. I also stripped down to nothing and I got onto my knees and took his cock into my mouth I sucked it for about 10min and playing with his balls. His breathing became heavy and I knew he wouldn’t last long. Just then I felt his balls clench. ” Oh god I’m cumming!! IM CUMMING!!!!! EAT MY CUM YOU WHORE EAT MY FUCKING SPERM!!” I felt it jet out of his cock and hit the back of my mouth. He jammed his whole cock into my mouth and kept on cum after cum after cum. There was so much that some was leaking out of my mouth.

Cody just fell onto the bed and was breathing heavily. “So I’ll see you in the locker room tomorrow huh?” asked Cody

“Oh Yeah. And Next time it’s my turn….

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