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Oranges (Part 1)

The flag went up just after noon. Ralph had responded immediately to the signal for the last four months, but today, he decided, he might have to ignore it entirely.

As he went over the reports with the security chief from the main office, Ralph kept thinking that it was amazing how much paperwork his little piece of beach generated. ‘His beach’ was how he thought of the mile long stretch of white sand on the northern California coast. It was seldom busy, now that Fall had come. The little orange flag on top of the shack at the north end of the beach stayed up. Ralph glanced at it as he and Captain Clifford went over the turtle documents.

Turtles were the newest concern for Ralph. The small local species had just been listed as endangered and he had become conservationist in addition to his duties as lifeguard, manager and overseer. At least his staff did not mind. The little reptiles were charming.

Where was the flag? The pole stood empty. Had the boy taken it down and left? Ralph would not have been surprised.

No, it was there. The wind picked up and the bright pennant fluttered again.

The semi-annual performance review/ inspection/ planning session dragged on for hours through discussions of pay raises, new fences and more minutiae. The wind grew through the afternoon and the by the time Clifford stood for the tour, the flag was flapping like a hyperactive butterfly. The beach was now officially closed and Ralph and Clifford were the only ones left. The tour took until five, by which time the wind had died back down, and Clifford left for San Francisco.

Since Ralph’s beach ended in the north at the cliff and the shack stood on top of the cliff (outside the administration’s area), Clifford had not gone near it. Which was great, thought Ralph, since the flag meant he would have had a lot of explaining to do. Getting to the shack involved a roundabout walk into the surrounding forest, emerging with an incredible view of the aptly named Pacific Ocean. Calling the wooden structure a hut fit only because of its size. It was neatly made – by Ralph’s own hand – and the backdoor creaked not a bit as he opened it.

The inside was brightly lit by the descending sun through two wide windows. To the right was a small table with a kerosene burner on top and a small cupboard below. Along the wall opposite the windows was a low cot. The dark blankets covered a small form.

Ralph knelt at the bedside, pulling back the covers just a bit. Tousled black hair and the fair, beautiful face of a sleeping boy came into view. The man thought he looked, in effect if not in actuality, rather like a turtle with his head out his shell. Even bathed in the sun’s afternoon light, the boy did not stir. Ralph studied the face, willing its perfection to last forever. But inevitably his hand was drawn – as it always was – to the shallow, but wide, scar over the boy’s left eye. He traced it with a fingertip then – with all his fingers – stroked the forehead, brushing a few stray hairs back into place. It was, Ralph had long decided, the scar that completed the face’s flawless effect. The proportions, smoothness and angles would have seemed artificially perfect except for the scar.

Small hands clutched the top of the sheets, pulling them protectively up. The sleeping boy murmured. For a while Ralph listened with amusement, but became concerned when the boy grew louder. Soon he could make out words.

“No. Lemme go.”

Ralph stroked the boy’s hair seeking to calm him.

“Go away.”

For a moment Ralph thought the boy meant him, but the child was still sleeping.

“I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you, I swear. I’ll fuc-”

The boy’s eyelids opened and he sat straight up, panting. His eyes were ice blue as they looked about, bewildered.

Ralph said, “Easy Jinx.”

The pale eyes focused on Ralph. “You came!” said Jinx, throwing his arms around Ralph’s shoulders.

“Don’t I always? Sorry I’m late, though.”

The blankets had fallen off the sitting boy. Jinx was naked to the waist – and probably further, though the blanket hid the rest. His torso was skinny, but not unhealthily so, and his skin was as smooth and perfect as his face.

Ralph said, “I had a meeting. I couldn’t-”

“Never mind that,” said Jinx.

“Jinx, you were having a bad dream when I came in. Wh-”

“Never mind that, either.”

Ralph shut up. Jinx had pressed the side of his face into Ralph’s chest and the man held it there, awkwardly. He was always awkward near the boy. Part of it was discomfort at the idea that anyone could love him, especially so wonderful a creature as Jinx.

Jinx was never awkward. He pulled Ralph down over him and lay back on the bed.

“Right down to business, huh?” said Ralph, with a nervous laugh.

“Well, I’ve been waiting too long.” Jinx pulled at the drawstring on Ralph’s trunks, and pushed the elastic band down.

