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Oranges (Part 2)

Since the door did not make a noise, Ralph did not fear waking Jinx as he slipped outside into the sunset. Despite the heat from the sun, the sea breeze made him wish he had brought a blanket with him. He had only his trunks.

He reeled in the rope on the flagpole at to the side of the hut and slipped off the triangle of orange fabric when it came down. For the rest of his life the flag would forever be tangled with him and the boy sleeping inside. The material had been taken from the damaged life preserver Jinx had been wearing the day they met, six months before. After Jinx had seduced him two months later, they had decided on the flag as a signal for starting their trysts. Ralph was almost always on his beach, but Jinx had an erratic schedule. Whenever he found some free time – as he had on this Saturday – he raised the flag to tell his lover to come running.

Ralph sat against the hut, staring out to sea, and reflected on his time with the boy. Too bad it would not last, he knew. Actually he knew nothing of the sort, but it had to end sometime, did it not? Nothing else in his life had shown much resilience. Still, when it did end (‘If it did end!’ an internal voice shouted.) It would not be because he had chosen it. For as long as he could he would hold on to the boy.

The boy.

Who had been very quiet in his lovemaking today – totally unlike his usual

The boy.

Who had started their friendship by defying Ralph at every turn. Who cursed like a drill sergeant. Who made outrageous boasts about every ability. Who had stolen the lifeguards’ jet ski just to prove a point.

The boy.

Who had come to him with butterfly kisses one morning in early summer. Who had given his life meaning again. Who had touched Ralph’s soul with just a smile.

‘Had to get lucky someday, didn’t I?’ thought Ralph.

Jinx came around the corner, a blanket draped over his shoulders and a cup in his hand. Ralph rose to take it. Hot chocolate. He glanced over at Jinx’s empty hands.

The boy said, “We’ll share.”

They looked out at the sunset together and Ralph took a sip. He snagged a marshmallow and nibbled it as he gave the cup back to Jinx. The boy was not a sipper, and after two gulps he had a glistening chocolate mustache. With three quick swipes of his tongue, the kid cleaned it off. Ralph took the cup back in one hand, but did not drink. He looked over in admiration at Jinx, again amazed by the perfection he saw there. And again he was drawn to the scar. He touched it softly and, as always, Jinx recoiled slightly. Ralph still kept the contact. He knew the boy was ashamed of the mark and whatever had caused it and for that very reason Ralph felt compelled to single it out. With wonder, he gazed into Jinx’s downcast face. As he stroked the scar, Ralph willed the boy to see himself through his eyes; as if the message would streak across their touch and fill the boy’s mind with the realization that he was loved no matter what.

Tears welled up in the blue eyes and Ralph jerked his hand back, ashamed. He should have known he would only stoke Jinx’s trauma by calling attention to it.

“I’m sorry,” said Ralph.

Jinx swallowed and shook his head. He reached for Ralph’s hand and took it back to his face, pressing it over the scar.

“Jinx, what is it?”

The boy’s eyes looked up briefly then fell again.

“We’re moving,” he said simply.

Ralph’s heart turned to ice and a steel hammer shattered it.

Ages later, his senses returned.

“Mom got a job in Colorado. She says that it doesn’t pay as much, but she’ll be closer to Granma and her boss here is a creep too, so.”

The boy started babbling and Ralph said, “Hush.” Leaning down, he kissed the boy right between the eyes. With one hand, Ralph pulled Jinx’s head into his chest. Tears ran off Jinx’s cheek and down Ralph’s stomach.

Ralph said, “It’ll be okay.”


“It’ll be okay.”

Ralph did not know how he could lie so easily, but he felt he had to. He had to calm the bundle of anxiety he hugged so tightly. On the beach below, he saw two turtles fucking. Such a simple act (and a funny looking one as well, if you were watching turtles), yet it seemed like the most important thing to him at that moment: to touch to taste to love his precious Jinx.

It started with their hands. Jinx’s held Ralph’s biceps near the shoulders and his fingers stroked them. Ralph stroked the boy’s hair, savoring the feathery feel between his fingers. His other hand caressed between the shoulder blades, under the blanket. One of Jinx’s hands moved across to the man’s chest, while the other slid down to the top of his trunks and determinedly squeezed past the waistband.

Realizing the boy wanted it as much as he did, Ralph pulled back, taking the blanket from Jinx’s shoulders. He had no illusions about the comfort of making love on rock, but the blanket would help. They would be fine as long as they went slow.

As soon as he spread it on the hard ground, he knelt before the naked boy. Holding firmly above the waist, he pulled Jinx’s stomach towards him and pressed his right cheek against it, breathing in the sweet-sweat smell. His hands went lower and so did his head. While he cupped a buttcheek in each hand, he kissed the boy’s stiffy. Then licked it all along the underside. The smooth little sack was next. When they shone from the wetness Ralph had left there, he returned to the boyprick, taking it all into his mouth. Jinx held Ralph’s head tight.

At first he just enjoyed the feel of it – the gentle throbbing on his tongue and the warmth on the roof of his mouth. Eventually, he slurped it. Then let it rest a while. Then slurped it again. After a shorter pause he sucked on it continuously. His hands kneaded the firm buttflesh in them. When the boy’s excitement started sending shivers through his body, Ralph let go.

Jinx knelt and held Ralph’s hardness through the swimming trunks.

“Uuhhhhhhhh,” the man breathed.

