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Hairless Hottie

How we met, to me, is one of the sexiest parts of the story. It was back
when I was in shoe-biz, Yeah, I was the manager of a relatively upscale shoe
store located in Perimeter Mall, on the I-285 beltway around Atlanta,
Georgia. I guess you could say that she picked me up, but I’m getting way
ahead of my story.

I actually enjoyed my job, the people part, definitely not the paperwork
portion which was balancing the register with the inventory and all that.
This could be a real pain because the balance was always off. And as
manager, my company made me pick up the difference – took it out of my
commission anyway.

But, I loved working with the customers, most of them anyway, and a few
turned out to be lots of fun. One of them in particular. Before I met her
I had developed quite a collection of shoe-games that I liked to play when
the occasion arose. You know the drill – salesperson sitting on the little
chair playing footsie and hoping for a cheap thrill from a female customer.
My games were a bit different.

First off, I am a lesbian and have no use for the male species except for
the rare friend. But, that never stopped me from messing with their head(s)
a little. Turn about is fair play isn’t it? Never
fail, my hetero-male customers would be praying for a peek of my 34Cs when I
leaned forward to check their shoe size. However, my blouse was never quite
open enough, just one button too many. Next I would play some version of
footsie, until I saw that tell-tail bulge, then flip my dark brown hair back
over my shoulders and hurry them to checkout – with an extra pair of shoes,
a pile of socks and whatever else was handy. Sold lots of stuff that way.
Hey, a girl’s got to make a living doesn’t she?

Naturally, what I really liked was – yep, you got it – the ladies! I
especially loved it when a babe came in wearing sneakers and socks, and she
just had to try on some pumps or something where hose was a have-to. After
breaking into my stash of red knee-highs (I always kept a complimentary
supply of them), helpful me would, naturally, plop down on my little chair
and offer to help the nice lady. You can rest assured that I took extra
care to be sure the hose was properly smoothed, from toes to knees, just so
we could have an accurate fit of course. By the time I was through I
usually had a pretty good idea whether I was going to help the pretty lady
take them off a few hours later, at some place warm and comfy like my

Sally was different. God, when she walked in the store I almost wet my
panties! And damn if she didn’t turn the tables on me and beat me at my own
game. As usual, I had begun my appraisal of the new customer at her feet –
reasonable four-inch navy stilettos. My eyes quickly moved
upward, taking in the sheer navy hose which led to a tasteful but sexy
dark-gray suede skirt. And that was glued to what must be 38 hips. Her
butt had depth as well as volume, and I’m afraid my eyes lingered there a
bit too long.

“Hi, I’m Sally. Do you have any new styles, perhaps some that recently

I’m good at my job, but damn if she didn’t get the drop on me. I started to
lead her over to where our newest things were displayed when she casually
waved her hand and said, “Oh, don’t bother yourself, I can do my own

So I did some additional looking of my own, trying to be subtle. Now,
usually I prefer the thin-n-trim petite type, but this babe was a knockout!
Sally was a lot of woman, and what a presence she carried with her – someone
that knew who she was, knew what she wanted and exactly how she was going to
go about getting it. Her powder-blue silk blouse was an expensive cut and,
yes, I had already noticed what filled it – must be in the neighborhood of
38DDs. Even without her heels she would tower over my 5’3″ and I was
thoroughly off my game.

As I watched, almost in a trance, Sally continued to inspect the first
display, then another, occasionally asking some picky question about
shoe-construction or something. Finally she held up a blue sling-back that
matched her blouse. Turning toward me she raised an inquiring
eyebrow, “9B?”

I felt more in my element by the time I returned from the stock room and sat
in front of her with her selection, along with another style in her size.
Believe me, I was having to work to maintain perspective, to give only the
most professional help in getting the shoes smoothly on her feet.

“Why don’t you give them a stretch around the store. That really is a
comfortable shoe and I’m sure that you’ll love it.” I thought I was doing
pretty good, considering. Thirty-seconds later she had agreed to buy the
shoes, and surprised me by sitting again to try on the other pair. This is
when she really got me.

Admittedly, I had spent a little extra time fussing with the shoes (and,
honestly, only a tiny bit of hose-smoothing). As my eyes rose seeking hers,
they came to an abrupt halt about halfway to their goal. For some reason
her skirt had risen an extra three inches and her knees had spread an
additional six. Transfixed, my gaze had come to rest at the juncture of
Sally’s thighs, and she was not wearing pantyhose. I could see garter tabs
. . .and nuh-nuh-nothing else, not a single fiber of additional clothing
beneath her skirt. No panties! Even more amazing was a growing feeling
that I was looking right where she wanted me to – directly at her pussy.
And that valley of mystery I
had become fixated upon was, was . . . completely bald! Oh my God! She

For several moments I just plain stared. My mouth was probably wide open
with my chin resting between my breasts, especially when I noticed some
moisture collecting on the patch of vinyl seat-cover visible between her
thighs. Maybe it was the heat and wetness growing in my own crotch or maybe
Sally moved slightly, but, finally, I shook the cobwebs from my head,
raising my eyes to lock with hers. She winked!

“Like what you see . . .Holly?” She asked with a challenging smile in her
voice, while glancing at my name-tag.

“Oh, God, I’m so sorry. I forgot to introduce myself, ” I stammered,
offering my moist hand, attempting to recover.

“Not a problem at all, Holly. I think we can consider ourselves well
introduced. Don’t you?”

“I’ll say,” I said with a laugh, feeling my brain and my pussy slowly
getting into alignment.

