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Souless Cries, Chapter 3

Please feel free to comment! And I started with Chapter 3 because that’s the first sex scene.

Chapter 3:

She was having dinner, alone, with Ian, again. They had been seeing each other for almost 6 weeks. Every night it was something different, nothing over the top. Sometimes they talked about the job, the game plan for the takeover in Tokyo; sometimes they talked nothing at all. She liked him but she still wasn’t too sure in getting involved with someone from work. She was certain some people in her office were thinking that she was sleeping her way to the top but it was the opposite. There were a few colleagues that encouraged her to go out with Ian, telling her about the charities he chairs, how he designed company day care center on the 3rd floor. He was kind, always helpful & just plain a good guy & everybody adored him. So what in the hell does he want from me? Briann asked herself a million times. Sure she was sexy but she wasn’t very approachable. 5ft, 5 with platinum blonde hair, clear blue eyes, soft angel face & a set of firm 38 D’s, one would think that she had men falling all over themselves to get next to her but her career choice made her ruthless & a bit on the cruel side. She knew what people called her behind her back, the Ice Spider & enjoy having the reputation. In the game of acquisitions, sexy will only get you fucked…up.

Briann thought it was just a sexual attraction between her & Ian so one night after he drove her home, she invited him in for a drink. He accepted & came in & settled in on the couch as she got drinks. They talked for a moment on the evening, opera that night & then she asked if he wanted to stay the night. He smiled warmly & touched her face, and then he kissed her. Not one of those long deep breathless kisses, just a gentle kiss, his lips barely touching hers. Then Ian stoked her face again, saying that it was too soon for that & he wanted her to be sure, no doubts he said then left her place. That was 2 nights ago; every time she that about Ian, her cunt would over flow panties. When she saw him in the office, it took every ounce of will power not to strip him & ride his cock right there. Just the smell of his cologne would send her cunt into fierce contractions causing juice to roll down her thighs. In the past 48 hours, all she could think about getting Ian in her bed. He was too kind, very gentlemanly. With the trip to Tokyo first thing Sunday morning, she was running out of options.

On the other hand, Ian was very please with his progress with Briann. She was so horny, he could smell the sweet heavy scent of her cunt anytime she was in the office. Now Briann was in his grasp, all he had to do was wait. But he decided that he wanted to push her, test the limits of her control.

After dinner, they drove to the shore. Sitting on a sand dune, the moon high in the sky that sat side by side, listening to the sounds of the ocean. Both were cuddled close to each other, wrapped in a blanket. He turned to look at her, her head next to his shoulder.

I’ve enjoyed being with you, Briann. You’re really something special, he whispered in her ear.

So are you, she said cuddling even closer to him. With inms

You’ll have to be a good girl & wait, smiling into her eyes. Ian tilted her chin & kissed her deeply. She melted into him, wrapping her arms around his waist rubbing her large tits against his side. The kiss deepen as their tongues entwined, pulling & pushing, a battle she lost. He invaded her mouth, sucking on her lips then her tongue, drawing out her breath in gasps. He shifted position & lifted her to his lap positioning her legs to lay across his tights. She felt his cock, hot & hard on her ass as he grinded into her. She squirmed on his lap, wanted to feel more. His hands went from caressing her back to cupping her tits through her shirt. Ian felt each heavy globe in his hands, pinching her nipples then pulling them slightly. Then he ran his thumbs over each hot little point. Briann groaned & tried to straddle his thighs but he bit her lips gently, making her keep still. She was moaning into his mouth, her hands locked into his hair as they kissed. He growled low in his throat as she pulled on his hair. Then he stopped playing with her tits & slipped his hands into her long hair, pulling her head back.

Please Ian…fuck me, she cried as she wiggled her ass on his cock.

Look at me, Briann, his voice was low & heavy when he spoke.

She bent her head down to him & went instantly. His eyes were red, blood red, irises like little narrow black slits & he was watching her intently.

I don’t want to frighten you but I can’t go any further until you are certain on this.

I figured that you were different. But I’m not afraid with you, she whispered as she thrust her tits forward. She could feel his cock growing even larger under her. His eyes flashed bright red & he hissed low as pulled her closer to his mouth. Then a shrill ringing sounded. He let loose a violent shout at the interruption.

Can’t it wait?, she whimpered.

It’s Jasmine, he sighed & pulled the phone out of his pocket & flipped it open. For a moment he didn’t speak, just a few yeses then flipped the phone shut.

I’ve been summoned. Come with me, he said as Briann scrambled out his lap & righted her clothes. She couldn’t figure what could possible be some important on a late Saturday night but Jasmine was the boss & her word was law. Ian eyes were still red but not as bright as he fixed his clothes. When they less rumpled, hey moved hand & hand to the waiting car.

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