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Suzanne, The Model Schoolgirl

Striding towards the school gate, immaculately presented as always. Your hair is beautifully prepared. Your skirt neat, your shirt, brilliant white, spotless and pressed this morning. Suzanne is a model student. She works hard, is blessed with high intelligence and loves to excel at school work. Her charity work raised outstanding financial results. A photo in the local newspaper made her a local celebrity and the pride of the school.

However, Suzanne has been spotted smoking at the bus stop. “This isn’t so, it wasn’t me” she told Mister Tingle, her class teacher. And because of her superb reputation he believed her, and reported this incident to the headmaster. The headmaster agreed, saying Suzanne would never do anything like this, nor would she lie.

Mister Tingle walked in the school yard, and sniffed the unmistakable scent of cigarettes. Somehow, Suzanne was in the gardener’s shed, with one of the gardeners, smoking! Mister Tingle grabbed Suzanne by the wrist, and marched her into the main building. He was furious, as he felt deceived by such a disgraceful lie from Suzanne. He slammed the door of his office and screamed at Suzanne, “you lied and I believed you, how could you do this?” Suzanne knew that the mandatory punishment for such crimes is six strokes of the cane across the naked buttocks. She fell on her knees in front of Mister Tingle. Crying uncontrollably, apologising as she knew she did something very stupid and very bad. She threw her head back, then forward, brushing it against Mister Tingle’s groin. She noted it was hard and pressing out against his suit pants. “please, not the cane, I’ll do anything” said Suzanne.

She cried and laughed at the same time, and unzipped his pants, grabbed his erection and started to suck. Mister Tingle was overwhelmed with lust and shame. How could he let this happen? Suzanne is a gorgeous looking girl, short in stature, but curvy and appealing. He had the opportunity to stop her wandering hands, but he lost mental control and just groaned as he ejaculated. Some of the fluid fell on Suzanne’s skirt, and a small drop on her white shirt. Suzanne panicked, she ran for the door, but Mister Tingle grabbed her. One hand dragging her back to a chair, the other hand pulling up his pants.

He flung Suzanne over his knee. Repeatedly hitting her with an old wooden ruler, so brown with age, hardly any of the inch markings are readable. The old wood hit the prominent bare buttocks. That double mountain of white curve, wobbled and heated up. Now pink and then hot pink! Mister Tingle’s reputation may be ruined by Suzanne. He beats her so hard. Knowing at least now he has the chance to gain a modicum of revenge. Think of the shame, if this incident is exposed or rumoured! And he smashes the ruler into Suzanne’s bottom over and over. She gasps and winces, tears fall to the carpet. But Suzanne knows she’s got the power over Mister Tingle. And if she tells anyone, the career of Mister Tingle is history. Well, everyone believes Suzanne, don’t they?

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