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Kori Jays and Her Bob

A few days after Kori Jays first encounter with the 5″ vibrator Harry had given her, she became restless because she didn’t know how to ask Harry to “play” with her again, after all, she did enjoy it. After a couple hours of pondering and realizing that Steve was in class and Harry was at work, she decided to try it out on her own. Kori Jay loved that feeling, she never felt it before and now she wanted it, hungered for it. Finding Harry’s little box of goodies, she finally found her bob and decided to go into the bedroom, strip half naked and lie on the bed. At first she just looked at it, still, this thing was foreign to her, she had never actually seen one up close until a few days ago. Jays’ medium length brown hair was up in a ponytail, for she didn’t want it to interfere in any way. She decided to take the clothespin Harry had used and put it on her nipple. It made her gasp because she almost forgot how much it hurt, but boy did it turn her on. Finally, she turned the vibrator on low speed, but with the little jerk it made, she was startled and laughed a little. “Oh come on K.J., you know how good this feels…” with that she laid back, found her pussy and put the vibrator to her lips. She shivered with both anticipation and excitement. Slowly easing it up inside her, she closed her eyes and imagined Harry, laying on top of her, kissing her as he did that night. With each stroke, she let out a moan, a sigh, a moan. Faster! Finally before she came Kori Jay turned up the speed on her little friend! Within seconds she came, but tried to muffle her voice in case somebody was in the house. She cried out in ecstasy, she had pleasured herself for the first time in her 19 years of existence. Laying there with a big smile on her face, she went to sleep, exhausted.

Not too long after, she woke up realizing the clothespin was still on her sensitive nipple and took it off then decided to try out her bob again. She opened her creamy white legs wide, turned on her vibrator and put it to her pussy lips once more. Closing her eyes she moaned in pleasure, tossing her head back. Before she could plunge her little friend up inside of her she heard a noise! Startled, she opened her eyes quickly, but hoping to find nothing. Harry was standing at the door, leaning against the door jam, smiling silently with his head tilted. Kori Jay accidentally dropped the vibrator and rolled over, covering her eyes. “Oh man!” she laughed nervously still covering her eyes. “Jay, why didn’t you ask me? I would have helped you get off–” With saying that he walked over to the edge of the bed and sat on it as Kori made her way over to him and sat beside him. Looking at the floor and shrugging her shoulders, she said “oh Harry, I thought that was just a one time thing with you, I didn’t think you’d be interested again.” touching her face and bringing it close to his, Harry whispers, “I have been interested in you from the first day I laid eyes on you Kori Jay and a few days ago made me realize how much I wanted you.” he kissed her deeply, pressing her body between him and the bed. Today he had on a tight pleaded red long-sleeve shirt on and his regular baggy jeans, in which Jay helped him out of his shirt. Still kissing her, Harry tenderly felt up her shirt, coming to the realization that she had no bra on. He groped her sweetly and tenderly, caressing her whole upper body. Both of them half naked and horny, Jay reached for the vibrator and tried giving it to Harry, “ready to do the honors?” Harry stopped doing what he was doing, tilted his head, took the vibrator and stood up. Touching his bottom lip as he always did when he was thinking, he looked at Kori Jay then headed out of the room. Before he left he stopped and told her not to move, he smiled. about 10 seconds later he came back with his hands behind his back. Kori sat up on the bed looking confused. Harry brought his hands out in front of him and too much of Kori’s surprise it was a bigger vibrator! She smiled, but tried to hide it. This bob was 6 and a half inches long and just a tiny bit fatter than the other one. Harry tenderly slid himself back onto Kori’s tense body, kissing her again and taking his free hand and making its way to her pussy, found it, then stopped kissing her. “may I?” he asked as he had the first time not so long ago. Kori Jay nodded her head, biting her bottom lip. Harry turned on the vibrator and put it up to Kori’s pussy lips, letting her get used to the feeling. She shivered. within a few more seconds, he pushed the bob up inside of her, trying very hard to be tender and loving, not to hurt her. “o-h-, my..” Kori said breathlessly, realizing that the bob was a bit bigger than the first. Finally when Harry figured he had the whole thing up inside of her, he left it alone to do its magic once more. He slid back on top of Kori, taking off her shirt and this time sucking on her breasts, cupping them in his hands. He kissed her breasts, kissed her tummy then back up to her breasts. Kori was in paradise, she was being pleasured once more by her cousin’s best friend whom was 3 years older than her. She grabbed his hair and pulled him up to her so she could kiss him. Caressing his back, then his chest, his stomach, inching her way down to the bulge in his pants. She was rubbing his dick, making him moan with pleasure. Before she knew it she had a huge orgasm, which made her tense up her whole body and scream involuntarily. after this she kissed Harry deeply then, exhausted, fell asleep in his arms. Harry smiled.