“Okay. I’ll take these, too,” Nodding toward the second pair of shoes,
“Only if,” She raised an eyebrow, “You take this.” She handed me a business
card. “It’s my cell. And don’t wait too long either.” She smiled again,
this time a full smile, one radiating with genuine friendly warmth.

Sally signed the receipt and grabbed her packages. Turning to leave, she
seemed to have a second thought and pointed toward the chair where she had
been sitting. “Oh, and Holly dear, you might want to attend to that.”
Without waiting for my reply she continued her motion and gracefully exited
the store.

I quickly came around the counter and stood where she had been, breathing
deeply of her personal scent mixed with some additional heady fragrance.
Slowly turning, I looked in the direction she had indicated and there it was
as plain as day. After quickly checking to see if another customer
approached, I rushed to see if it was what I thought it was. It looked like
it! My pussy throbbed as I sniffed the four-inch little puddle. Sally left
me a pee present!! Without wasting any time I rushed to grab the straw from
my empty soft drink cup. Only a few seconds later found me slurping the
last few drops of her sweet-tasting gift.

Standing tall, I stretched my back and licked my lips. As I looked out
toward the mall concourse where Sally wandered somewhere, I said out loud,
“I’m going to call that bitch right now!” I smiled as I had another
pleasant thought – wait until she gets MY surprise. When I finally let her
get a peek at my sweet pussy, that girl’s going to discover a bald valley
with the most picturesque oasis she’s ever dreamed about. And that ass of
hers is mine!

That was six months ago and, I have to tell you, we’ve had more fuck-fests
than in my previous six years. Sally spoils me rotten and I do my level
best to return her favors, every single lick, suck and finger. Remind me
and I’ll tell you about some of them sometime. Right now I’m stirring some
pancake batter and remembering how she woke me up this morning.

“Good morning my sweet, baby Holly! Since you’re not already up and going,
I will just have to volunteer to wake you up.”

“Uggg. Oh, it’s you, baby,” I mumbled, stretching. “God, Sal, what time is

“Just let me get under the covers… Oh, it’s so warm under here! Oh, and
look, you aren’t wearing panties! Let me get up here closer.
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, you taste delicious!”

“Baby, oh! Oh, honey that feels good!! Don’t press too hard, baby, or I’m
gonna have to make a run for it.”

“Oh, my sweet-tasting Holly shouldn’t worry her little head about that. I’m
ready for a sip or two right now! Better make it a few ounces, babe, on
second thought. I haven’t yet had my morning juice.”

“Oh, Sally! I can’t hold it! Oh, your lips! Oh! Oh! Suck me,
babeeee!!!! Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Oh, honey, my darling Holly, that was soooooo warm and sooooo good! Okay
now, hold real still while I wipe you with my tongue. AAAHHHHHHH, that’s

“Oh, darling, that was so beautiful! And so HOT – you, you, you woman! Now
get up here and give my other lips a kiss, then it’s my turn for a drink,
unless you did something mean like sneak into the bathroom before you woke

We lay there for a while in no hurry whatsoever, languishing in each others
arms, caressing faces, scattering little kisses here and there, and
occasionally sucking some tongue. Without a doubt I was going to get my
drink, but there was some other stuff I wanted first. One of my favorite
things to do is to climb up on Sally, my nice round butt facing her face,
and straddle those big, juicy breasts of hers. I spread my leg wide then
gathered them into momma, making those fat, long nipples have a contest to
see which one would get to hide in my pussy for a while.

Right nippie won! I love it! My crotch feels so full with her big tit
trying to squeeze inside. Oh, I wish it would fit in there. Oooooo! I
feel a tongue in my butt! She must have propped her head up with a couple
of pillows. “Sally-Sally-Sally-Salleeee!! I gonna cum!!

She makes me cum so hard I always work up a thirst, as if I didn’t already
have one. Now I meant business. I ripped off the covers because I like to
see when I’m between her legs. Most of the time I like to go slow, teasing
her from her toes to her bald oasis. But this time I can’t wait, I’m ready
for a dive right now!

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” Said both of us simultaneously, as I flattened my tongue
to search all over her bald valley for any residues I could find.

“Oh, Holly baby! Kiss it again for me. Ooooohhhh.”

Gently, gently I opened her precious doorway, gently licking, kissing and
nibbling every step of the way. “God, baby, you taste so good this morning.
Oh, my, oh mmmmyyy!!!” I was so hot I was starting to cum again myself.
“MMMMMMMMMM. Oh, Sally!!” Slurp, slurp, lick, suck, kiss, suck.

“Get it Holly, oh, get it! Ahh, ahh, ahhh . . .”

“Oh you tasty, tasty . . .Oh! I’m cuuummming!!! Oh!!!! Sally!!!!”


“I need it, baby. Oh, pee for me, please, baby.” I made a cup with my
hand, thrusting my combined fingertips into her hot, throbbing pussy. And I
locked onto her pee hole with full Holly-powered suction.

“Here it comes babeee!”

Her full bladder bust over my face with a glorious shower of pee. After
gulping and gulping I lifted my face to feel the warm spray, and my
strategically placed hands continued to fill up rapidly. Finally, her sweet
flow ebbed, so I sucked and swallowed from my improvised reservoir until my
hands were empty. Then I slowly and thoroughly licked her clean, like she
always does for me.

It was a very satisfied Holly who brought the plate of pancakes to the
table, placing them in front of her earlier meal, Sally. With a straight
face I asked, “Honey, would you like some juice with your cakes?”

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