I Go Out With A Big Bang

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I awoke to a scene of almost apocalyptic devastation. Margot’s house had been left strewn with food and clothes, splashed with drink and cum, and littered with naked people. It had been the sound of Margot’s husband, Gerry, clearing the trash from the dining table that had woken me. His hunched back was bent over a series of black bags he had shovelled the debris into and was now tying up. I raised my head from the sofa, looked around blearily, and screwed my eyes shut. It was going to be a struggle facing this.

“Outa sight, man, outa sight!” This was Jean who was also awake, sitting on the sofa at my feet and shaking his head at the scene around us. “Morning, baby doll.” He smiled and passed me a spliff.

I was most grateful and kissed him good morning. He had brought his guitar and he strummed a few chords to the accompaniment of some more percussive crockery shovelling from the dining room. He began to growl in his gravelly baritone while I lay on my side, smoking, and watched Lesley approach us from where she had been quietly waiting for someone to need her again. She gazed impassively at both Jean and I. I nodded in Jean’s direction and Lesley bent down before him. It was not long before Jean abandoned his guitar, unable to concentrate.

Lesley licked his thighs from knee to groin, then nibbled the tip of his twitching cock. I watched, amazed at how swiftly his erection grew in her mouth. He groaned and shut his eyes.

All this time troubled voices on the TV had been discussing that morning’s shocking events. Everyone else in the room was still asleep, Jean was lost in intense pleasure and I was quickly getting stoned, so the news droned on pointlessly across the post orgiastic wasteland.

“A nuclear explosion has caused devastation and hundreds of thousands of casualties in the centre of Los Angeles, California, this morning. The blast, estimated at twenty five megatons, occurred at nine fifteen, just as many commuters were arriving at their places of work. So far the cause has yet to be determined, but it is believed to have been deliberate. President Hussein has already condemned the bombing, calling it ‘an unprovoked and unprecedented attack on innocent American lives and property.’ Many are calling it the worst attack on American soil ever, worse than both Pearl Harbour and Nine Eleven. Rumours that the organisation, Hookers Opposing Robots, may be responsible have yet to be confirmed.”

“Oh my god!” gasped Jean.

Lesley had both his balls in her mouth and was stroking his erection with her hand, lubricating his precum all over the shaft. Jean had always produced copious precum, often making me think he had orgasmed long before he really had. Lesley then licked it up, covering every inch of him, before tonguing the slit of his helmet. I watched avidly as a thin tendril snaked from the tip of her tongue and entered his urethra. Her wide brown eyes looked up at his face to gauge his reaction. His mouth was an ‘o’ of shock and awe. She continued with this and slowly rubbed his penis up and down with both her slick palms. Then she deep throated him until her nose was pressed against his groin. I had never managed to accommodate all of his large willy in my mouth, but Lesley did not even gag. She held herself there while her tongue stuck out and slithered over his scrotum. Her eyes never left his face for a moment. Her tongue retracted, reappeared above his cock, then at the sides. The amazingly agile and flexible movements her long tongue was executing were also betrayed by undulations in the skin of her cheeks.

Jean’s hips were bucking crazily when he came, grunting and groaning, shooting his thick gooey cum all over her lips and tongue. The thin tendril drilled into his penis again, prolonging his orgasm, drawing continual bursts of ecstasy from his genitals that would normally be impossible. She sucked his entire length again down to the balls, held him in her mouth for an age, drinking every drop of his semen.

When Jean opened his eyes and began breathing again he had slithered from the sofa and was in a crumpled, panting heap. Lesley gave us a spunk smeared innocent smile which made me giggle helplessly. I had been lying with my right foot placed by my left knee and my head in my hand, while my other hand rubbed at my swollen pleasure button. I did not penetrate myself as I was feeling sore inside. When I came I clamped my thighs together, squeezing my hand tightly and moaning softly into my spliff.

When my giggles had eventually subsided I mumbled to Jean, “Sweetheart, did you hear the news this morning?”

“News?” he mumbled back at me. He stood, put his kaftan on and looked at me expectantly, perhaps suggesting it was time we left.

Typical man, I thought. Fucks, cums and fucks off!

Alice, who had been woken by Jean’s grunts, pushed herself over to me, the wheels of her chair crushing glasses and plates all the way. She stopped at the sofa and regarded me severely. She seemed anxious to leave. She had been squeezing her thighs together too, I had noticed, but was now attempting to convince me that she was indifferent to the sight of an such excellent blowjob.