“I’m real sorry about being late, kid – ”


So Ralph did, and helped pull his trunks down. They were the only thing he wore, so he was naked on top of the boy in a heartbeat. The delicious smoothness of Jinx’s chest and belly felt even more so when contrasted with the fibrous roughness of the blankets between their lower bodies. Ralph’s right hand stroked the boy’s side, while he lowered his forehead to Jinx’s. Even in the warmth of the afternoon sun, the boy’s skin was cool, the temperature up on the cliff being affected more by the wind, gentle though it was.

Jinx, rolled his head back, brushing their noses. Hands roaming over chests and ribs and belly buttons, they stayed with their faces together for a while. They let things build slowly, in the way of experienced lovers. Their caresses grew longer and firmer. Ralph moved his lips over Jinx’s face, at first breathing softly onto it, then grazing it with kisses, all the time returning to playfully bump noses. With an experienced touch, Ralph began moving his cheek against Jinx’s – and promptly hit Jinx in the nose with his forehead.

“Ow,” said the boy. Then he giggled.

There was no getting around Ralph’s awkwardness, it seemed.



Ralph tried again; brushing his shaven cheek against the boy’s smooth one. He did it again and again. Each time he got lower and closer to Jinx’s cute ear. Taking it between his lips, he pulled tenderly.

Jinx said, “Mmmmnnn.”

‘Works every time,’ thought Ralph. He got the soft earlobe this time and tugged at it.

“Ooohhh. Mmm,” came the response.

It was time for the blankets to go. Hoisting his butt up to create space, Ralph jerked the sheets out from between them. He settled back down, his cock resting between the boy’s closed thighs and Jinx’s hard little dick poking Ralph’s navel.

With the slightest of movements, Ralph slid his shaft along the valley of Jinx’s thighs, all the while kissing, licking and playfully biting the boy’s tender ear. Shivery breaths streamed out against his own ear. One hand stroked Jinx’s hair while the other dropped to the boy’s firm buttcheeks as Ralph slowly humped his thighs. Jinx’s hands were tightly around Ralph’s back, the fingers digging in every time the tip of Ralph’s cock nudged his balls on the upstroke. Still sliding his cock back and forth, Ralph rose on his arms and looked down at Jinx’s happy face. The man leaned down and just touched his lips to the boy’s. The tip of his tongue slipped out to taste the pink lips before Ralph pressed his lips fully onto Jinx’s sweet mouth. The boy opened his mouth just enough to join in the kiss with his own tongue. With easy movements, they tasted each other and savored the slippery contact.

Then Jinx pressed Ralph down, letting him know where to go. Without rushing, Ralph moved his lips down the boy, to the underside of his chin, then to the immature Adam’s apple and then to the nook between the collarbones. Ralph’s fingers reached the nipples first. With two fingertips each he traced small circles around them, feeling them tighten. He went for the rightward one first with his lips. Feathery kisses were followed by light flicks of his tongue. The taste of the boy’s skin in his mouth made Ralph salivate and he got Jinx’s nipple slick before moving on to the other one. He got this one wet quicker.

Under him, Jinx panted with the thrills in his small body. Ralph smiled and dove south for the boy’s navel. Jinx wouldn’t let him though, and pulled him back up to eye level.

“Turn around,” the boy said.

Ralph knew immediately what he had in mind and carefully, though still awkwardly, rotated to bring his knees on either side of Jinx’s head. There before him, in a sunbeam, was the boy’s stiff dick, lit up like the treasure in an Indiana Jones movie. He wanted to just gobble it down. It wasn’t that easy though. The man and boy were of different heights and since Jinx wanted a go at Ralph’s hard cock too, it would take some adjustments.

The man leaned forward, his hands on either side of Jinx’s hips. Looking back under his stomach, Ralph watched the boy crane his neck back towards his stiff rod. Slowly, Ralph moved the tip towards Jinx’s lips, sliding his knees out to lower himself just right. It was like an electrical surge when his tip finally touched the moist boylips. Immediately Jinx’s tongue swiped at the leaking cockhead. That sent another burst of pleasure right up Ralph’s spine. Just a touch lower and the boy took the head comfortably into his lips and started sucking. Ralph jerked downward, pushing much of the rest of the shaft into the warm, wet sucking mouth. With the boy’s head
tilted almost all the way back, Ralph knew he could get a lot more in, but held back. There would be time for that later.

