For fuck sakes

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For fuck sakes. written by Slobberpuss.

The day had started out bright and sunny but ended up a wet and rainy night. She’d just finished at her office.
It was situated right next to the side door that went out into the alley. That’s why she parked her car there.
Finally locking the side door and going to her car . The Alley ended in a cul-de-sac with the entrance end at a busy street.
Of course not so busy at 11pm. Only a few cars.The rain has also stopped but the night was humid. He watched her inserted the key into the lock. This was his que.
He rushed up to her and slammed her chest first against the car. His arm went around her waist holding her while the other hand just blatently slipped in to her thong.
His hand did a groping kinda masage on her pussy and all the while keeping his body moulded to her back . Especialy his dick.
The head alone felt like a golf ball.He shuddered to think what the rest would feel like. For some reason her body responded to his indecent assault.
Her ass seemed to become drawn to his dick and started to reach out causing her ass cheeks to open up.The golf ball wanted to enter her ass hole right through his jeans
or did it want to dragg the jeans in with it. She cried out, arching herself backwards. Her blonde hair spreading accross her blouse covered
back. “You bitch!” His voice screamend from behind her. He dragged her to the back of the car slammed he face first ontop of the boot. Then reached up under her skirt
and ripped the thong off. Keeping her trapped with his body he took out what he likes to call the monster. He stroked it as he craddled that thick well rounded and
brutally long monstrosity in his hand.It was already biginning to curl upwards. Of course she didn’t know all this; couldn’t see it either. But he did.
He smiled as he leaned towards her bending low at the knees. Women always huh and wow when they see a big dick. It all sounded so fucking insincere.
The sex is so much better if they don’t see it but just feel it being shoved or on occassion rammed into them. And that’s just what he did.
From behind her he brutally shoved that monstrosity into her pussy not caring whether it is wet or dry.He always imagined the first shove to be like a spear entering
a body at high velocity. He picked up both her legs one on each side of him and started to bang her. She was only supporting herself with her hands on the car.
He kept on banging her faster and faster. She was screaming now. Those becoming longer and longer. The screaming caused him to cum violently. He shot forward.
Trapping her body once again and just kept going forward as if with one long forward shove he could get his dick deeper into her wet slobbering pussy.
He groaned as his body spasmed.His eye were glazed from the orgasm. He felt dizzy but he knew if he did not continue he would regret this. He had come for her ass.
He wanted it. He needed it. A slow smile krept accross his face as it was resting on her back. With his hand he took his dick out of her pussy and pushed the head into her
asshole. Most women complained that his dick is to big and they don’t wanted in their asses. They don’t know what’s good for them. As if filled with new life he stood up straight.
He looked down onto the girl. She layed there limply but she’ll wake up alright. He pushed it in a little more. The monster was back in full force now..
He lovingly stroked her ass a few times then suddenly rammed her ass. And she screamed and kept on screaming. Her screaming like before spurred him on.
He became lost in it. All he heard was her screaming. It made him go faster and faster and faster and as he climaxed he screamed through his teeth.
His after climax thrusts were like stabbing movement. Her screams had long since stopped. When he was done he zipped up and like a drunk man walked to
the entrance of the ally.Disappearing around the corner.

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