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wet train ride

i was on the first part of my journey from the texas coast to new york to
work for a while. i was driving an old motor home and i stopped about
100 miles east of dallas at a rest area to see if i could find any
“action”. there were quite a few truckers but only one showed any
interest and then he had his boss riding with him to pick up a broke down
truck. he told me to check out a truck stop about 15 miles down the
road. he had just past there and said there was several trucks there and
it used to have a bathroom with glory holes. i said thanks and headed
that way. when i got there, it was more of a truck stop restaurant than
a place for showers, etc. i checked out the bathroom and only 1 stall
had not a glory hole but a peep hole to the next booth. i had not been
there long and i heard 2 men talking as they came into the bathroom. one
went to the urinal but the other one came in the stall next to me. he
pulled out his dick and started a hot stream of piss into the commode.
the other guy asked him “what do you do with someone like that?” he
said that the sheriff told him to take him across the county line and
tell him never to come back. after all, he was just arrested for public
intoxication. all of the other charges were because of what he did while
he was in jail. they could not do anything with him, he wasn’t going to
do anything but sit his time out in jail and that could be forever. they
decided to get his stinking ass out of the county and let someone else
worry about him. he was going to take him to the rest area just across
the county line and let him out. with that, they left the rest room.

i got back to my motor home and could see the sheriff’s car was still
there with a middle aged guy in the back behind the bars. i got back on
the interstate but this time i headed back to the rest area on the
opposite side from where i had just left. i pulled in and found a
parking spot near the back, just as i pulled in. i sat and waited. it
was not long before the sheriff’s car pulled into the parking lot. he
stopped near the concession area, got out and opened the rear door. i
was surprised to see the guy in the back was handcuffed. he took them
off, stood and talked to him a few minutes, then got in the sheriff’s car
and drove off. i got out and walked up near where he was standing. he
wasn’t well groomed at all. if fact, he looked nasty and i got close
enough to catch a whiff to confirm my thoughts. i went into the rest
room and took a seat on the first commode. i heard footsteps coming into
the bathroom and was watching under the partition on either side but no
one appeared. that is when i heard someone pushing on the door to my
stall. i unlocked the door and there he was, standing in front of me
with his dick hard, still inside his torn, faded jeans as the light blue
faded denim started turning dark as he soaked them from the inside out
with his hot piss.

i could not help myself. i took my hand and ran my fingers over his hot
pissed in jeans and took my piss soaked finger back to my mouth. he
stepped into my stall and i got on my knees to suck the piss out of his
dirty jeans. i could tell there was something besides his dick in those
jeans, but before i could find out what it was, we heard more footsteps
coming and he got in the next stall and we both locked the doors. it
was a mexican family with little kids and they were waiting for the
commode stalls to be free. i wiped my but and face and left the rest
room. i waited outside for the other guy to join me. we talked a while
and i asked him where he was going and he said “anywhere he could get
beer and a place to sleep.” i said how about new york? we can get beer
and you can bunk with me in the motor home. he said “cool” and we were
off! there was one small request i had. he would have to get in the
back of the motor home where nobody could see him while we drove back
through the county he had just been kicked out of. besides, the truck
stop i had been at had a liquor store next door, i figured that might be
a good place to get some beer. that went great!

once we had gotten out of franklin county, he joined me up front. i told
him i had heard a little about him in the rest room of the truck stop and
i went back the opposite way i was going to see what it was all about.
he told me he had been picked up outside a bar and charged with public
intoxication. he did not have any money so he was going to sit it out in
jail he got their attention when he refused to take a shower and
instead of using the toilet, he just pissed in his jailhouse stripes. he
had even sat on the commode when another prisoner needed to piss and made
them piss on him. the charges kept mounting and he kept sitting them
out. it seemed like he would be there forever, so they decided to escort
him out of the county for good. that is when i told him that piss was my
favorite fetish. often i would piss in my jeans instead of stopping.
that warm all over feeling was a real turn on for me. he asked me if i
had ever drank from the tap? i told him not until i just sucked the hot
piss fresh out of his jeans. we both laughed and said we would get along
just fine!