For a few moments he just savored the feel of the blowjob, but soon felt pulled towards the boy’s dick. It was under him and to get at it he had to force his head towards his chest. It always hurt, but he never minded. As soon as the cock morsel was in reach, Ralph kissed it on the head. Then he opened his lips and slowly slurped it inside. Only when he had all of it inside, and his lips touched the hairless skin at the base of he tiny shaft, did he move his tongue against it. The results were most apparent in Jinx’s sucking of his cock. The boy’s mouth seemed to clamp down on his flesh with his increased suction. Naturally Jinx’s extra effort incited Ralph to more intense sucking and together the lovers climbed to greater heights. Gradually, more of the stiff cock slipped into Jinx’s mouth and tickled his stretched throat, until it was all in. Every once in a while, Jinx swallowed and the throat muscles sent Ralph into space with their massage of his cockhead.

Ralph’s neck hurt as Jinx’s quietly sucking mouth worked it’s magic, causing flashing pleasure signals all along Ralph’s back, shaking him. Despite his best tongue swirling and lip sucking efforts, Ralph knew he needed something more to compete with the boy. Shifting his weight onto one hand, he slipped a palm under Jinx’s smooth butt. He squeezed it and got a wriggle out of Jinx. But he needed more. The man slid his hand forward until the fingertips reached the boy’s tight crevice. First one, then two, fingers slowly circled the rosebud opening he found there. As Ralph pressed more insistently on the little hole, Jinx took deeper, more rapid gulps.The man knew he was getting there. Could he get the boy to the edge in time? He resisted the urge to plunge the fingers into Jinx’s hole. Instead he firmly and slowly got each finger inside up to the first knuckle, all the while spreading the opening with circular motion. Then just when he was sure Jinx was expecting more, he backed out, just as deliberately as he had
come in. It was too much for Jinx and the boy could not hold back. His breathing changed to gasps and Ralph pulled his own cock back to clear the boy’s airways. At the same time he gave the boy what he had teased him with;sinking his two fingers all the way into the boy’s passage, massaging the warm walls inside.

The small dick throbbed in Ralph’s mouth and, with his body wracked by convulsions of ecstasy, the boy came. Ralph never even slowed his sucking. He felt like a jockey whipping his horse to get every last bit of speed right up to the finish line. Not until minutes had gone and the boy was absolutely still did Ralph let up.

He expected the boy to restart the sucking on his cock, but instead Jinx’s small hands pressed against him, signaling another position. Ralph came about and knelt over Jinx’s naked chest. The boy took just the tip of his cock into his mouth this time, but it was enough. Just seeing this
impossibly beautiful boy taking his cock past his lips was enough to get Ralph to the top level. The sunlight had only just begun to lose its daytime harshness and still, except for the eyebrow scar, it could not reveal one blemish on the boy’s smooth face.

The boy could play finger games too. Eager young digits wormed their way up Ralph’s chute and prodded him towards release. His butt cheeks tightened and he shivered everywhere. All the waves of pleasure flowed through him to a point just above his balls and exploded out his cock into the boy’s laboring mouth. And then again. And again. Ralph’s fingers tightened in Jinx’s silky hair as he held the boy’s head. Like Ralph, Jinx never stopped sucking and licking and slurping. Unlike Ralph he had to swallow too and the man saw the boy’s throat contract with each intake of jism.

As Ralph’s thought became his own again, he stroked his fingers through the boy’s hair, smoothing it back into place. Jinx finally let the deflating cock out his mouth and Ralph moved back, bringing them eye-to-eye again. Each reached for the other and they kissed softly. Ralph’s tongue snaked into the boy’s mouth where only the aftertaste of his semen remained. The
held on to each other for a while, taking turns to taste the other. Finally, Ralph broke the liplock.

“I love you, Jinx.”

“I love you.”

Their foreheads touched as they smiled. Jinx rolled them onto their sides and after the intimacies they had just shared, they shared the even more intimate act of breathing together as they fell asleep.

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