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She loosened her gown. It fell to the wayside. She cupped her plump, succulent breast and squeezed firmly. Gazing at her reflection in the mirror her head fell back. Her mouth dropped. A bead broke her brow. She moaned. Sliding her hand down she found her weakness, soft, warm, and sticky. She thrust a long finger deep. Then two. Her nipple, she pinched hard between her long painted nails. It turned a deep scarlet. Digging deeper her legs trembled. Her loins ached so. Legs giving way, she fell back onto her bed covered with silky smooth, satin sheets. She threw a leg up. Both hands now eagerly worked her craving. She convulsed. Her body glistened of sweat like golden honey. Her hand, warm and slippery wet. The peach colored satin sheets soiled by the stream of hot jism flowing from the depths of her treasure. She rolled over with a spasm. Toes pointed. Cocking her ass high, digging deep with one hand while clenching the soiled satin sheets with the other, she bit into the pillow. Her scream muffled. The ray of the full moon piercing through the window, broken only by the slats in the blind, bounced off her ass in the small candle lit room. She panted heavily. Her ass bobbed faster. She clenched harder and dug deeper. And deeper. She fell to her side. Quickly grabbing the pillow, she stuffed it between her legs. Her eyes rolled back into her head. Heart pounding. Missing a beat. She shivered frantically. She slowly opened her eyes. She was not alone. With terror in her eyes, she froze. She had not heard the window open. He reached out and grabbed her behind the head. With a hand full of her dark brown hair, he pulled her head back with a powerful jerk. With his other hand he slowly parted her legs. Removing the damp pillow, he covered her. He penetrated deep! She gave to him. She laid limp and completely drained. Full and quite satisfied, he rose, grabbed his cape and with a snap he was gone.

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