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Surprise From the Lesbians

Marie went to a pool party with some of her friends,Sam,Abby,and Laura.She thought everything was fine.She and her friends had been swimming for hours.They decided it was enough.They all went to seperate rooms to change.The room Marie was in had a little peek-hole in it to spy.
Sam,Abby,and Laura had been watching her.All were lesbians but Marie.Right when Marie had nothing on,they all barged in,blindfolded her,and tied her to a bed.”What the Hell is going on!?!” screamed Marie.The took the blindfold off so Marie could see all the young girls standing over her.”It’s o.k. honey,we just wanna eat your pussy and lick your hard nipples to make ya cum!”
“Are you lesbos or something?”asked Marie. “Of course!” yelled Abby.”What do you want with me?” asked Marie ina nervous voice.”We already said.”
explained Laura. “Abby,wiil you get me my toys?” asked Sam.So Abby got Sam her toys. “First we are gonna eat your pussy and nipples then play with you.”Explained Laura.They all got on the bed and started licking Marie’s body.She couldn’t help but
have a orgasm;there was no stopping it.Her juices burst all over Lauara.”Now were gettin’ somewhere!”said Laura.”Stop…!Leave me alone!!” screamed Marie.As hard as she tried she couldn’t break free.So she decided to just face the facts that this torture was her destiny.
She felt herself climax and decided to just live with this pleasure of girls playing with her hot,young,wet pussy and hard nipples.

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