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Newfound Lovers at Play

Carmen and I arrive at the bus with the whole softball team after a very long and vigorous game that we won. As you can tell everyone is tired and we decide to start playing a movie. As soon as the movie starts Carmen asks me to come sit with her. Well you see I get over there and she tells me to get my blanket and pillow out so that we can talk and have no one disturb us. I start getting a little suspicious, but I like it since I think Carmen is hot and have wanted to fuck her already. When we get under the covers she looks me straight in the eyes and asks me if i’m a lesbian. I didn’t know what to say b/c I was a little afraid she wasn’t like that. But instead of avoiding it, I ask her and she responds with a quick yes!

Then she demands my answer. Still in a little doubt I say that I am debating it right now. She looks at me seductively and says in her latina accent, “let me help u make that decision.” She leans in and kisses me ever so softly and passionately only making me want more. By now we have really gotten into it but the bus lights come on and we pretend we are asleep. Then the lights go off again and we use this chance to steal the back seat which is long enough for us to lie out on fully.

We start really getting into this and our kissing becomes more and more raging as we keep wanting each other more. The good thing about our shorts is that they are mesh and have holes. We use that to our advantage! He he! Well we start slowly putting our hands up each others shorts making sure to touch each other seductively. I start to feel her pussy and realize that it is already wet. Knowing that mine was too I inched in closer saying that I want more. She starts fingering me and I almost cum from pure ecstasy. I feel her heartbeat getting more rapid by the second and know that she is about to cum. I push her pussy up to my face and as she cums I swallow every ounce of it as it flows into my mouth. Carmen starts breathing heavily and asks me if she can fuck me using her dildo. She straps it on and since I have never had a girl do that she sees my anticipation and says “let me do it all.” The dildo is at least 11 inches and slides it in slowly. It still hurts abd she sees that and kisses me. She gets it in and slowly starts pushing it in and out with her body starting off slow and getting faster as we move together. She says to me “let me lick your sweet cunt” as i’m about to peak. She takes it out and i am slowed down for a second. She bends over and starts fucking me with her tongue and I realize that this isnt new to her. I cum all over her and she licks as much of it as I can. Then we start fingering each other again and as we are about to cum we lie so that our pussies are exactly together and as our juices flow into each other she tells me that She had wanted to fuck me forever. I ask her about the past and I realize that it is no joke and even better she wants me to be her girl. I am very excited at this b/c i have wanted that 4ever too. Then suddenly it all makes sense about every time she brushed by me and took time to pay that extra attention to me. I bet you can tell from this expierence that we never had a boring softball game ever again.

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