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The Night Of The Sacred

I had this vision of my past life a few days ago and it all came back to me. I had been daydreaming and out of the blue comes this vision of me getting fucked in a dark cave. It must have been around 1500 or so. I was an ancient hoe giving hand jobs and blow jobs to the high priests. They would come into my corner of the cave reserved for such things. I loved my work because it was sacred and highly recognized as a great and rare talent. Many woman wanted the job, but only a few got to do it.

My room was very dark with a few candles by the window, overlooking a beautiful meadow of cherry trees, lavender, and thyme. It smelled lovely and the air was pure and holy. The candles were handmade–some red, some green, and many white ones. I would light up ten each time I had a man come into my room to get his pleasures from me. I would burn incense and always be assisted by Manda, a young woman who was learning the art of Mascadra–ritual masturbation and random mating. She would help me with the oils, warming up the blankets, and holding down men who wanted to be slapped hard in the face while they masturbated. This seemed to be the ‘in’ thing back then. I had a copper bath and plenty of fire wood in the stove at all times to heat water and warm up the room.

One night an older priest came in with his young maiden and asked if we could teach her how to masturbate a man since she had never done it before. He left her with us for the night, allowing us to do our clients while she watched. We made her feel at home and told her what to expect. I had prepared her by telling her about what masturbation was and what to expect. She was slightly shocked but wanted to see it all. We dressed her up in a silk white dress. She looked beautiful, with her breasts popping out from the top and her long hard young nipples standing straight out like marbles. She was very eager to learn from us.

My first client was a 6 foot tall man who usually paid me well and asked for a few special favors. He liked it when I lifted up my dress and showed him my panties and bum, but he loved it when I bent over in front of him. He would tickle my cunt a little bit and build himself a pretty hard erection in a few minutes. He wanted me to sit on him, move around, and giggle as he tickled me between my legs. The way I masturbated him was fun. I would spread my legs wide open while sitting on him (my back lying on his big tummy) then I’d reach down to sweetly touch his big wet penis, gently taking it out of his pants while he played with my nipples. His cock would be hot pink and leaking out pre-cum by the time I put my hands on it. He would moan and pump his hips up and down as I gently stroked it with my fingers. I would start from the cap, pushing up on the ridge and making sure there was a lot of lubricant on it. The swollen cap would grow under my eyes, becoming stiff and hard. That night, the young girl who was learning from me was sitting on a chair with her eyes wide open, taking it all in, and learning. I told her to be patient and to notice each move that I made. I asked the man to grab his cock and masturbate for her, just so that she could see how he did it. He grabbed his cock, slowly and deliciously rubbing it, and masturbated in front of the young girl so that she could see. I thought he was going to cum all over her face when he got close to her, but he came back and sat on the chair again and asked me to sit on him. He loved it when I masturbated him just the way he liked it.

I pumped him up with my hand making sure I grasped the whole penis and rubbed it down from the shaft to the tip, gently playing with his warm balls. His cock pointed up and was almost purple when he asked me to spread my legs wide to let him rub his cock on my wet, lubricated cunt. He was grunting and breathing harder and harder when I asked the young girl to come quick and watch me suck him off from close up. She came close and put her face near mine to watch every move. I started by holding him my hands, grasping his penis at the “root” and making it stiff. I then licked it hard as he watched me. His pleasure was making him tremble. He liked to have his nipples pulled by a male servant while I sucked him off. The servant came in with his fingers well oiled and began to pull hard on both of his nipples while he held him down, hard. His erection was so hard that it felt like wood in my mouth. The male servant also had an erection. The man moaned and begged to have his nipples pulled harder as the servant held him down on the chair. His nipples were red and erect, and he loved it. As he was getting close to cumming into my mouth, I asked the young girl to lick his balls, making sure she licked all around and tickled them as I sucked hard on his inflamed penis. Suddenly, with one great big pump, he yelled out his intense orgasm and shot up a load of warm cum into my mouth, on my face, as well as on the young girl’s face and breasts. He kept his orgasm as he shot out a five-spurt ejaculation. I licked his cum as it dripped on his balls and so did the young girl.

He was very satisfied, and as usual gave me some nice gifts.

When he left, I noticed that the young girl had wet panties when she sat down. The candles were burning and there were no clients expected for the rest of the evening. I let her wash me in the tub and she seemed to like to touch me. I then took her for a walk outside in the garden amongst the trees and flowers; our bodies smelled like rose oil. Out of the blue she kissed me on the lips and put her hands around my waist, pushing her breasts onto mine. I felt strange but liked it, and let her do it again; this time I pushed my breasts and nipples onto hers hard and moved them from side to side. She was breathing hard and closed her eyes. I loved it and continued to seduce her some more. I put my hands over her nice breasts and could feel her hard nipples coming out as they rubbed onto my open hands. She whispered, “Don’t stop, please. I like it and I will do what ever you want me to do.” I thought that was quite erotic. She stuck her tongue into my mouth and licked my lips as if they were a cunt. She was completely free and relaxed about it. She ran to a tree, lifted up her dress, and moved her hips from side to side as she winked at me to come and get her. I ran to her, grabbed her by the bum, and kissed her mouth hard…then her neck and then her nipples. I spread her legs and pulled her cunt open gently, rubbing her lubricant all over it. She was swelled up, wet; her clitoris was one of the longest and biggest I had ever seen in my life. I milked it like a small penis and she moved her hips up and down. I got down on her and started to suck on it with my lips sealed tight. She was fucking my mouth with her clitoris and it tasted so good. My tongue licked all around it as I swallowed her sweet juices. I spread her legs even wider and tore her panty crotch off to expose her sweet, wet cunt. I spread my legs wide open, too, and pushed my cunt onto hers, moving my hips up and down on her. I felt the wonderful wetness drip all over my labia as our wet cunts rubbed together so sweetly. Her clitoris got even bigger and I could feel it rub hard on mine as she pumped me. I felt it enter my vagina a few times as she pumped hard and fast and held me tight. I then rammed my cunt onto hers harder as I pulled hard on her nipples and licked her mouth. Rubbing up and down over and over and over again. Then intense feeling was so sweet as my cunt sprayed out a load of female cum onto her sweet wet cunt. Seconds latter she shot a load of nectar on mine as she trembled into a lesbian orgasm. I had three hard spasms as I orgasmed with that sweet young maiden with the giant clitoris. We were soaked when our orgasms settled, so we went back to my room for a bath and she licked me into another strong lesbian orgasm. I watched her mouth as she sucked and fondled my labia…gently sucking on my clitoris and drinking my cunt juice. It was a ritual of pleasure in the dark of the night, as the candles burned.

© Copyright 2002 Cherry Fiz. All rights reserved.


(Image Source: Private Studio)

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