my nephews girl friend

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My Nephews Girlfriend

I’m an older guy who’s fantasy is I want to be with an 18 yr. old girl who will show me a good time. She will suck my cock, lick my balls and will swallow when I cum in her mouth.

My dream is for this to come true real soon for it has been a long time since I’ve had sex with an 18 yr. old and it was with my nephew’s girl friend. I let him and some of his friends use my beach house for his high school graduation present. As it turned out I got the present that night. Around 11 that night his girlfriend was trying to find him as he had wandered off somewhere. She asked me if I knew where he was and if we could go and look for him.

Well I told her that I hadn’t seen him and that we could go out on the beach and look for him. We walked about a mile and a half down the beach before we decided to head back to the house. I suggested we take a shortcut back to the house,( what is shorter than going right back the way we came ) so we walked up toward the road and ended up on an old beach path. The young lady was getting tired as she had had to much to drink so we sat at the edge of a sand dune where we both laid back to rest.

While we were laying there she put her hand on my crotch as I was feeling her up. She took off her top exposing her tits. I began to lick her nipples as she went down to my now extended rod. She took it in her mouth and sucked on it much to my satisfaction. After sucking my cock and licking my balls she lapped up the warm cum and swallowed.It was getting late so we went back down the beach to the house.

By this time the party had broken up and most of the kids had left while a few had decided to sleep over. Her boy friend, my nephew, had fallen asleep while we were gone and she spent the night in my bed. The next morning we woke him up and the two of them left together.

My nephew called me a few days later and asked me if his girl friend had said anything about him wandering off during the party. All she told him was she had so much fun that night and would he ask his uncle if she could come and visit again sometime.

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