“You need to watch yourself, girl,” she told me. “It’s people like you that those terrorist bitches’re after. If you think you can carry on sharing this thing,” she pointed at Lesley, “with the whole wide World, think again. They’re out for your blood, Irma. Ain’t nobody gonna protect you from them and their Weapons of Mass Destruction. They’ll kill you and your toy in a flash!”

“Well, good morning to you too,” I grumbled, dressing, while my spliff still hung from my lips. “I can always rely on you to revive my spirits.”

I stumbled over to the dining room door and asked Gerry if he wanted some help. He merely continued stuffing broken items into the bags, shook his head and sighed. I was not sure if he had heard the news or not. I quickly washed in Margot’s bathroom, found Margot fast asleep in a chair and wrote her a note. Having dressed Alice, I quietly wheeled her through to the hall, ushering Jean and Lesley before us to open the big old door. I felt terribly guilty leaving like this, but Alice would be needing her medication, Lesley would be needing her battery charging and her own peculiar form of sustenance, and I would be needing a comfortable sleep. No doubt Jean would be feeling restless, anxious to get off and do some busking, only somewhere away from the tourists in the town centre so as not to scare them.

On the drive home, during which Jean was constantly groaning and grunting in the back seat next to Lesley, I stopped briefly to buy a newspaper. I could hardly believe the report I had heard earlier and had been wondering if I had imagined it, but the papers all agreed. HOR had declared war on the World!

I had left my friends in the car which I had parked by a busy sidewalk. Lesley was visible through the window on the rear seat. As I approached, an old lady and her corgi were passing on the sidewalk. The dog paused to sniff my car’s rear wheel, then urinate on it. The old woman tugged its lead, but it refused to move on, apparently curious about something in the car. Lesley saw me, stuck her head out and waved. I smiled and waved back, amazed at how human her actions often seemed. Then the corgi barked and I dropped the paper. The old lady screamed.

Lesley, who had been in her black racial configuration, instantly turned pale, her features thinning slightly, her hair sprouting streaks of red as if it had burst aflame. The excited dog yapped again and Lesley’s skin darkened, her nose and lips thickening, her hair growing black with blonde streaks. Again the corgi barked and Lesley’s racial configuration changed once more. The dog, having the time of its life, so pleased that someone could bother to react so dramatically to its barking, continued yelping, its front paws leaving the sidewalk each time it exclaimed its delight. With each bark Lesley turned from black to white, white to black like a lighthouse alerting people that a fuckbot was at large. The corgi put the whole of its little body into producing such a piercing sound that soon everyone in the vicinity were looking our way. When I arrived at the car I saw a young woman on the opposite sidewalk pointing at us.

“Irma!” screamed Alice from the passenger seat, “for Christ’s sake, get us outa here!”

I jumped in and reached for the ignition key. I fumbled in a panic, adrenaline overriding the haze induced by that morning’s grass, but failing to sharpen my mind. I saw other angry looking women approaching through the crowd, intent on us, their eyes filled with malevolent hate.

“Stab it and steer, baby doll!” barked Jean at me and I finally had the car started.

Just as we pulled away I caught a glint of metal in one young woman’s hand. Loud bangs sounded behind us and I realised with terror that we were being fired upon. We all had the good sense to lower our heads and, somehow, I steered the car for a distance with my eyes beneath the dashboard without hitting anything, though evidently incurring the wrath of other drivers, judging from the amount of honking and yelling I heard all around us. I drove like a lunatic, my heart hammering, my skin bathed in a cold sweat. When we had the courage to raise our heads again I asked Jean if he thought we were being followed.

“Shit! Not at this speed, I don’t think,” he said, looking back.

“Irma!” shouted Alice. “Slow down, for Christ’s sake!”

I had pushed the car to the limits of its capacity and now its engine was howling in protest. I eased down, breathed deeply, checked the rear view mirror, then laughed. I could not help myself and continued laughing all the way home, much to the angry consternation of Alice and the stoned bemusement of Jean.

“You fucking insane, wacko, shit crazy cracker, Irma!” sighed Alice in despair.

Back at home I tried to redeem myself in her eyes by taking extra care and time over washing, dressing, massaging and medicating her. “I’m gonna need stronger medicine this time,” she said.

I made her some tea and said to Jean, “Hit us up, baby.” He rolled the three of us a joint.

“Does she want some?” he asked, nodding at Lesley who stood in the corner.

“Why the Hell not?” I said and a joint was duly rolled for her. I lit it and stuffed it between her lips.

“Heaven be praised, you Irma,” she said, thus dropping the joint.