When Jinx pressed the top down, Ralph helped him. His cock popped free. With the trunks at his knees, Ralph lifted one up to slip them off-

And promptly overbalanced.

He stopped himself with a hand on the blanket, recovering quickly to get rid of the troublesome garment. Jinx looked down at him, boydick jiggling as he laughed. Pressing the Ralph onto his back, Jinx joined him on the furry blanket. Ralph lay on his right side as Jinx spooned against him. Some of the rock edges were sharp enough to make themselves felt through the wool. Ralph shifted his lower elbow about to a safe spot and supported himself on it, rising up above the boy as he cushioned the soft, dark-haired head in the crook of his arm. With his left hand he pulled Jinx closer until it seemed that every part of them was touching. The slender, but firm, boybutt rested against Ralph’s rigid cock.

Again it started with the hands. The boy was in an almost fetal position and Ralph let his hand wander along Jinx’s silky skin. From the jagged scar on top the left foot – a memento of the day Ralph had rushed into the water to save, and meet, his young angel – to the bent knee, past the curved buttocks, along the shallow curve of the sides up the soft cheek and finally to the slash above the eye – a memento of things Jinx had never spoken about.

Jinx’s face was aglow with the golden red of the sunset. His eyes fixed on it while Ralph traced his finger over the boy’s lips. Then Jinx’s tongue peeked out and welcomed the digit into his sucking mouth. Ralph added another and kissed Jinx’s shoulder when he took them back. The wet fingertips went down and teased the boy’s anus, circling until they were dry. Ralph took moisture from his own mouth this time, the better to taste the boy. After every trip to his lips, Ralph’s fingers probed deeper into the tight boyhole. Soon both were all the way in and Ralph knew it was time.

While Ralph preferred making love face to face, this was Jinx’s favorite position. He had never said so, but Ralph knew that having his lover behind him gave Jinx a sense of vulnerability that the boy usually abhorred, but which made sense during sex. To give himself up to the man and be held in his safe arms let Jinx know that he was protected, even in his weakest state.

At first, Ralph just slid along the channel of the buttcheeks. On each stroke the head grazed over the opening.

“Mmmnnh,” Jinx moaned.

Ralph kissed the boy’s cheek.


Then hugging him close, Ralph slid himself into the boy.

“Aaammmnnhhhh,” whimpered Jinx.

Inside, the boy was volcano hot. But even if his cock were melting, Ralph would want it to be nowhere else. The passageway was tight and slick. As Ralph took in the sensations, he felt Jinx’s heartbeat pulse through his cock. Ralph thrust inward, trying to give as much as he could to his


Ralph pulled back, slowly letting the insides of the boy flow past his electrified cockhead. He did not go very far back though, before sinking back into the young ass.


The rock surface and the sideways position restricted Ralph’s motion, but he was able to get a slow regular rhythm going with his strokes. Jinx quieted down and together they watched the sun die in a spectacular blaze of light. Above, the first stars looked down on their lovemaking in the dusk.

The inability to fully glide into the boy made Ralph’s lust boil. Every time he sought to speed up the rock bit into him. Ironically, it brought him towards climax faster. Ralph reached for Jinx’s boyhood, determined not to leave him behind. With three fingers, he stroked the thin shaft; speeding up when his own thrusting ebbed and holding back when he periodically sped up in the boy’s hole.

Neither was in a hurry. For Ralph, there was no ‘then’ or ‘when’. Each time he slid into Jinx was the first. The last. The only. The sun hung on the horizon for an eternity, waiting for them to finish, though they never intended to. Jinx’s eyes were closed. Ralph kissed them. As they opened, the sight of the blue irises fevered Ralph’s mind. It was ridiculous that he had found this treasure and was just going to let it walk away. He would not. He would never stop making love to Jinx. His perfect, beautiful Jinx.

It was the beauty that undid him. His feelings overflowed and leapt over the abyss to orgasm. The rumblings started in his thighs. His stomach tightened. Each little bit of Jinx’s boyhole felt at once like sandpaper and silk. He grabbed Jinx around the waist and strove as deeply into the boy as he could, shuddering and jerking as he loosed his seed into the tight hole. His stroking of Jinx’s boydick became erratic as his mind lost focus and the sun exploded in his mind, leaving behind the clean, pure image of Jinx’s face.

Only a sliver of sun remained now, more red than orange. Under Ralph, Jinx whimpered with need and the man reached for the boy’s hard dick. He still refused to rush. His spent juices leaked around his cock, allowing Ralph to keep sliding it in and out, even with its softening. In concert with his dick stroking, Ralph almost immediately pushed the boy into bliss.

Ralph watched Jinx’s face as the boy came. The eyes closed like those of a dreamer. The mouth took deep breaths. The only thing more perfect looking than Jinx’s face was Jinx’s face as it experienced ultimate pleasure. Ralph drew the boy into him, skin against skin as the quaking orgasm thundered through him.

As the shaking died into shivers, tears ran from under the boy’s closed eyelids. Ralph had no answer. He could only wrap his arms around his boy as the day gave in to the night.

“It’s time,” said the boy as he made for the gate of what used to be his house.

“Wait,” said Ralph.

“They’re waiting.” He pointed at the minivan in the street.

“I know. But there’s one thing.”

The man pulled the folded orange flag from his pocket and pressed it into the boy’s hand. Jinx looked up, puzzled.

Ralph said, “Keep it. When the time comes, you’ll know what to do with it.” He turned the boy around and patted him on the butt. “Go on, get going.”

The End

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