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Marissa is shaved by her best friend

It was a month past my high school graduation, but it still didn’t seem real. It felt weird to know that I wouldn’t be going back there in September. Marisa and I were enjoying our summer, but the enjoyment was bittersweet since we were both heading off for different colleges in the Fall. We were both 18, had known each other since preschool, and had been best friends for nearly as long. We shared everything and couldn’t imagine being apart.

It was a really hot day right before the Independence Day weekend. Marisa and I both had the day off from our jobs at a local department store, and I headed over to her house for a swim. Both her parents were at work and her brother, who was two years older, had not come home from college that summer; he’d gotten an apartment with two other guys and had basically left the nest. We both envied the freedom he had, living on his own, and savored being in her parents’ house alone, a tiny taste of what would eventually come for us.

After we were done with our swim, we went back into the house to change and go to the mall. As we were in Marisa’s room peeling off our bikinis, a sly smile came over her face. “Hey Laurie, I’ve got something to show you,” she giggled, pulling a shoebox out from under the bed. We sat naked on her bed together, thinking nothing of it. Like I said, we shared everything and had seen each other unclothed countless times over the years. Marisa was petite and beautiful, of mixed Latina and Greek heritage, with olive-colored skin, deep brown eyes, and long, thick, and wavy dark hair. I envied her larger-than-average breasts and perfectly-shaped hips and bottom. I was taller and thinner, a full-blooded Irish girl with very fair skin, long red hair, blue-grey eyes, and freckles. My breasts were small and perky.

Marisa opened the box and I gasped. Then we both turned red and giggled. It was full of mens’ magazines, mens’ porno magazines. “Where did you get those?” I asked.

“Since Carl isn’t coming home this year, my parents told me to clean out his room so that we can use it for guests. I found this shoved in the back of his closet. He must have forgotten about them.” She pulled out a magazine and we started looking through it together, our eyes wide. Marisa and I were both virgins, had rarely even dated, which caused some rumors to float around about us at school. The rumors weren’t true; we’d barely even kissed boys without doing things to each other. And neither of us had ever seen anything, had ever even imagined anything like what was in these magazines.

Our girlish giggling continued, but I was feeling nervous. Lots of the pictures had women together, and I found myself drawn to those pictures. I couldn’t stop looking at them. Even in the pictures with men and women, I just wanted to look at the girls, and I felt strange sensations coming over my body. My breathing felt short, my heart was beating really hard, and something was happening between my legs. I kept laughing and making jokes, trying to hide whatever it was that was coming over me and hoping that Marisa didn’t notice.

I felt my heart jump when Marisa suddenly put a hand on her bush and started running her fingers through the thick mound of curls. “You know,” she said, “I never thought of shaving this, but so many of those women do it. I wonder if we should?”

I laughed nervously, putting my hand on my own bush and being greeted with an aromatic wetness. “Wow, I’d be afraid to do that. I mean, how do you see what you’re doing? I’d be afraid of cutting myself.”

Marisa smiled. “We could always do each other.”

I didn’t know how to react. I wondered if Marisa could hear my heart now; it was practically jumping out of my chest. “Um, I’d be afraid of cutting you!”

“Well, will you let me just do you then? Come on, it would be fun. It’s just hair. It’ll grow back if you don’t like it!”

I was still terrified, but something in me just couldn’t resist this. This was Marisa, my best friend. It was nothing sexual; we were just having fun, right? “Okay.”

We went into the bathroom and Marisa pulled out a fresh razor and a can of shaving cream. I watched as she shook the can and sprayed a dollop of foam into her hands. I tried hard to keep my knees from shaking as I stood in front of Marisa with my legs apart. She lowered herself to her knees and looked up at me expectantly. “Ready?” I nodded and I gasped as the cool shaving cream assaulted my hot, moist skin. I could smell my arousal and hoped that Marisa was blowing it off. She worked the shaving cream into my bush and I bit back a moan. I wanted her to put her hand under me, on my most private area, the part of me with no hair! Involuntarily, my hips moved forward and I felt one of Marisa’s fingers brush against my labia. I gasped at the electricity flowing out of her hand and sensed a new gush of warmth from my core.

Marisa’s hand lingered there for a moment, then moved back to my bush. She said nothing, acted like she didn’t even notice. My mound was thoroughly coated in thick white foam and Marisa rinsed the excess off her hand, leaving the bathtub faucet running on low pressure. Then she positioned the razor, putting her free hand on my inner thigh for support. Carefully she shaved against the growth of the hair, rinsing the razor at frequent intervals. I was so incredibly turned on I could barely contain myself, especially since the hand on my inner thigh was just one brush away from being on my pussy. “Hey,” Marisa finally said, smiling and rinsing the razor, “stop moving around so much. I don’t want to cut you!”

