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The Predator and the Red Rose

It was the annual Gay & Lesbian Pride Parade in New York; the sky was clear and the weather was moderate. A sea of rainbow-colored flags swept through the streets of lower Manhattan. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight people flooded the streets. Most of them were wearing close to nothing as if they were at a beach party in Cancun. A marching band kept them in high spirits, playing fast-paced and soulful tracks. The half-dressed “dykes on bikes” rode around, throwing up hand signs.

Monica Hershel and her three girlfriends also paraded with the mob. She was dressed in a scuba-blue button-down jacket with nothing underneath, and matching denim shorts that hugged her slim hips. Her hair was black and close-cropped, and she had striking subzero-blue eyes. She was a wealthy traveler and an enterprising vagabond. All the girlfriends called her the “Predator”; they knew she could always find and convince any chick for lovemaking.

“I’m glad we were able to join this parade.” Monica mused. “I love London, but it feels great to be back in New York! There is so much energy and life here.”

“Yeah, I didn’t want to miss the fun either.” Faye said.

She was a beautiful brunette with a heart-shaped, freckled face and green eyes. The Miami Heat jersey and matching shorts gave her the tomboyish looks.

“I just love all the chicks showing their skins here.” Elle spoke aloud. “I wonder who is gonna, mmm … eat my cunt tonight.”

Elle was a tall, brown-eyed, and well-endowed blonde who could melt hearts by flashing an alluring smile. The black crop top and close-fitting jeans complimented her lean physique well.

Jelena laughed. “You are soo dirty. Count me in, baby! I can eat your peach for ages, coz I love women and I love their curves,” she said, winking at Elle.

Jelena was a tall and beautiful brunette with big juicy tits, perfect curves, and creamy legs. The blue halter-top and Daisy Dukes revealed much of the desirable assets she had.

Elle turned her head and appraised Jelena. They giggled. She and Jelena fondled each other’s tits. Pulling the tits reciprocally, they shrieked and then laughed. Some onlookers clapped and hailed as they enjoyed watching their show. The chicks took their attention as a compliment. They always loved receiving such feedback.

Then it happened. Rihanna’s “Please Don’t Stop The Music” blared from a speaker outside a bar. Monica and her friends got excited! Along with these energetic emo-looking lesbians, all the people began dancing as if they knew one another. Euphoria moved through the colorful crowd. The entire parade became one big party in the middle of the street. There were a few tall shirtless gay men waving their hands and shaking their hips to the fast-paced beat. Monica was dancing with this short pink-haired tattooed hottie. She wasn’t her type, but for that moment it didn’t matter. They were all having a great time!

The sun was setting and Monica stood with her friends laughing and taking pictures. Occasionally, she averted her eyes to the right and felt a knot in the pit of her stomach. That chick froze Monica as if she had inadvertently cast a spell on her.

“Wow, she is HOT!” Monica thought, appraising the girl.

She looked apparently exotic from her girlfriends. Her ripe voluptuous curves were accentuated in a revealing glacier-blue dress with a deep V-neck, and an O-ring that exposed her belly button. Her heart-shaped face looked alluring with charismatic features; she had deep-set green eyes with high eyebrows, full and rosy lips, and long inferno-red hair that she had groomed in graceful layers. The Predator’s eyes roamed down her body mercilessly. The dress could barely conceal her huge tits and big booty, and it hugged harmoniously to the wide flare of her hips.

Lustfully, Monica licked her lips. That chick had all the endowments she could crave to plunder. She was a celestial being, who could turn on lesbians and men at the first sight. A desire to claim her lips, suck her tits, lick her booty, and eat her cunt electrified her heart; instantly, it began to beat faster.

“Yo, Predator!” Jelena hollered.

“Yeah,” Monica answered.

“You were zoning there for a minute, babe.” Jelena chuckled. “We’re about to go to McDonalds right here. Are you coming?”

“Yes, I’ll be there in a few minutes. I just saw something I want!” Monica replied.

It was Faye’s turn to understand what Monica had just said. “Ooh la la, you know the best, hun.” She told her, nudged Jelena, and added, “Let’s go girls!”

Like her, Jelena and Elle realized the situation. The trio laughed in unison, turned around, and departed hand in hand. Monica stood there for several minutes to make sure the redhead was alone. Feeling convinced that she wasn’t with anybody, Monica resolved to approach her.

The redhead turned her head and watched in silence as Monica walked over to her. That boyish chick had sparkling eyes and she looked brightened. That instant, she felt a mild pulsation in her nipples.

