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The Adventures of Mr. B.J. Harder

The Adventures of Mr. B. J. Harder

After a hard business day it was time to head back to the hotel and just plain relax. I knew that a hot shower would do me good and a couple of drinks in the bar would have me ready for a good nights sleep.

After entering my room I turned on the TV for the news and started to undress thinking about the hot water that would soon be soothing my neck. After stepping into the shower I adjusted the stream to hit the back of my neck. As I started to wash I could feel the effects of the hot water on me. As I washed the relaxing hot water took its toll. I began to pay particular attention to washing my penis and ball sack. The more I washed it the harder that it got. It seems that my wash job had turned into a full blown penal massage. As I stroked my cock my mind began to drift off to thoughts of just plan hard core sex and how badly my member needed to be properly serviced. Oh, naughty me. I guess that I had best stop now or I will squirt my juices.

I dried off and laid on the bed to relax. After a few minutes, almost drifting off to sleep there was a soft knock on the door. Realizing that I was naked I wrapped a towel around myself and answered the door. The most beautiful voice that I have ever heard answered back saying that she was there to service the room and would like to come in.

As I lay back on bed, covered with nothing but a towel, my eyes fell on one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. Her long hair fell down on her black and white maid’s outfit. And how she filled out her outfit. Her large breasts were exposed to almost the nipples, reveling her nice long cleavage, a short skirt that barely covered her well rounded ass checks, black stockings highlighting her shapely legs and spiked black heels covered her lovely feet.

“I want to service your room for just a minute if you do not mind.” Well how could I say no to such a lovely creature??????

As she bent over, ass pointed in my direction, to pick up the pile of dirty towels, my eyes almost popped out of my head. There in front of me was her exposed ass, she did not have on any panties!! She must have heard my moan as she slightly parted her legs so that I could get a glimpse of her cunt. Oh, my god, it appeared to be hairless. I knew that she knew I had seen her exposed and she enjoyed it.

She next began to straighten the night stand, this time bending to expose her breasts to me. I could see her harden nipples, barely restrained by her black lace bra.

My penis was beginning to stir. I could feel the blood being pumped into it. Try as I did I could not stop the flow and knew that I would have a full blown erection in a matter of seconds. As she continued her work the towel covering me began to tent up. The roughness of the towel rubbing on the head only excited me more as my cock grow larger.

“Oh, my goodness,” she said, as she turned around, “I see that the room is not all that needs servicing. What is going on under that towel?” “What is causing it to stand up like that?”

“Its my penis, you made it stiff and hard when I saw your exposed ass and cunt.”

“Take off that towel, lets have a look.” I did as ordered. “I see that you are a naughty boy, all naked, with a nice hard cock on top of it. Yes, it does need to be serviced. Let me go to my cart and get my service tools.”

On the dresser she began to lay out the tools of her service trade. A dildo, with a soft whip attached to it; a cock and ball restraint, a black leather collar with a silver chain attached and a set of nipple restraints.

She came over to the bed, putting one leg on it, pulling up her skirt, parting her legs slightly, she exposed her cunt to me for my viewing pleasure. Yes, it was the most beautiful, hairless snatch that I had ever seen. As she began to stroke herself, displaying her womanhood, I could see her will defined clit hood, cunt lips and yes I could see the moistness there. “Do you like what you see?’ “Yes” was all I could mumble.

She began it rub her cunt with more intenseness, putting on a show for me. “Touch yourself”, she ordered. I began to stroke my stiffness as her performance continued. As she dipped her finger inside her hole, I thought I would cum right there. “Here”, she said, “lick the cunt juice off my finger, get a taste.” As I sucked the cum off her finger, she ordered, “stroke your cock faster, I know you can do a better job than that.”

She began to walk over to the dresser where her gear was assembled. “Come here” she ordered, “you need your equipment put on.” I presented her with my penis as she installed the cock and ball restraints. As she bent over and lightly licked the head I could have shot off right then, but I knew there would be trouble for me if I did. How tight she cinched my balls, I could fell the squirt flowing thru them. “Bend over” as I did, she placed a collar around my neck. How vulnerable I felt, clad only in my cock and ball restraint and neck collar while my “maid” was still dressed in her outfit.

She pulled me over to the chair and sat down draping her legs over the arms, she yanked on my collar, forcing my head to her womanhood. “Eat my cunt you naughty boy, eat until I cum all over your tongue and face. You will tongue fuck my cunt as I tell you how to do it. Understand?” A weak, “Yes” was all I could manage as I dove into her hole. “And remember your penis will get a spanking if it goes soft.”

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