i probably was not 50 miles from where i picked this guy up that i saw
another sign for rest area ahead 1 mile. it was almost 8 pm and even
though i had planned on driving a couple of more hours, the thought of
the fun i was missing with this guy was too much for me. i pulled in and
got as far away from the other vehicles as i could. soon we had pulled
the curtains and gone to the back of the motor home. we grabbed a couple
of beers and started taking our clothes off. first were the shirts which
exposed a nice body, no six pack, but not bad. he dropped his jeans
showing that he did not wear underwear. he had a nice dick about 7″ cut,
with a p/a and a short chain attached to it. when i took off my jeans
and it was obvious my white shorts were stained from the piss i had been
oozing in anticipation of this. he made nice comments about my 6″ uncut
dick. (most people do.) i asked him what the chain was for and he asked
me if i was ready to “drink from the tap”? he told me to lay down on the
floor and open my mouth. he stood over me with the chain dangling above
my mouth and he started to slowly piss. the piss came out of the head
running on the p/a and then like a water fall down the chain dripping
into my open mouth. his piss tasted so good, i could hardly believe this
was happening to me. he was a master at controlling the flow until he
could get it fast enough to fill up my mouth, then give me time to
swallow it and do it again. too soon, it was over and there was not a
wet spot on the floor, i had drank it all!

he said he had to go to the bathroom and take care of other business. i
told him he could use the one in the motor home, but he said he had
rather go see what was going on in the public bathroom. i told him i
would just stay there and drink another beer. he asked if he should
bring someone back with him if he found anything interesting and i said
sure! he was not gone long and returned alone. he did say it was not
clean and smelled of stale piss and that it looked like it could be a
busy place. when he got back i asked him if he wanted my piss and he
said he was ready. well, he was but i was not. i needed to piss but
could not get it started in his mouth. he suggested that he spread his
clothes on the floor and he would put his head on them, then i could
stand up and take a normal piss and try to hit his mouth. this worked.
of course, i not only got his mouth but his face and hair and even some
on his chest. when i finished he told me to lay down on the floor with
him. i did and he gave me a good wet french kiss as we exchanged
tongues. oh! fuck! now i am getting hard! and so is he!

i told him i had had his piss in my mouth and it tasted wonderful. now,
i wanted to taste his cum. the problem was, i didn’t know where to
start! i assumed he would take the hardware store out, but i assumed
wrong. as i lay on the floor he came over, almost sitting on my chest,
with his hard dick with chain and p/a in front of my mouth. as he
dropped the hardware in i started sucking his dick and working the
hardware with my tongue. he must have liked the feeling because he kept
on pumping my mouth. the smell of stale piss in his public hairs made me
harder than ever. he said that was the one thing he had missed all of
the days he had spent in jail. the only time he had cum was when he
jacked himself off a couple of nights in bed. i could tell he was
enjoying it, and i was having a good time with the hardware store and my
tongue. it wasn’t too long before he erupted with shot after shot of
cum. i swallowed it all, just like i did his piss. there was one thing
i wasn’t expecting, i was so turned on sucking him and from the man
smells, i shot my load all over my stomach and never touched it. now
that made me mad.

he said he thought he would put on his jeans and check out the bathroom
again. jeans and shoes, no shirt, so i opened another beer and sat
back. he had been gone longer this time and i decided to follow. of
course, they heard my footsteps coming into the rest room. as i came in
i met a big guy leaving. about that time the guy with me came out of the
stall, saw me and hollered at the guy leaving that i was the one with the
motor home. we all stopped outside and talked a few minutes. he made it
clear that he was not gay but he was running early and knew not to go
home. he knew that there was at least 2 big black guys he worked with at
his house with his wife. they took turns fucking her pussy and ass hole
then making her suck them. at least 2 of her 3 holes would be full of
cum when they left. he stopped here thinking he might find a young fagot
to fuck the shit out of, but nobody was there but us. the interest they
had struck up was that they both had p/a’s. he agreed to join us in the
motor home for a beer and a little talk. we all drank a couple of beers
and he had a bottle of poppers.

the next thing i knew, i had the bottle of poppers, laying on my back on
the edge of the bed with my legs up in the air and a big fucking 8 or 9
inch dick with a big ring in it fixing to tear up my fucking ass hole.
now i was being mounted from the top with the chain again over my mouth.
i relaxed while the big guy got it in me, and it was not long before it
hurt so good! we all hit a snort of poppers and then the party began. i
had never had so much dick up my ass, fuck, i thought i was going to
shit! as he humped away i felt that feeling again of a warm stream
dripping onto my face. i had to be told to open my mouth, but i did and
drank once more from the spout via a chain. this time he did not control
the flow as much and i was really having to swallow a lot to keep my
mouth from running over. i was still drinking when the guy stuck it all
the way in and erupted his cum deep into my ass hole. i just knew i
would shit all over myself when he took it out, but i didn’t. i do think
i got “the cart before the horse though”. when the guy pulled out of my
ass, he came up to my face and told me to clean up his dick and p/a. i
had never done anything like this before and wanted to gag. i did what i
had to do and he finally left. my new friend and i drank a couple of
more beers and i told him this time he had to wash that taste out of my

it was only 3 am and i have just known this guy for about 8 hours and do
not even know his name yet. i think this trip to new york will be one i
will remember for a long, long time.

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