“Yeah, Heaven be praised to you too,” I sighed, picking the joint up and stuffing it back in her mouth.

I examined her eyes for an indication of when she would next need recharging. When I pulled down her eyelid I found a bright glowing orange bar to indicate that her battery was only half depleted. Jean went for a bath while I continued massaging Alice.

“I can’t understand it.”

“What, Alice sweetheart?”

“Why those bitches would want to destroy something like her, him, it, whatever.”

“You enjoyed the party, didn’t you?” I smiled knowingly.

Alice glanced at me and smiled back. “Alright, Irma, I like her too, OK?”

“All that money wasted!” I sighed and shook my head, teasing her.

She slapped my hand playfully. With a glimmer of mischief in her eye, she said quietly, “Hey.”

“What, darling?”

“Rip his corset off!”

“What now?” I groaned, wondering when I was going to be able to give my pussy a rest.

“Irma!” she exclaimed in surprise. It was virtually unknown for me to be uninterested in sex, at any time.

I looked at Lesley, still in Jean’s kaftan, amazed at how her gigantic bust tented it, pushing the fabric well away from her body. “Well,” I wondered, “I suppose.”

We both giggled and I took a long, hard drag in readiness. “Rimsky Korsakov,” I told Lesley who responded both to my voice and my come hither look, removed the kaftan and joined us on the bed.

I quickly undressed and began snogging Lesley while her fingertips fluttered against my labia. Then she squeezed my boobs and I felt the swift release of my pussy juices. With her behind me at the end of the double bed and me on my side, pressed against her front, she eased her cock into my aching cunt and began gently spooning me. She was sensitive to how tender I felt and kept the penis to an easily manageable size. Thrilling vibrations tingled around my pussy lips and then went zinging up to my cervix. Alice was pleasuring herself, sprawled on the pillows. I narrowed my eyes and bit my lip, making little moans of rising pleasure. I smoked my third spliff down to a tiny butt, stubbed it out on the bed post and began fucking Lesley back with more energy. I turned my head and let her kiss me deeply. Her tongue slithered around mine, drawing it into her mouth, coiling around it, tugging it gently, while simultaneously running another part of it around my lips. She squeezed my boob and tugged at my stiff nipple with one hand, and with the other she teased my clitty. When I looked back to Alice I could tell she was so turned on. I started burning with an orgasmic pleasure that came slowly upon me like a rising wind, blowing through me, blasting every atom of my small, sweating body. My pussy no longer felt sore. My exquisite orgasm removed all memory of pain or discomfort. Lesley rolled me onto my front and continued fucking me.

“Oh it feels so good!” I wailed.

I heard floorboards creak behind me and looked up to see Jean standing over us. I reached out for his hand. He needed no further encouragement. He lay beside us and wanked himself stiff. Then, disengaging myself from Lesley for a moment, I moved over to straddle Jean. He was so big, but he felt so lovely inside me! Lesley caressed my back and buttocks. Then I felt the head of her cock tease my crack. I started, unsure if I wanted her inside me there. I carried on grinding hips against Jean’s while I felt Lesley ease what I thought was her little finger into my anus. It felt absolutely wonderful and I gasped in wonder as I experienced the joy of double penetration. Her hands slipped around to cup my boobs and I realised it was, in fact, her cock inside me, and it was gradually swelling in length and girth, gently pushing my ring wide open. Jean was thrusting me hard from beneath. I leaned forward to gaze at his face and bring my legs together. Both cocks were now tight inside me, one thrusting into my soaking pussy, the other fucking my ass from above. I crossed my legs and screamed one moment in pain, then in ecstasy. Lesley was squatting above me, her massive boobs brushing my back and her hands kneading mine while she pulled at the skin between my shoulder blades with her teeth. Jean stroked my hips and craned his neck to kiss me. I was crying now, my heart completely overcome with love and lust for my three companions. My tears splashed Jean’s face, mingling with his sweat. My throat tightened and I let out a long, deep moan, wavering in tone as each cock pounded my body. I heard sweet Alice finally reach orgasm and her voice joined with mine. The two cocks almost seem to touch and caress each other deep inside me.

When Jean exploded into my womb it was like rivers of fire gushing throughout my body. When Lesley erupted into my ass her fire joined with Jean’s. The gallons of spunk that were being pumped into me flowed on and on, seemingly without end. Jean’s orgasm was infinitely more powerful than his usually were and it was Lesley’s example that had inspired him so much. He was giving me everything he had.

