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Lime Green Pens

Hi, I’m Scherezade (Shuh-hair-eh-zaed) and I am thirteen years old. When I was five or so I accidentally turned the television on to watch Land Before Time. Instead, a movie was already in. Well, I pushed “play” and began my life as a total nymphomaniac. I don’t know what I saw- repressed memories, I suppose.
Well, I’m not at all slutty, though I fantasize every night and I’ve masturbated nearly every night since the fourth grade. Though I’ve “played” with myself often, I didn’t even know where my clit was until a few months ago. I didn’t know where my own pussy entrance was until a year ago! Well, I was just lying in bed. It was so hot that night, more than ninety degrees. Well, I just started stroking my pussy like I always did. Even if I never even played with my clit before I still did it. Well, this time I put my finger right on my clit. I just kind of gasped in surprise. I recalled something I had read before on the art of masturbating, so I started rubbing my clit counter-crosswise and I was building to a climax. I was feeling so great- just when my mom yelled, “I know it’s hot, honey, but you don’t have to pant!” She will never know how hot I was.
Well, I didn’t dare continue in case she came in, but the next night I was determined. In the shower, I realized I wasn’t wet. So I logged on to Fantasies and read “The Tease” by the author waynewld, my favorite Fantasies story. Well, I got pretty wet. I started rubbing my clit in front of my computer, and it felt so good. I grew more daring as I read his story over again, and I took my lime green pen and started inching it up my pussy. It went in easily but I wasn’t sure if my hymen was still there, so I was careful. Then I grew even more daring, if possible, and took the pen out. I inserted my finger, and then put a second one in there. Now, I’ve been on porn and all that, but my hole’s so tight I nearly screamed. I mean, it’s TINY. I am so tight! The two fingers alone were enough for me! Well, I felt the orgasm building up. I really can’t even explain the feeling except to say that my legs were shaking and I was panting like a dog. I just had one- it takes me like five minutes for one, but it does work. My toes curl and my breathing goes faster. The whole area around my ass, pussy, and thighs feel tight- but it feels good. All of my muscles tense up. I don’t know about you, but I like lime green pens.

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