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Naughty Girls

Emily and Shelby were the two friends. Both were lebos. One night Shelby spends the night at Emily’s house. Late at night, Emily looked over at Shelby and thought, “I wanna lick and suck her so bad.” Shelby looked over at Emily and thought, “I bet her tits are hard and her pussy is wet and juicy.” They both seemed to know what the other was thinking.

They leaned over and started French kissing. They flipped their tongues around in each other’s mouth. They stopped and looked at eachother. Emily started undressing and Shelby did the same.

“Omigod I feel so horny!” said Shelby.

“Me, too!” replied Emily. “Are you wet for me?” asked Emily. “Yes…are your tits hard for me?” asked Shelby.

“Sit down on my bed.” said Emily to Shelby. So Shelby sat down on the bed and spread her legs. “Mmmm…You look sooo tasty!” replied Emily. She kneeled down and started playing with Shelby’s clit. Shelby started groaning as she felt her first orgasm surging through her body. She started playing with her hard nipples.

“Now it’s your turn to play with me.” said Emily.

She took Shelby’s place and spread her legs wide open for Shelby. Shelby immediately went for Emily’s nipples and fingered her wet pussy. Soon both girls were having the time of their young lives.” You should CUM over to my house more often!” replied Emily, letting her sweet pussy juices burst all over Shelby’s face.

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