“I’m sorry.” She winked at me and my heart fluttered. Finally she was done, my pussy now as bare as my tummy.

Marisa stood up and threw the razor away. “Well, what do you think?” she asked.

Tentatively, I put my hand on the somewhat-irritated skin and gently rubbed it, marveling in the softness. “It’s really smooth!”

“Smooth as silk!” Marisa agreed, putting her hand down there with mine. I held my breath as her hand rubbed the skin, then took hold of mine and led it further down and around, all the way to my dripping labia. I closed my eyes and moaned as she moved our hands in unison, exploring my virgin folds. Then I felt a warm pair of lips atop mine, pressing into them gingerly. The kiss was brief, almost innocent, and when I opened my eyes Marisa was looking at me expectantly. I leaned forward in response and we kissed again, this time with more feeling, all the while stroking my pussy.

I opened my mouth and Marisa’s tongue darted in, taking a quick taste before coming back for more. Not to be undone, my tongue headed for her mouth and explored its delicious walls. Then Marisa took my free hand and led it down to her bushy mound. I wasted no time in running my fingers right through the curls so that I could reach her sex, pleased to find it was as wet as my own. I realized then that the aroma that had been inundating my nostrils was also emanating from her.

“Let’s rinse you off, shall we?” Marisa suggested, taking my hand and leading me into the tub. She adjusted the water temperature, then flipped the shower flow switch. We kissed and caressed some more as warm water ran over our naked bodies. Then Marisa took down the showerhead, adjusted it to a pulsating flow, and put it between my legs. I nearly fell down from the intense pleasure of warmth and pressure. Marisa moved the shower head back and forth, as she left a trail of kisses down my neck and chest, finally reaching my breasts and taking a nipple into her mouth.

She suckled gently but firmly, at the same time using her tongue to poke against and lick the hard little candies. I didn’t understand what was happening to me but I did know I never wanted her to stop. She moved from one breast to another, giving each its due attention, and finally I had to lean against the shower wall for support. I felt like an earthquake was building in my body, and I screamed Marisa’s name as I exploded into my very first orgasm.

“Oh my god,” I breathed, then felt my love’s lips on mine again. She was still holding the shower head; I took it from her. “Your turn,” I said, my voice being swallowed into her mouth. I placed the device in between her legs and mimicked what she had done to me, rubbing back and forth and enjoying how she cried out right into my mouth. My other hand reached for her breasts, fondled the well-rounded melons, then squeezed on hard little nipples. I dipped down for a taste and Marisa put her hands on the back of my head, moaning softly as her fingers moved through my wet red locks.

I was enjoying Marisa’s breasts, but when we were looking at the magazines I’d wondered what a pussy would taste like. The women in the pictures seemed like they liked it a lot, the way they buried their faces in each other’s muffs. I removed the showerhead from between Marisa’s legs, put it back into place, then kissed her again before I knelt in front of her. Marisa knew what I was thinking and spread her legs apart, giving me full access to the most beautiful sight my eyes had ever beheld, the labyrinth of pink folds and crevices that I knew led to her pleasure center.

I took a small taste, found it to my liking, then pushed my face into her as far as I could. I knew something about the clitoris from sex education class, though I’d never actually seen one. I thought I knew where it was, and I was certain I found it when my tongue touched a hard little knob just above Marisa’s slit and she shrieked in response. I carefully put my lips around her clit and drew it in. “Oh please…please…please…YES!” Marisa groaned. I could tell she was fast approaching orgasm. I thrust my tongue into her slit and was rewarded by more sweet nectar. I kept sticking my tongue in her and drawing it out, making sure I rubbed her knob with each inward thrust. Marisa’s cries were growing louder and more urgent. She had her hands on the back of my head again and was gyrating her hips like a madwoman. “Yes…Yes…YES! OHMYGOD! LAURRRIIIIEEEE!” The moment she screamed my name was the moment she came, her entire pussy pulsating, her vaginal walls contracting deliciously against my tongue, her essence flowing freely and coating my face.

We finished showering, then toweled off and retired to Marisa’s bed, the stereo on and our bodies entwined. We talked and caressed each other, then I put my hand on Marisa’s unshaven bush. “I never did get to do you,” I teased her.

“I never did get to DO you either,” Marisa responded, her hand moving back to my bare pubic area. She grinned and slid downward until her face was inches from my pussy. Then I watched (and felt) as my love tasted me for the first time, the first time anyone had ever tasted me. “Mmmmmmmmmm,” she said before going back for more.

I laid my head back, closed my eyes, and relaxed as Marisa took me on a journey to ecstasy. Now we knew why we never really got into dating boys, because we were meant for each other all along. We would be split apart in September, but our bond would prevail. We knew that we would eventually be together forever.

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