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They fucked in broad daylight

I was on a business trip as often happened. Flights into or out of the city were not plentiful and I therefore always scheduled to fly in a day early and leave only after I am certain business will be concluded.

This particular day was a beautiful day, the sun was hot, the wind just breezing away cooling the skin and generally a day for the beach. My meetings concluded at 2 PM and I decided to visit the local beach. Only problem was that I did not pack swimming trunks. This did not deter me for long since I remembered there is a popular nudist beach only about 20 minutes from where I was.

Driving there I got myself some cold beers and soda and parked in the general parking area. From there it is about another 5 min walk to the actual nude beach, following a course along boulders and shrubs. Along the way I saw some daring people who decided the beach was too far away and spread themselves out on the rocks to lie in the warm sun. The common thing was that all of them were already nude and I got a good eyeful of healthy bodies, in various poses.

I felt a stirring in my loins and my dick started to grow from sheer expectation. Arriving at the beach I got undressed quickly and started walking around to catch a view of what was presented. I had trouble hiding my growing erection when I spotted a really beautiful young girl, playing with her friends in the shallow water.

They looked at me and continued splashing each other. Sitting down on a rock I watched them and looked around. I saw two young guys who apparently belonged in their group and gave them a friendly nod. They greeted back and relaxed, seeing that I was not a perv. However, I noticed this girl watching me more often and making a point of showing off her lithe body. I decided to play along and stretched my legs out wide open and leaned back to watch them better. I am 6’2″ and not badly built and this girl really got a look at me.

I started squeezing my cock and growing the head to a good size while watching their reaction. One of them threw their ball close to me and this girl ran over to fetch it. By this time my cock was sticking out like an antenna and I did nothing to hide it. She took a long, good look at it, gave me a friendly smile, and nodded her head appreciatively. I waved my dick at her and shortly after this the party packed up and left, it becoming late. I also started walking back, aimlessly crossing some boulders and outcrops to pass the time. What a surprise I got when I climbed over a fairly steep rock!

As I rounded the corner I was within 3 feet from a couple that were carrying a picnic basket. The girl was well built and slightly sturdy and the guy shortish and stocky built. The girl was fully clothed and the guy was already naked, his pecker sticking out parallel to the ground. I realized that this was an opportunity to maybe see something more and after passing them as one does on a nude beach, nodding friendly and not LOOKING, a doubled back after disappearing behind a next boulder.

I gave them a few minutes and neared an area where I guessed they might be. Peeking carefully around a corner, I was surprised not to see them. Disappointed I continued to an open area and there I saw them! The picnic basket long forgotten, the girl was lying on her back, totally naked with the guy kneeling between her legs. He was brushing and blowing her cunt to clear the sand away form her fuzz. I sat down behind a rock peeking at them and what they were doing. He started licking and sucking her pussy and playing with her tits that were pointing skyward. My cock in the meantime regained its stiffness and I started idly playing with it.

Things got hotter when he lay down on top of her; I think he was inexperienced because she had to guide his cock into her cunt. I could see clearly how he was fucking her with slow strokes, in no hurry. After only about twenty or so strokes, he pulled out and jerked himself a couple of times. As she lay there he jerked a few times and ejaculated a good stream of cum onto the ground. It was clear he could not restrain himself any longer.

Immediately after cumming he turned back to her and mounted her again, this time with more energy. It was clear that he had more control after he had emptied his balls with that first cum. They really got stuck in their coupling and I decided to go closer. I moved up and stood behind them for some time, about 6 feet away, enjoying the show of seeing clearly how he was penetrating her cunt and how she responded by clasping her butt cheeks to close in on him.

I realized I was a fair bit bigger than he was and this, coupled with the erotic sight and the couple of beers I had earlier, made me decide to become more daring.

I moved around to their side where she had a clear view of me and he had to slightly turn his head to see me. He was annoyed at me watching him but he was so worked up by fucking her cunt that he decided to leave be and just continued pumping her.

I grabbed my dick and started really wanking off with strong, long strokes, making sure she could see my whole cock and what I was doing. This really excited her and she started squirming below this guy to get more action. They both picked up speed and frantically fucked in and out. The girl did not look away from my monster for a single second. As they were building up to a climax, I stood up and started jerking off faster and faster. I could not believe myself, not only have I never jerked off in public, I also never even thought I would wank myself in front of anybody else!!

I watched as he came first, grunting with the effort and grabbing her wildly, spunking his seed deep in her cunt that was gyrating all the time. Shortly after he came she gave a suppressed shout and locked her legs behind his back, orgasming hugely as she still watched me. When she started unlocking her legs I stood even closer and squeezed my cock until the purple head seemed ready to burst. I could see she wanted to have my cum but could not say anything because we were total strangers. The excitement of the moment overpowered me and giving a few final wanks I started cumming everywhere. I took care not to hit any of them with my spunk and sprayed it all over the ground and in my hand.

She looked very disappointed at me and gave me an inviting look. It was getting late however and I went over to fetch my clothes and walked back to the car. Until today I still wonder how a threesome would have been that day. That night when I got home I fucked my wife silly, not thinking about the other woman but how it would be had it been her and me on the beach. This led me later to a more daring encounter, which I will share later.

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