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The Upstairs Window

Her iPhone rang. She was quick to answer. A sense of thrill coursed through her being at the sound of his dominant voice.

“Did you leave your panties off?”

“Yes Sir. I did.”

“Good girl. Now come closer to the window.”

She went to the window, adjusting the drapes to give him full view.

“Now Courtney, turn around. Lift your skirt and show me your ass.”

He was pleased at her obedience. Turning her back to the window, she bent over, spreading her legs a little bit. Then, reaching back, Courtney slid her hand over her ass cheeks. Reaching between her legs, she ran the tip of her middle finger through her labia, then over the crack of her ass to entice her viewer.

The voyeur stood, resting his elbows on the top of his car, holding his binoculars and smiling at the view in the upstairs window.

“Beautiful as always,” he spoke into his phone. “I’ll be there shortly. You know what to do.”

Courtney smiled to herself as she hung up the phone, moving away from the window. The night was only starting.

writer/blogger of erotic stories. Hope to one day be published

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