When he finally finished twitching he slipped out from under me and Lesley transferred her beautiful penis from my anus back to my cunt to begin fucking me in a doggy position. Soon another titanic orgasm engulfed me and my body was sent into violent convulsions. Huge pulsing, cataclysmic contractions in my midriff shot out quickly, one rapidly following another, to shake my entire being, my entire world. She reached forward to lock her arms around me, squeezing me tightly to her boobs and her lips. Her semen soothed my pussy walls like a balm and squirted out to spatter my ass and dribble down my legs. I fell on the bed, utterly exhausted. The spasms continued and would not let me lie still. I shook from head to toe as though in a fit.

Then I heard Alice scream, this time in alarm.

I managed to sit up, feeble as I was, and look at her with concern. Her eyes were fixed on the door and were full of fear. Another spasm shook me.

Jean’s bulk was filling the doorway and he also looked afraid, standing stiffly. Then I saw the glint of metal at his wide neck. Behind him, mostly hidden by Jean, were three young women standing on the landing outside the bedroom. I recognised the one with the gun. She was the leopard skin legginged, tomato throwing hooker I had encountered a few days earlier.

“Give us the doll, bitch, or Fatso here gets his fucken fat head blown clean off!”

Pushing Jean before her and gripping his dreadlocks roughly, she edged cautiously into the room, keeping her eyes on me. Whether it was fear, the grass, or the intense pleasure that was still coursing through me, I could not help myself and I started giggling. I shivered with pleasure again.

“Bitch, this ain’t no joke,” said the prostitute. “I’ll waste this motherfucking boyfriend of yours and you too if you don’t give us the motherfucking doll!”

Lesley was sitting beside me, sweetly regarding the women with her innocent brown eyes. Another orgasm set me juddering and giggling uncontrollably. There seemed to be no end to them and I was damn well going to enjoy them, regardless of the situation.

The prostitute shifted her glare to Alice and demanded, “What the fuck is wrong with this fucked up white bitch?”

Alice was seething with anger, but knew better than to antagonise someone with a gun, so she merely shrugged. Then Lesley stood, approached Jean and the prostitute slowly, her open gaze fixed on the woman. The other two HORs stepped forwards.

“Stay back!” shouted their leader and the two younger women complied.

“Sorry, Marie,” said one of them who wore a white leather skirt and jacket. The other sported slightly gothic looking gear which did not suit her at all. Thick make up was smeared distastefully all over their prematurely ageing faces. I saw from their eyes that, not only were they afraid of their leader, they were also afraid of Lesley, perhaps more so. They had only approached out of duty, but they were glad to be ordered not to step any further towards their object of hatred and fear.

“Bitch, order this thing to stand back, or I’ll fucking go all apocalyptic on your ass, you hear me?” Marie was also afraid of Lesley.

I shuddered and giggled again. Lesley calmly stuck out her tongue at Marie and Alice groaned fearfully. Marie, however, seemed hypnotised by the tongue which lengthened into a nine inch phallus. Meanwhile Lesley’s cock was erect and growing to remarkable proportions. It was at least fifteen inches long now, perhaps more, and it was flexing like a snake, growing with each throb towards Jean until its unstoppable growth took it bending past him and towards Marie. Marie jumped in surprise when she saw its head approaching her from below, breaking her hypnotised gaze from the tongue which had also extended towards her from around Jean’s head.

“Greathe,” lisped Lesley in her sensual husky contralto. “I know you’ll boom me jutht ath much as Irma and her Lady Godivath. You cannot boggle. I’m a phat fucker than you’ll ever be.”

“Marie!” screamed one of the girls, “waste it, now!”

But Marie had loosened her grip on Jean and stepped around him to face Lesley. Marie stepped around the fuckbot, apparently attempting to tear her gaze away, but evidently unable to do so. As she and Lesley circled each other, their wildly differing weapons pointed at each other, I could see Lesley’s eyes were radiating a magnetic warmth that must have been impossible for Marie to resist, only a step away from them as she was. The other two girls were also fascinated and unconcerned about my perpetual laughing and shaking. Then the tip of Lesley’s penis found its way, as if with a mind of its own, under the fabric of Marie’s awful leggings. There was an undulation at her crotch, a series of bobbing motions, then Marie’s eyes rolled up in their sockets. She emitted a strange sound, somewhere between a wail and a hum. The other two girls were also circling Lesley now. The tip of Lesley’s tongue found the gothic one, licked her lips, entered her mouth and drew her gently by her own tongue until she was in Lesley’s embrace. Lesley kissed her and fondled her ass while her other hand reached out for the third girl. She offered no resistance either.

