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Desert Song

Desert song

It was more than a little warm when we exited the cool confines of the airport terminal but at least I was truly on the ground. I really hate flying but for him I would have traveled twice as far. After getting our luggage the scene of a future festival was in the air and that relaxed me. Waiting for us was Ron and I could feel the strong stirrings in my loins that this hot man created. I just hoped that we could go for a ride on his bike at some point during the visit.

As we unpacked I could hear Ron moving things around in the house as if he was searching for something. We all gathered in the backyard where a barbecue was planned for our first night here. As the night continued Ron asked me if I wanted to go for a ride on his Bike with him to see some of the surrounding countryside. I of course said yes and we decided that the next day was good for both of us. We also decided that, if there was time afterward that we wold hit one of the bars after the ride. My David clued in then since he saw me packing my leathers that morning.

The next day dawned bright and I knew that the day was perfect for a ride on a bike with a stud like Ron. After breakfast I popped out to a local mall to pick up a few things like a bottle of wine, bottle candles and some condoms. As I approached the house I saw Ron double checking things with the bike. The tight jeans and T-shirt made me weak in the knees and he smile that he shot me was almost overpowering. Wordlessly he handed me a saddlebag telling me to store things in it for the trip it and to change for the ride. I dashed upstairs breezing past both David’s, changed into my tightest pair of jeans before putting on my leather chaps. I quickly packed my purchases in the saddlebag before grabbing my leather jacket and cycling gloves. I met Ron next to the bike and saw that the tight denim jeans were hidden within his leather chaps. He looked more and more like a god, Apollo maybe. This was going to be ride I would never forget.

I waited until he had the bike started before I nestled behind him. It was either the vibrations from the bike or its driver were going to my head but I was not going to back out now. He started slowly, making sure that I was balanced and comfortable. We drove around the city seeing the sites before we headed west and into the country. As he accelerated on the highway leading out of town I tightened my grip on his thighs ensuring I stayed put.

The feel of the wind and the power of the bike beneath me made the day perfect. We drove westward for what seemed minutes before he slowed and made a turn off the highway. When we stopped I looked at my watch and saw that four hours had passed since we left. I looked around and saw wide-open spaces that reminded me of the Canadian parries. We ate a little lunch that Ron had prepared for the trip. He suggested that we head south a bit to a small patch of desert nearby and there we would have a light supper. When we stopped we were both covered in sweat. It had been warmer that I think either of us knew. I stripped off my jacket and T-shirt and searched for a good spot to eat. When I saw the spot I knew that it was perfect. A slight hill in the west but the rest of the horizon was flat. We laid out the rest of the food and silently eat; each of us caught up in the beauty of the spot. As the sky darkened I went to the bike and pulled out the candles.

I set up the candles in the standard format and I know that my positioning did not go unnoticed. As I placed the central one in place he joked about forgetting to bring a sacrifice for the ritual. I laughed and said that I was looking for volunteers for that position. He excused himself saying that he had to take a leak and wandered over the hill to the west. I then went back to the bike and grabbed the wine and the plastic goblets from the saddlebag. While I was at the bike I striped out of my jeans and put back on my leather chaps and jacket.

It was slowly getting dark in the east and decided that if I was going through with the plan that I should get on with the show and soon. I found Ron standing almost in the center of the circle wearing only his leathers with his gaze slightly lowered. I handed him the wine and glasses. As I started to light the candles I heard him open the wine.

I could feel him breath on my neck as I lit the central white candle. As I started to cast the circle I could sense him moving with me adding his energy to the circle. With my otter sight I saw the circle blaze a brilliant blue. I knew that if the power was not within the hand casting the circle now sword no matter how big would do the job. With the circle in place I faced the east and saluted the deepening dark sky. This night it was going according the book and I think that suited both of us perfectly.

“All hale to thee oh powers of the East. Communicators of the words of love that waft through and on the air, be welcome to this our circle”. I then turned to the south.

