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A Trucker's Luck

Tex was on another long haul trip hating every second of it. At 43 this was getting to be a bit much, feeling as though this rig was his home. This was the third trip in two weeks his loins were in need of some serious sensual hot sex. Damn he thought why did Sandy have to be such a bitch about understanding this, was his job? She was one great fuck, but couldn’t take the being apart and declined the invitations to come with him. He sighed deeply thinking maybe she was getting it on the side and this is the best thing that could have happened. It still did not relieve his aching balls of the load they were carrying.

A rosy palm was the closest thing in three weeks to caress his hot cock, it only temporarily relieved the tension. Ahead on the road there were flares out, the closer he got he could make out one figure standing next to an old Mustang. It was nearly midnight and pitch black out only his headlights and the flares lit the area.

Pulling over cursing under his breath thinking how tired he was of being so fucking rarely getting, but a thank you out of it. Stepping out of the cab he yelled “Hey, you all right? Is there anything I can help you with?” He was standing in the face of the hottest woman he had ever seen. She couldn’t be more than twenty, her halter top barely covered her large breasts, the mini skirt molded to her firm ass, and her long blonde hair met at her waist band. Looking at him now a smile crossed her face, “Well hello there, yes you can help me. My car has a flat and I don’t know how the hell to change it.” She flashed him the brightest smile watching her blue eyes twinkle as she spoke. “Over here, let me show you. Oh by the way my name is Vicky.”

“Nice to meet ya Vicky, folks call me Tex” he smiled as he spoke watching her every move. Her body stirred his cock into waking up. I think it has an internal pussy radar, he tried to adjust his pulsating rod so she would not notice. She turned quickly and caught Tex adjusting his hardening cock. Smiling she said “Got a problem there Tex?”

“Ahh, now let’s look at that there tire Miss Vicky,” trying to hide the fact she caught him. As she bent over to show him the tire, her skirt rode up showing him the most perfectly shaved pussy he had ever seen. His cock was lost in this site, the hardened rod felt like it would explode. Fighting the urge to reach out and touch her cunt lips that were beckoning him was very difficult. It’s been too long since he has a hot twat wrapped around his throbbing prick and this one looked like it would pleasure his beastly meat without a doubt.

Walking right up behind her, he asked innocently “Where abouts sweetie?”, she bent over even “Right down here I think,” he got a full view of all her glory with that one deeper bend her cunt lips opened slightly to show all. As he leaned forward, he let his hand barely graze her exposed pussy. Vicky did not move, or act as if it bothered her.

Tex became more forward savoring the feel of her hot twat against his hand. Slowly he let one finger slide up and down her slit that was now moistening. The little slut is loving this he thought as she began to move toward his hand. “Seems there are other things I can help you with to sweetie.” As he inserted his middle finger deep into her hot steamy cunt.

“Ohhhh yes Tex, my what big fingers you have,” she stepped forward as he withdrew his finger, spun around and caught him by the hand. Slowly she took his finger buried deep in her pussy and put it in her mouth sucking it sensually, taking it all the way down to his hand. She pulls it out licking her way to his fingertip as Tex’s cock twitches and throbs in his pants. “Tex, I got to tell you something. I don’t have a spare tire. Do you think you could take me to the next town?”

“Yes baby I will take you anywhere you want to go.” Vicky giggles and reaches out to grasp his hard cock that is straining to be free from its confines. Her little hand rubbing his cock through his pants nearly had him cumming in his pants.

“Hey Tex, why don’t you show me the inside of your truck?” She winked and walked seductively to his rig. He opened the door so she could get in and walked around to the driver side to step up and what a site did he see. Vicky had removed her halter top, and her tits were firm, nipples’ hard and big as nickel pencil erasers. He closed the door looked at her. She seemed very intent on teasing him. “Take your cock out for me and let me see how big it is,” without a second prompting Tex pulled out his nine-inch cock standing at attention. “Now stroke it for me Tex,” without hesitation he began stroking slowly, now it was his time to tease. He oh and ahhed until he looked and saw her rolling her own nipple with one hand, and the other playing with her pussy. He could tell she was wet as the musky odor filled the cab.

“Put your seat all the way back Tex,” Vicky said reaching for his pulsating rod. Thinking to himself, he died and gone to heaven. The most beautiful young girl in his cab craving his cock, he could see it in her eyes that he was in for a good hard fuck. He watched as she undid his pants all the way past his knees. “Oh God Tex, I need that cock buried in me!”

Tex thought for a moment, if this little slut wants some of my cock she is going to have to earn it like a good little girl. “Wait Vicky, you must show me what a good little girl will do to get her cock.”
Vicky smiled, she was going to like this game. She pouted “Aww, daddy Tex is gonna make me beg for it?”, she was secretly hoping he would this was one of her biggest fantasies.

“No, my little one you are going to do whatever daddy Tex tells you to do. Do you understand? If not, he might have to spank that pretty Lil ass of yours.” Vicky pretended to pout even more as she eyed his erect member with pre cum oozing from the tip. How she longed to reach over and lick it off for him. Watching her he realized what she wanted, wiping his precum on his finger he let her slowly suckle it clean. This was going to be hard for him but he wanted this teasing little bitch to suffer as much as he was.