When Kori Jay woke up, Harry was sleeping. She scanned his body with her eyes, then outlined his body with her fingers, lingering in the area of his “little buddy”. She thought for a moment, looked up towards Harry, saw that he was sleeping then she unbuttoned his pants. “Mmm…Boxers” she thought to herself. Before she went any further she decided to wake him up by nibbling his ear. he stirred, then gazed at Kori. She whispered in his ear, “Let me pleasure you”. She kissed him and then lowered her body onto his, feeling his hard cock inside of his thin boxers on her naked pussy. She licked her way down his body, stopping to kiss his stomach for a while, then tracing her tongue along his faint six-pack abs. Harry put his hands behind his head and laid on them as he watched in pleasure. Kori got off of him, helped Harry out of his pants then slipped his boxers off. Tilting her head to one side she played with his balls for a while then traced his penis with her fingers. After a while of that she stopped…”may I?” she asked looking up at Harry. he nodded with a smile. With that she lowered her head and started kissing, licking, sucking the head of his penis, still playing with his balls. Although she had never seen a real penis before, she knew how to suck dick from movies and her friends telling her how. “OH God! Oh God!” Harry managed to let out. Finally his whole cock, 7 inches, was in her mouth. She was really concentrating and didn’t seem to mind when Harry lifted his hips for his dick to further disappear into this gorgeous female’s mouth, she seemed to eagerly devour it! “Oooooh!” he cried out again, this time more breathless than before. He knew this was it, he closed his eyes, grabbed a hold of the bed and let out a huge moan as he came in Kori Jays mouth! The salty taste surprised her, but she eagerly licked it all up until there was no more. Finally they lay together again, kissing. Before they drifted off to sleep the doorbell rang, then some banging on the door. Harry looked out the bedroom window and saw that it was Steve! He and Kori Jay quickly dressed, Kori was somewhat panicked, but Harry didn’t ask why. When he dressed he ran to the door as Kori ran to her room and shut the door. He opened the door and let Steve in. “What the fuck took you so long! God damn, you’re like a fucking turtle, man!” he pushed by Harry and walked into the kitchen. Before he set his books down on the table, Kori Jay came strolling in, pretending to just have woken up. “Hey Steve, how was class today?” Steve pretended not to hear her, “Dude” he said patronizingly to Harry, “why is your fucking shirt on backwards?!” Kori looked at Harry and laughed softly. “new style?” Harry said jokingly, “hey man, what’s up your ass today?”

“Fuck you, Har, I don’t need your shit. God, and aren’t you leaving in a few weeks to go back home Kori Jay?” he asked rhetorically, almost in a patronizing voice towards her. “see, because you don’t stand up for yourself you wonder why you don’t have a fuckin’ boyfriend”. He rolled his eyes as Kori’s mouth dropped in surprise. She turned and left the room. Harry followed her, but Steve didn’t notice.

“Jay, wait…”

With a tear in her eye, she says, “and you wonder why he and I aren’t as close as we used to be. God!” wiping away a tear, she finished, “I don’t know what’s gotten into him. He makes me inferior… If you haven’t noticed… He’s the reason I don’t talk to guys.” she rolled her eyes.

“Jay, forget him…Please?” he asked as he touched her face. With that they embraced, hugging each other lovingly. “You’re sexy to me, believe me.”

~More to come later~

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