“All hale to thee oh powers of the South. Creators the energy of love and the fiery flow of passions, be welcome to this our circle”. I then turned to the west.

“All hale to thee oh powers of the west. Mediators of love that flow through and in the water within us all, be welcome to this our circle”. I then turned to the North.

“All hale to thee oh powers of the North. Foundation of earthly loves that support us all of our live, be welcome to this our circle. I then turned back to the East.

I saluted the now dark sky that was slowly filling with stars, ” I have created this circle out of my will and my love, may it stand and contain all that transpires within.” And stomped.

I then turned back to the center of the circle and looked up to call the gods. The sky was filled with so many stars that it reminded me of my vacation to my parent’s place. ” All hale Diana, may your light guide us in this. Be welcome in this sacred space.” O.K. It was short, but it came from the heart and that is what counts in my books. Then I looked into Ron’s eyes and was not surprised by the power I saw there in the candlelight. “All hale Apollo, my your light be the guide to us all of our lives. Be welcome in this sacred place.”

I then reached down to grab the wine and one of the goblets and noticed that Ron’s cock was semi-hard. Since I did not have my blade with me I decided to improvise just a bit and have a bit of fun. I kneeled before Ron and poured the wine then look up at the beautiful sight before me. ” Within this chalice is the matter of the love and the energy of passion, separate they are barren, together they give life meaning that all mankind needs with there deepest souls. By my love do I bless this wine and all that drink it.” As I finished I dipped Ron’s cock into the goblet then licked off the wine from it. It was nice taste, a little wine with a sweat chaser.

I stood up and gave him the goblet. He poured a small libation, than drank deeply. He then saluted me with the glass and handed it to me to drink. I poured my libation than took a drink. We both slowly sank to our knees as we continued to pass the wine between us I saw that we were both hard by this point and I was willing to go where he wanted to go. I had everything I really wanted this trip, the stars, a very hot man and the gods. What else does a pagan need?

It started slowly with gentle kisses interrupted by sips of the wine. With the goblet empty things got serious as we started to explore the others chest. All we were wearing was our leathers and our boots. I started to tease his nipples before I dove in for a long licking session. When I came up for air he took over and completely explored my chest. God’s I was ready to explode at this point and pour us some more wine. As I cooled down a couple of notches he told me what he really wanted and that was for me to fuck him

We were here to celebrate his elevation and I was happy to give him what ever he wanted but first I wanted to taste his hard cock. I grabbed a pair of condoms from my inner jacket pocket and threw one to him and began to dress his hard cock. I positioned myself so that he could give my dick a thin latex covering before I started to lick my way down is cock. I teased my way back along its length before letting it slip between my lips. I could feel that I was getting the same treatment on my cock and knew that at the rate things were going I would need a second condom. We slowly teased each other to the point of no return before retreating a little then started all over.

It was Ron that broke things off and said that it was now time for him to feel my cock in his ass. We shifted around making sure that we did not knock over any of the candles. With both of us kneeling I slowly took up a position behind him. As I slowly kissed his neck I let my lubed cock slip into his hot ass. I settled in and let him relax but he wanted it rough and randy. At that point something took over and I felt as if I was being shoved aside to be a spectator to this event. I don’t know how long it lasted but I do know that we both shot our loads at the same time.

When I came to my senses I was still embedded in Ron’s ass and he looked as of he was still recovering. I got up slowly so that I did not disturb what was happening. I poured a rest of the wine and sipped it slowly as I watched a look of rapture fade from Ron’s face. I wordlessly passed the wine to him and he looked directly at me and said “well brother mine, this was more like the type of celebration I had hoped for.”

I had to laugh as we thanked the gods and the elements for their presence for this celebration and let the circle fade slowly away. As we dressed for the trip back I almost wished that those tight jeans of his had a hole in them and I could have sat behind him with my cock buried in his ass for the return journey. We did stop at one of the bars for one drink before heading home.

The rest of the weekend proceeded no where as eventfully as our ride but then again I did not think that it would.

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