“Hi gorgeous! I’m Monica. You look so hot in that outfit!”

For some reason, the redhead blushed at the frankness of that shorthaired girl. “Erm-thanks, I’m Chloe Michelle. It is nice to meet you,” she said.

“I love your accent, but you don’t look American. Where are you from?”

Chloe raised her eyebrows and answered, “I’m from UK.”

“Have you got some company?”

“No, I’m by myself,” Chloe replied.

“May I be the one to accompany you? You won’t regret, I promise,” Monica said earnestly.

“Hehe-You’re so-jolly.”

The two laughed in unison.

“I wonder if,” Monica said, “you ever dated a man?”

“Heavens! No,” Chloe said curtly.

“Ah! Never mind. I haven’t either, because I love women.”

“Wow! Really?”

“Of course, baby! Will you mind if I touch you?”

“What? Right here?”

Monica nodded and looked at her huge chest. Chloe followed her gaze and then looked into her eyes. “I don’t know, but if you want to … erm-ok.”

“I know how to please women,” Monica said as she cupped Chloe’s firm breasts and pulled her nipples.

Touching Chloe’s juicy tits, made her extremely horny. She could feel the love juice oozing out of her shorts.

“Yess…” Chloe hissed.

“Your tits are marvelous! Your nipples are so mouthwatering! Yes, I love your body!”

“And I love yours. It’s very beautiful and toned.”

Monica exposed her 32AA boobs and said, “Please, I’m built like a boy.”

“Well, you can eat anything you want without worrying about getting fat. I’ll take your abs any day.”

“You can have them anytime you want, baby. Do you think you’ll like a girl like me?”

“Yes, I think so.”

Grinning broadly, Monica seized the moment by putting her arms around Chloe’s neck and slipped her moist tongue into her mouth. Chloe moved her hands up to Monica’s tits and massaged them. Her nipples were already hard. Monica squeezed Chloe’s buttocks as they continued to kiss.

“Do you want to go to my place?” Monica asked. “I live a few blocks down.”

“Yes. Let’s go,” Chloe quavered.

Monica pulled out her black Smartphone and texted her friends that she was going home. After that, she and Chloe began walking down the block talking and laughing. They entered the building and get on the silver-colored elevator. Luckily, they had it all to themselves. Monica pressed the eighth floor and the doors closed. They began kissing.

Chloe pressed Monica against the wall and squeezed her tits. Monica moaned softly in her ear. Then Chloe lifted Monica by her buttocks and planted soft kisses on her tits and tummy.

“You just made me so wet by doing that.” Monica replied. “I’m usually the aggressive one.”

The elevator door opened, and the two girls got out laughing.

Inside Monica’s condominium, she quickly gave Chloe a tour of her place. The terrace, teak flooring, and the view of the Hudson River impressed Chloe. They sat in the living room and kicked off their sneakers.

“Would you like to take a shower with me?” Monica asked.

“Yeah, I would like that.” Chloe answered with a giggle.

Monica took Chloe by the hand and led her to the bathroom. Then she put the shower water on, and they began stripping down. Both looked sex-starved, watching each other nude. Monica loved the way Chloe’s eyes explored her body. She seemed as pleased by Monica’s slim body as Monica was by Chloe’s oversize proportions.

“I’m ready to get wet and wild.” Chloe giggled.

“Yes, me too,” Monica replied.

The warm water had a soothing effect on them as it flowed down; soaking their lovely bodies all over. Monica wrapped her arms around Chloe and pulled her closer. She loved the way her titties felt against Chloe’s voluptuous body. They locked their mouths in a French kiss, and went on with sudsing their bodies.

“Can you wash my back?” Chloe asked.

Monica put more soap on her washrag and washed Chloe’s back softly, and let her hands linger on her ass. Then she touched Chloe’s waist and vagina. She knew Chloe enjoyed this as she purred. Monica turned Chloe around and kissed her full lips. She loved how their wet tongues intertwined. The feeling was exquisite!

Chloe broke the kiss, applied some shampoo on her palms, and she raised her arms and began rubbing her scalp. Monica touched and squeezed Chloe’s boobs, which were a bigger than a handful. She ogled at her erect light brown nipples.

“Nice,” Monica said, pinching her nipples. “I love how they pulsate!”

“I want them being sucked,” Chloe expressed. “It turns me on!”

“Sure,” Monica said and opened her mouth to take her right nipple. She held it in suction, pressed her lips together until the nipple slipped out. Then she moved to her left nipple and sucked it hard until it released from her hungry mouth.