“Suck your fingers clean of all that pussy juice you have on them.” Like a good little girl she put them in her mouth moaning as she sucked them like she would a cock. “Good girl, now pull your skirt around your waist so I can have a good look at that twat.” She did as she was told and rubbed both her tits while he watches flicking her tongue out to flick her hard nipples. Tex moaned at the sight and started stroking her slit slowly avoiding her clit. Her hips began to move against his touch. “Stop moving and stay still, if you move daddy Tex is gonna smack that ass.” She pouted again and it made him even hotter. Tex opened the folds of her cunt dipping into her hole it was so hot, wet and the tightest little pussy he ever felt. With his finger moving in and out of her love hole his thumb began rubbing her swollen clit. He smiled knowing she could barely contain herself from moving. She began moaning loudly, “Yes daddy that feels so fucking good. Do you like my pussy, does it please you?”

“Yes, you please me my little slut, but you are moving and you know what that means?” Vicky’s eyes widened as Tex placed a firm hand against her Lilly white ass just enough to let her know he meant what he said. Instead of her stopping it made her more hot, again another smack and she moaned even louder.

“Get over here and mount daddy’s big cock little one you know how much you want it.” Tex picks her up as if she weighed nothing and slowly brings her down onto his throbbing cock. “You will ride daddy until I tell you to stop, or you won’t get any more cock.” Vicky obeys and begins to ride Tex’s big cock, she moans loudly as he pulls her down hard. “Oh daddy your cock is so big and fills me so deep.”

Tex captures a nipple in his mouth and sucks gently, then bites slightly until she gasps. “Oh my naughty daddy likes my tits?”

“Yes my sexy hot vixen, and I love them. Now be a good little fuck slut and ride daddy hard.” Vicky begins riding him harder as he slips a finger on her little clit rubbing it back and forth as she throws her head back and moans loudly. “Now suck on your tits you little bitch show me you want my cock bad.” Vicky was to into the feeling of her cunt being filled with his hot meat to hear him and he stops her in mid air. She whines loudly “What are you doing Tex?”

“I told you my sweet little cunt, if you did not do as I say you would not get my cock. Now suck your tits for me.” Vicky quickly obeyed, oh yes she was enjoying this sweet torture beyond belief. He lowered her hard onto his cock, damn he thought this is the tightest snatch I have ever been in. All of his fantasies where coming true in one chance meeting. This little slut was only too willing to help fulfill them.

Back into rhythm again he grabbed her ass and helped her pump up and down on his cock. He ran his fingers around her hole feeling his cock slides in and out of her tight twat. She was so wet that it flowed down onto his balls more than enough to soak his fingers. “Yes, daddy, that feels good your cock is so fucking hard and my pussy loves sucking at it.”

“What a good little fuck slut daddy found. I am going to show you how true pleasure can be since you fuck your daddy so well.” She smiled at how very erotic the whole scene was, allowing a stranger to manipulate her excited her.

“Now rub your little clitty while daddy teaches you some real pleasure.” She did as she was told bouncing up and down on his hard pole while rubbing her clit the sensation was awesome. He took his pussy juice lubricated fingers and began playing with her tight little rosebud ass hole. Running circles around it barely pressing in, at each touch she moaned louder. He was enjoying this so much, but wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold of shooting his wad into this beautiful bitch.

“You must tell daddy when you are getting ready to cum and I promise you that it will be the best orgasm you ever had.” At least he was hoping so, I know it will be mine he chuckled to himself. He continued to tease her little ass hole talking to her the whole time. “That’s it, and daddy’s little bitch loves to fuck her clit while riding him. Now it’s time to cum on daddy’s big cock isn’t it? Ride me you little bitch make that pussy grab my cock hard.” Vicky was near losing her mind, this was the best fuck she had ever had and never wanted it to end.

Tex finally slid his big finger into her ass hole and felt it tighten down on his finger. He waited until her muscles relaxed and entered her more deeply. She moaned and began screaming “Fuck me daddy, fuck your little slut hard. Oh yes, that’s it finger my ass. Yes, oh God yes!!!”

Feeling her body quicken he knew it would be only seconds before she started too cum. “Is daddy’s sweet slut going to cum now?” She replied “Yes daddy, oh yes I am gonna cum.”

“Good girl that’s it take it hard.” When he said it, Tex shoved his finger deep into her tight ass and she screamed out in orgasm her body rocking hard near convulsions over and over she screamed “Yes, Yes, Yes.” Tex held back he wasn’t done with this little slut yet, she was cock hungry and he knew it. He held her in place until the orgasm eased up, but while she was still hot he ordered her, “Now you will suck daddy Tex clean of your pussy juice and swallow my cum.” She needed little prompting to lick him clean and suck his hot cock.

As her head bobbed up and down he had his hand on the back of her head moaning as she took him deep. “That’s a good girl take it all in my cum guzzler ’cause daddy is about to shoot his wad.” He began cumming hard into her mouth as he watches her cheeks pouch out filling her mouth with his seed. She did not let any come out swallowing it all and sucking him until he began to soften. All the while he stroked her hair and back saying, “What a good little girl you have been for daddy Tex.”

When she was finished, he kissed her passionately and deeply playing with her breast as he did. They sat quietly for a couple minutes when Vicky broke the silence. “Mind if I travel with you Tex?”

“Not in the least Vicky, but don’t you need to be somewhere?”

“Nope, all my things are in that old jalopy and I am headed to no where.”

Tex thought for a moment about how nice it would be to have a regular sex kitten with him while driving. Giving her the long once over he said, ” Sure thing my sweet grab your things and lets head out.”

As they began driving the sun started to rise, Tex smiled to himself thinking what a hell of a way to start a morning.

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