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how stupid she had been. Why hadn’t she just told Joshua the truth in the first place? Now she was in more trouble then if she would of spilled her guts to him right away. How hard would it have been to tell him she lost the envelope with the tax payment in it? True she did look for it; in fact she had looked for weeks. Ellie figured she could just grab a new check and write it out and send it off with the few extra bucks for being late. Instead, Ellie forgot about it. Forgot that is until Joshua opened the mail.

Joshua knew his little wife had a habit of forgetting things But, tonight, tonight had been the straw that broke the camels back. When Josh had asked her about the tax bill and why he was holding a final notice in his hands she had laughed. The little bitch had laughed! He told her he had had it with her forgetfulness and her lying. Josh told her to call his mother and see if the kids could spend the night. Ellie looked at him like he had half a head. Why she asked…. Josh took her arm roughly and told her in no uncertain terms that tonight he and Ellie were going to discuss this issue and he did not want the children around to hear their mother cry. Ellie’s heart landed in her stomach. She knew what Joshua meant by discussion. Ellie got on the phone and asked her mother in law to take the kids for the night, instead she offered to take them for the weekend. When she got off the phone josh was standing next to her. He told her to pack the kids stuff and get them in the car. He would be taking them to his mom’s. While he was gone he told her to go their room and sit on the bed and think about what she had done.

A half-hour later Ellie heard the front door shut and the tumbler lock. She could hear her husband’s footsteps in the hall. Her heart began to pound hard in her chest. Silent tears began to flow down her cheeks. She knew she deserved whatever Josh did to her. She deserved to be punished. She actually craved the release she knew josh’s punishment would bring.

Josh entered their bedroom and Ellie could see he was holding his belt in his hands. She began to shake. Josh pulled the straight-backed chair from against the wall and sat down directly across from her.
All right young lady we are going to put an end to your forgetfulness and your lying to me. Do you understand Ellen Mae? Oh shit Ellie thought he used my full name now I know he definitely means business. Ellie looked at her husband and nodded. Josh looked at her and said excuse me how am I to be addressed. “Yes sir” Ellie replied.
Your behavior is inexcusable. Because you tried to hide one of your mistakes it has now cost us $200.00 more. You put our home in jeopardy young lady. I am tired of cleaning up after your mistakes. You little one are going to be thoroughly punished; I swear to god that by the end of this weekend you will think twice about not telling me something. I am going to punish you severely; every inch of your sweet body will ache with pain. Ellie began to cry harder. Josh lifted her chin and asked her if she knew exactly why she was being punished. “Yes sir” I was wrong to lie to you and not come clean and tell you when I first lost the payment. I should of come to you immediately instead of hiding what I did. Do you agree then Ellie that you deserve to be punished?
Hesitantly Ellie said yes sir. Fine then lets begin. Josh motioned to his knees. Having been there many times Ellie knew just what to do.
Ellie got off the bed and placed herself directly over Josh’s knees. She felt Josh adjust himself below her and realized he had raised his right knee; this made her ass stick up higher in the air. I am going to spank you Ellie and I am going to spank you hard. Ellie reached down and grabbed the chair legs doing the best she could to brace herself for the blows to follow. Josh placed his hand upon her ass; Ellie knew the first blow would be eminent. Josh raised his hand high and began to smack her ass. Each swat grew harder the burning began to form under her jeans. The swats kept raining down over and over they came one right after another Ellie’s ass was burning and she was having a hell of a time holding still. She was thankful she had on her Levis’ God his spankings hurt her.
After the 20th smack Josh raised her up and told her to take off all her clothing and lie face down upon the bed. While she was removing her clothes josh went into the bathroom. Ellie heard water running. Thank God that’s over thought Ellie. I could not of taken one more swat.
Josh returned to the bedroom and she could feel his weight next to her on the bed. Ellie wishfully thought Josh had brought a cool rag to put on her sore bum, boy was she wrong.
Josh pushed Ellie’s thighs apart, she felt his hand spreading her ass cheeks. Ellie Josh said put two pillows under your belly we are not finished yet. Ellie did as she had been instructed. Josh rubbed something onto his hand and she smelled the scent of camphor. Spread your cheeks for me reach around and spread your ass cheeks wide open I want to see that naughty little asshole of yours. Ellie held her hands on each of her bum cheeks as Josh began to smear the camphor around her hole; he then began to slowly insert his coated finger into her. The cream Josh was using began to make her little hole burn.
She couldn’t help but begin to wiggle. That will be enough of that Josh said as he landed a well-placed hand on her left ass cheek. Ellie buried her head into the mattress the burning grew hotter. She felt Josh remove his finger and then she felt the head of the
Enema nozzle slowly being inserted into her backside. No please she begged I am so sorry really I promise I wont forget things anymore I promise I wont lie to you again. Oh god please don’t do this to me you know how much I hate this.

Josh ignored her pleas he slid the nozzle as far as he could into her. Young lady I will tell you this just once more. I am going to make sure that you NEVER forget to do as told again. With that Josh released the clamp on the enema tube and the hot water began to stream into his wife’s ass. Ellie let out a screech Josh its to hot oh my god your burning my ass. Ellie’s hands flew around as she tried to grab the tube to pull it out of her bottom. Josh pushed her hands away and threw himself over her back thus pinning her under him. Josh held the enema bag high, he gave the bag a squeeze, which flooded her ass. Josh could see trickles of water dripping from her invaded hole. Ellie began to moan beneath his weight. Josh smacked her ass and told Ellie she had better hold the water or they were going to have to do this again.
The bag finally emptied and Josh removed the nozzle from Ellie’s tortured rear. He rose from her back and walked over to their nightstand. Ellie began to rise from the bed, the cramps in her tummy were powerful it was taking everything she had to keep from losing it right their.
Where do you think your going? Josh said. Please Josh please let me go I can’t hold it in. To bad Elle you managed to hold in secrets for months I think you can hold in a little water for a while. Now get back on your stomach. Ellie knew better then to fight. Josh opened the nightstand and brought out a butt plug. Ellie saw it and began to shake. I am going to put this nice little reminder in your ass to help you hold the water Elle. Josh grabbed the Icy hot and slicked the butt plug up. He walked behind his naughty little wife and spread her ass cheeks. With one thrust he shoved the plug into her backside. Ellie saw stars! The pain of the butt plug smeared with that vile cream plus the water she was trying desperately to hold in, made her whole body spasm. Now my dear, Josh said we will continue with your spanking.
Josh picked up his belt and with the accuracy of Zorro began striking her firm ass. Each time the belt made contact it left a long welt. Josh was determined, come hell or high-water this weekend he was going to make sure his little wife knew what lying to him would cost her.

To be continued.

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