The Man In Black

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Riley’s awakened to find a man standing by her bed watching her. She tries to scream, she can’t. She tries to move, but can’t. The man pulls her sheet off her bed and throws it on the floor. He then runs his fingers lightly over her pants toward the bottom of her t-shirt. He sits on the bed as his fingers slide under her shirt and towards her right breast. She gasps. He smiles as he notices that she’s not wearing a bra. His hand continues to massage her breast and play with her nipple. Riley feels her self getting warm and finds herself not want him to stop. Suddenly she notices his hands move south back toward her pants. She arches her back as she feels his fingers slide inside and over her clit. She moans as he continues to stroke her. Just before she’s about to cum, he stops and gets up. He walks to the foot of her bed and grabs the bottom of her pants and pulls them off to reveal she’s not wearing any underwear either. Then he climbs on the bed and tells her to take off her shirt. She sits up and pulls her shirt off and throws it on the floor. Then lays back down waiting for his next move. She feels his fingers move up the inside of her thighs back to her clit. She moans as his thumb massages her clit. He feels that she’s getting wet so he slips a finger inside and finger-fucks her as his thumb continues the torture on her clit. At the same time he leans foward and brushes his tongue across one of her nipples. Riley gasps. He does a few more strokes with his tongue before he moves up toward her neck. He kisses her neck slowly almost revealing his secret. He’s not ready to go there yet so he moves back to her breast as his fingers bring her closer to climax. He can feel his erection wanting out, so he stops stroking her so he can unzip his pants and reveal his 6-inch fully erect cock. Riley moans as she feels his hand move away, but smiles when she sees why. She begins to stroke him. He moans, then stops her. He then kisses the inside of her thighs up to her warm wet pussy. His mouth hovers over her. She can feel his breath on her. “Please”, she says. Then she gasps as she feels his tongue playing with her clit. Then she feels his finger sliding back into her wet pussy. He continues sucking on her clit as he finger-fucks her til she cums. knowing what she wants now, he kneels between her legs and strokes his cock before he enters her slowly. Once he’s fully inside, he sucks and massages her breasts. Then, he holds her hands above her head as he moves up to her neck and gently sinks his teeth into her neck. Riley gasps and moans in pleasure as she feels something poke her neck. He continues to fuck her as he draws just enough blood to do what he needs to do to bring her one step closer to being his bride. Suddenly Riley feels an intense climax from her neck to her toes. As wave after wave of her orgasm cums she starts to feel strange. Almost like she’s drifting to sleep. She barely noticed when the mysterious man in black sat up and, baring his fangs, climaxed inside of her.

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