“Ooh yes, like that, baby! Yes, suck them!” Chloe chanted. “I love it!”

Monica sucked her tits for a while and held them into the deep cleavage, and ran her tongue across them from nipple to nipple. Keeping up the good work, she grabbed her by the hips and kissed her way down her stomach. As her lips brushed on Chloe’s pussy, she reclined against the wall and opened her legs. Monica fondled her toned thighs. Her pussy lips looked swollen and provocative.

Monica tilted her head up and went for an easy feast. She licked and sucked Chloe’s pussy making her shudder and melt in heat. As she squirted on her face in a few minutes, the “Predator” got on her feet and took her mouth for another lip-lock.

“Now, it’s your turn.” Chloe said. “I want to eat you out.”

Monica laughed as Chloe knelt before her and covered as much of her pussy as she could with her open mouth. Looking down at the redhead, who ate her pussy, Monica climaxed instantly.

Chloe flicked her tongue back and forth on Monica’s sensitive clit and sucked on her pussy like a pro. Monica grabbed Chloe’s hair and pushed her pussy against her face, wanting more.

“Oh, my God, fuck!” Monica grunted with undisguised pleasure.

Chloe licked and sucked harder on Monica’s clit, then circled her love hole with her tongue. Smiling up at Monica, she slipped two fingers inside her pussy increasing the pleasure. Soon, Monica shouted her release. She closed her eyes and covered her face with her hands. It was the real bliss!

They stood under the shower, fondling each other until they finished rinsing the soap off their bodies. Monica turned the shower off and kissed Chloe. They took towels from the shelving, wiped their bodies dry, and put on some moisturizer to minimize the itching effect. After that, they left the bathroom and Monica led Chloe to her bedroom. She pushed her on bed and let her stretch out.

“You’re not wasting any time!” Chloe giggled.

“Coz, I’m the Predator,” Monica answered.

“You are a-what?”

Monica said nothing. She rubbed Chloe’s pussy and said, “Look how wet you are!”

“Mmm … I’m still wet from the shower.” Chloe winked.

Monica beamed at Chloe and hovered above her. Chloe embraced her, anticipating the follow up. Monica kissed Chloe’s forehead, eyes, cheeks, and lips. Then she licked her neck. For a brief moment, her eyes fell on Chloe’s face and her dreamy eyes. Instantly, she grabbed her tits, put the nipples together, and started sucking them simultaneously. She was in heaven and Chloe sighed in pleasure.

Monica went down. She lifted Chloe’s leg up and continued licking and sucking the soft flesh. The aroma of feminine essence drove her untamed! She glued her mouth to the pulsating cunt, and savored the greatest taste on earth! Chloe closed her eyes and licked her lips.

“Don’t stop, MONICA!” Chloe screamed. “I cannot resist your tongue! Your mouth is so wonderful! Oh, my God, the way your tongue wiggles inside my pussy! Yes! Keep going … you’re going to make me cum! I’m CUMMING!”

“Cum for me, baby. I want it on my face again.”

Chloe moaned passionately as the “Predator” kept licking and sucking her clit fervently. Her stomach muscles tightened for the heightened lust and she released a jet of her love juice. Monica filled her mouth with Chloe’s essence as if she were a hungry cat.

“Do I taste good?” Chloe asked softly.

“Yes, you’re so delicious,” Monica replied.

Chloe pushed Monica away because she couldn’t take the pleasure any more, but the “Predator” was not done with her yet. She let Chloe settled down, then rolled her over, pushed her ass cheeks open, and licked her ass crack. Chloe chuckled and squealed with delight as Monica licked her salty asshole in circles. The redhead cooed and her body convulsed. Monica went one with tasting her rear until she moaned and groaned for another climax.

“Oh, God!” Chloe sighed. “That was so good!”

“You smell so nice and freshly fucked.” Monica whispered to her.

Chloe turned around and let the “Predator” lie atop her. There, they lay face to face feeling gratified. Monica took her mouth for a good lip-lock and they drifted off to a cozy slumber, embracing each other.


I am a carnivore, a winner at all costs. God has blessed me with the power and potential to achieve great things. Whatever the enterprise, I strive to be the best and most successful in that field. I am extremely competitive and not afraid of challenges. I am a visionary, a realist, a loyalist, a planner, discipline, perseverance, dynamic, efficient, powerful, and a conqueror that devours the weak and rules the strong!

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