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Golden Memories

Amber was sitting on the subway train going into the city. All seats were taken and some passengers were standing.

Amber saw a young business woman, about 30 years old, standing about eight feet away facing in Amber’s direction. What a stunning woman, thought Amber. She was dressed in a dark gray suit that couldn’t hide the shapely body beneath it.

I hope I still look that good when I’m 30, Amber thought proudly. Amber was eighteen and a senior in high school. She was familiar with shapely bodies because she was blessed with one. She knew she turned heads when she walked down the street.

The woman looked directly at Amber and smiled. Suddenly she noticed water running down the woman’s long, nylon clad legs.

“What the hell,” Amber muttered.

A big wet spot began appearing on the front of the woman’s skirt. Amber looked up at the woman’s face. She was staring at Amber with glazed eyes.

My god, she’s pissing in her pants. Piss was running down into her high heel shoes. She saw the woman’s body go tense, then shudder wickedly. She then smiled at Amber and moved towards the door as the train came to a stop.

Amber was totally stunned. She had never seen anything like that in her life. Her whole body felt flush as a wave of sexual excitement swept over her.

My god, she thought. The whole scene took less than 10 seconds but it fully aroused me.

She didn’t understand. I’m not bi or a lesbian, she thought. Why did it excite me so much.?

That evening while doing her homework she couldn’t get the incident out of her mind. She felt aroused again.

She closed the door to her bedroom and lay across her bed. She brought her hand up under her skirt.

“UGHHHHHH,” she moaned as her fingers found the lips of her pussy. Her panties were soaked.

The shapely woman and the piss running down her leg was the image in her mind.

“ARGGGGGGGGG,” she groaned as she immediately felt an orgasm sweep over her.

Jesus, that was quick, she thought as she went to the bathroom to clean herself up.

Two days later Amber was on the same train. She couldn’t believe it. There was the woman again, as stunning as the first time she had seen her.

She was further away this time but their eyes made contact. Amber watched excitedly to see if she would get a replay of their last meeting.

Suddenly the train was coming into the station and was slowing down. The woman was moving down the aisle towards her. As she walked by Amber she held her hand out as to give her something. Amber held out her hand and felt something placed into her palm. The woman was gone.

Amber looked at the object. It was a 3 ounce, clear glass vial, filled with a yellowish liquid.

Amber gasped. The woman had given her some of her piss. The depravity of it almost overwhelmed her. Her panties were immediately soaked.

That night in her room she sat at her desk and examined the vial. She pulled out the cork and put it to her nose.

“Ohhh goddd,” she moaned as her hand slipped under her skirt.

She started slowly at first, rubbing her pussy as she sniffed the aroma from the vial. Her fingers slipped under her panties and inserted into her swollen cunt.

Now her hips were thrusting to meet her plunging fingers. She felt an orgasm welling up inside of her. Her climax was near.

“UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” she moaned as she brought the vial to her lips and poured the contents into her mouth. Her body shook from the intense orgasm racking her body. The piss was now running down her throat.

“ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” she cried out as her cunt juices flowed down onto the chair. She couldn’t believe she had done something so lewd and perverse but the very taste of the warm piss brought her waves of pleasure.

** Chapter Two **

Amber rode the subway for a month but never saw the woman of her dreams. She had given up of ever seeing her again.

Friday night she was leading cheers at her schools football game when she noticed the woman setting in the stands.

She couldn’t believe it. The woman looked at Amber and smiled. Amber smiled nervously back at her.

The game was over and Amber had lost the woman in the crowd. As she walked towards the parking lot with the other cheerleaders she felt someone touch her arm. It was her.

“Hello,” she said quietly.

“Hi,” said Amber.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” she asked timidly.

“Sure,” answered Amber hesitantly.

“Can we walk over by the school building?” she asked as she took Amber gently by the arm.

Amber was feeling very apprehensive. She was thrilled to see the woman but this personal contact somehow made everything feel different.