Soon the three women were powerless, in total thrall to Lesley’s irresistible goddess like sexual genius. Lesley’s fingers and multifarious appendages soon stripped them of their clothes. They knelt before her, gazing up at her adoringly while they were simultaneously pleasured, one by her cock, one by her tongue and one by her fingers. The women wailed like she cats in heat while Lesley stood victorious above them like a deity of fertility, her glorious tits spouting jets of hot creamy milk for them to catch in their mouths or lap up from the floor.

“Irma! Psst!”

It took me a moment to break away from such a spectacle. Alice prodded me. I was still spasming and twitching with incessant aftershocks. It was almost like being unable to rid oneself of hiccups, only much more enjoyable.

I turned to see that Jean had lifted Alice into her chair. The two of them, though naked, appeared anxious to take advantage of the hookers’ apparent incapacity to do anything but serve Lesley, and leave quickly without disturbing this little orgy that had begun in the corner of the room. With Marie still in possession of her gun I decided that might be a good idea. As the three of us stealthily made our way to the door, Marie waved her gun at us, but with pathetic laziness, her pupils still buried beneath her lids.

“Don’ you fucken leave, bitches,” she mumbled. “Ain’ finish wityoo.”

We froze, at least Alice and Jean froze while I juddered on the spot, smothering my giggles, then continued slowly and quietly out through the door. Marie and the others were in a World of their own, a World of orgasmic wonder that I hoped I would be visiting again soon. On the landing, I looked back at Lesley. She turned to me and winked. I smiled, blew her a fond kiss and trembled at the knees.

Jean and I carried Alice down the stairs, the three of us still completely naked having neglected to find clothes in our panic, and left for the car outside. Wheeling Alice through the undergrowth I noticed that the three remaining inflatable sheep were gone now too. Alice regarded the tattered pieces of thin, black and white rubber that had served to remind her of her childhood home. When she looked up at me there were tears in her eyes. I squeezed her shoulder and promised her we would have some more, but try as I might, I could not refrain from laughing.

The sea was a particularly satisfying shade of deep blue that day. I inhaled the salty smell of the sea sprayed air. Just as Jean was lifting Alice into the car I heard the screech of tires behind us and doors opening. Alice looked up in relief.

“Oh, thank god!” she cried in at the two approaching cops. “We were about to be shot by a whore!”

“You’re under arrest, you filth!” blared one at us. The two cops handcuffed all of us, even Alice, and read us our rights.

“Hey! Aren’t you supposed to be helping us? What’s the charge?” demanded Alice. “We didn’t have time to get dressed! Nobody can see us back here anyways.”

One fat cop leaned over her and leered at her breasts. “I don’t want to hear about your sick little games, lesbo.”

I snickered, then tried to suppress a huge belly laugh but failed. Little orgasms were ricocheting around my sensorium like pin balls.

The fat cop turned to me and demanded, “Oh, you think that’s funny, do you?”

I shook my head violently, biting my lip so hard I drew blood. The pain barely registered as another aftershock raced through me.

“How about this for a charge then?” the cop continued, addressing my quivering boobs, then my sopping wet fanny. “Holding a homosexual orgy?”

“Oh shit,” duetted Alice and Jean.

I shook yet again, but this time from a far stronger shock, from my feet to my head, and wondered why I could now hear my orgasm as well as feel it. Then I noticed that the others were all still and looking at me. I wondered why the sun was burning so brightly. With more force than the most powerful earthquake I had ever experienced, I shook again. I frowned and felt like apologising. One’s own orgasms really should not be allowed to reach such an anti social degree of violence. It continued rumbling, gathering force while the sound of it hit me like two trains smacking into my eardrums. Then I noticed that the others were gazing past me. I turned and looked upon a scene of bladder emptying horror.

A few miles off lay the town centre. At least, it had. Above it now rose a huge mushroom cloud. Mountains of fire boiled into the blue sky leaving an obsidian black tower of evil smoke looming over us. Below, the town was burning, reduced to a sheet of lava while tongues of red, orange and white licked at the cloud’s belly. I lost control of myself completely and voided my bladder and my bowels.

And then, with my body purged and open, one final orgasm tore through me. Or was it the heat from the explosion? I burned and burned, agony melded to ecstasy by a heat stronger than that of the sun. My body, naked to the baking blast of the bomb’s shock wave, blistered, cracked and burned to dust.

And through it all, my orgasms pulsed away until my ashes had been blown by the nuclear wind far out to sea and scattered upon the waves that had rolled over the Earth five million years ago.

Copyright © Irma Cerrutti 2010

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