The school building was dark and empty. The lights around it were dim. The woman guided Amber towards a small niche in the building where the trash cans were usually kept. Tonight the niche was empty.

She stopped, turned an faced Amber. She leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “I’ve thought about you many times over the last month. My name is Sarah. Did you like the my gift?” she asked.

“Yes,” Amber said barely audible.

The woman kissed Amber on the cheek. She whispered again in her ear. “I’m glad you liked it little girl. I’ve brought you more.”

With that she pulled Amber’s lips to hers. Her tongue darted into Amber’s mouth as she kissed her passionately.

Amber felt the woman firmly pushing her head down. Amber’s resistance was slight. Her mind was whirling with anticipation. She felt her bare knee’s on the pavement but hardly noticed the pain.

She watched as Sarah slowly raised her skirt and exposed her pantiless pussy. Now she was gently, but firmly pulling Amber’s head up between her spreading legs. The scent of the woman was overwhelming.

She felt her lips touch Sarah’s pussy. The insanity of this passed thru her mind for a moment. A wicked passion swept over her body. She knew what was coming as she allowed her mouth to open and cover the pink, moist cunt.

She felt Sarah’s body strain to bring her yellow liquid up and out of her body.

Amber felt the hot liquid fill her mouth. She savored the taste of the golden juice, swallowing quickly as her mouth filled again and again. The piss was now flowing down her throat with hardly enough time to swallow. She was choking but managed to gulp and keep it down.

“So much, So much,” she gurgled as her mouth was overrun by the piss that was now soaking her tight sweater.

The piss finally subsided. Amber thirstily licked Sarah’s cunt lips trying to clean her every crease.

It was then she felt Sarah’s body begin to quake. Sarah’s hands were now pulling Amber’s face forcibly into her pussy.

Sarah was cumming. Amber went wild lapping up thick spurts of cum into her piss soaked mouth.

They were there for several minutes as Amber cleaned Sarah’s pussy, legs and shoes with her tongue and mouth.

She felt Sarah pulling her to her feet. Sarah’s tongue was cleansing Amber’s face, occasionally dipping her tongue between her lips.

She again whispered in Amber’s ear. ‘You have anything for me?”she hissed.

“Yes,” Amber lisped, the thick piss/cum juices still coating the inside of her mouth.

She felt Sarah’s body lowering itself in front of her while lifting her skirt. Now Sarah’s mouth was pressing against her panty covered pussy.

“UGHHHHHHHHHHHH,” she heard herself moan as the woman’s warm lips encircling her swollen cunt.

She began to strain. “UMMMMMMMMMM,” It came. The yellow urine was streaming out of her with such force Sarah’s mouth filled, refilled, and refilled again. The young business woman was hungrily swallowing all she could. It was too much. Amber heard the gurgling coming from between her legs.

The cheerleader was going to cum. Sarah, anticipating this, now began licking Amber’s pussy feverishly, even while the piss was splashing in her eyes and face and drenching her blouse. Sarah felt her nipples hardened as the warm piss run down on her tits filling the cups of her bra.

Amber’s body stiffened, then began trembling uncontrollably. “I’MMMMM CUMMMIINNNNGGGGGGG.”

Her panties were filling with her cum. Sarah continued sucking, the cum being filtered through Amber’s panties. She cleansed Amber’s thighs, then returning to suck the little slut’s panties of all the cum and piss she could wring out of them with her mouth.

Amber’s orgasm subsided. Sarah stood, her hair and face covered with cum and piss. Her pissed soaked bra shown clearly through the urine soaked blouse. She pulled Amber’s mouth to hers. The cheerleaders mouth opened willingly to accept the mixture oozing from Sarah’s lips. Amber’s body was still shuddering from the mini orgasms she welcomed so shamelessly.

And as suddenly as she appeared, the young business woman pulled away from Amber and disappeared into the dark. Amber called out to her but the woman was gone.

Amber lifted her short little skirt, her fingers sinking into her drenched, aching pussy, and vigorously brought herself to another wave of pleasure. She knew, and accepted, she would never be the same again.

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