The Willow Does not Weep

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Allen was a simple man of simple tastes. He wasn’t interesting, nor was he boring. You could call him “That one guy” and he’d respond instantly, because Allen was that one guy. And I’ll be damned if Allen didn’t hate it. He had thick silky brown hair, a nice tan, and good straight teeth, he was 6′ feet tall, and had a very nice body. But he would always be that one guy…And everyone who thought that he was that one guy, was pretty wrong about it, beneath that tanned exterior, that boring appearance sat a monstrocity no one knew about. He walked along the sidewalk of a park, his hands shoved into his pockets as he whistled a meaningless tune.

A tap on his shoulder startled Allen as he pivoted on his heel turning around, only to almost collapse at what he saw. A slender, obviously older woman smiled at this, her luscious, plump red lips pursing as she showed off snowy white teeth, her skin was pale as cream, though it seemed to have a hint of tan, and her body, Oh God, her body. A perfect hour glass figure, plump, supple breasts that couldn’t have been real, Allen’s jaw dropped as he eyed her form, that was only sheathed in a gauzy scarlet garment that reached barely, the middle of her thighs.

“H-Hello..” Allen stuttered, still ogling her, which she didn’t seem to mind as she tucked a glossy ebony strand of hair behind her ear, the smile growing as she noticed, and he noticed, that he was already getting sexually aroused, just by looking at her. “You have nice tits.” Allen slammed his fist into his face in horror, he’d really just said that to her. She laughed it off, a pretty musical voice sliding through the air and slipping into his ears as she leaned forwards and touched him on the shoulder again, sending Allen into a frenzied wave of desire to fuck this woman hard.

“Hello there, young one.” She spoke in a formal tongue, with a hint of an accent beneath it, not heavy, but not light. She kept her hand on his shoulder, kneading up and down on top of it, causing Allen to purr gently. He was already so aroused that he thought he would cum right now in his pants. “Would you like to come with me? Willow will take good care of you..” She whispered seductively, the slit in her skirt showing more slender, lithesome, sculpted leg than Allen could ever want. He nodded, his emerald eyes half glazed as she smirked at this, snapping her fingers as they both disappeared from the park.

They entered what unseemingly seemed to be a mansion, huge, looming, and intimidating. She gently ushered him inside, having to push on his shoulders with her petite body coming in behind. Allen blushed as a hint of cleavage pressed against his back, causing the red flush to deepen, much to Willow’s delight, with a wicked smirk she shoved him down the hall, where moans and groans, whimperings and screamings of what could only be sex wafted about the many rooms that the house holds.

“Now, my dear, here in this..Safe house, we all have needs.” She bared her fangs at him, giggling maliciously as he walked beside her, he only gave her a slightly dazed smile back, dazzled by what he saw. “Most men do only stay here for one night only,” she held up one finger to make her point a little harder, (No pun intended? If there was a pun. ;D). Her breast rippled at this, showing her bosom a little more to the dazzled Allen Sage.

“Mmmhm..” His head nodded gently as she shifted him towards the last room on the right of the hall, closing the door behind her as she turned around again, a simple smile twisting her crimson stained lips as she pushed him against the door, her eyes fluttering closed as she pinned his arms behind him using her own fingers, which were surprisingly strong, her lips pursed softly, brushing against his own lazily as he groaned, already feeling himself get as hard as fuck. She laughed wickedly at this, grabbing onto his stricken cock with a free hand as her mother one gently caressed his cheek, her lips still on his as her soft, silky tongue forced it’s way into his mouth, sucking on his own like saliva was what she needed to survive. Their tongues moved in an erotic dance as she unzipped the zipper to his jeans, sliding her hands in slyly and playing with his hardened manhood.

“Ahhhhhhh! AH!” He moaned in pleasure, an inhuman screech. Never had he had such pleasurable foreplay before. He had never felt this way. His body, now used to this feeling moved, his arms wrapping around her waist as he shoved her onto the ground. She willingly complied, her open arms awaiting his as he fell down, straddling her with an intense hunger, a desire that seemed to make him forget everything else. She moaned as she felt his enlarged cock grow larger, his teeth biting her every which way, never piercing the flesh of her skin as she pulled off his shirt, unzipping his pants fully. It was a new kind of dance for Allen as he stripped himself of clothes, ripping off Willow’s pants as he did. She gasped as she saw him monstrous cock, moving forwards to place her hot, moist mouth about it, Allen screamed a wordless shriek as almost instantly, a white paste splashed into her mouth, almost too fast for her to swallow as her tongue slid up the shaft, it’s silky skin leaving tingles about it. With a gentle raise of her arms, she tugged at his balls, gently at first before cupping them in her hand and grasping them hard, her mouth still flicking the tip of his member. He groaned again, not being able to stand it. He pulled her up, kissing her passionately as she struggled to swallow the last remains of the load, his member pulsing and throbbing as she shoved him onto the bed, this time, she straddling him, her plump breasts pushed into his facial area.

He kissed the soft white mounds lovingly, all over, caressing the nipples with his tongue, in turn getting them hard, and harder as he began to bite it gently. This proceeded until her rather wet bosom was being sucked, and sucked on by Allen, who was like a greedy babe, wanting his milk. She pressed herself against him, grinding in rhythm with his own body as she whimpered softly like an injured kitten. He moaned, smashing her against the headboard as he spread open her legs, with cooperation from the woman, his nose touching the inside of her thigh as his tongue snaked along the inside, licking the soft skin swiftly as it neared her pussy.

It brushed against the warm, hot, pussy, staying there as he smelled the smell of what seemed to be sex, with a brusk lap he liked her womanhood all the way up, nibbling gently on the clit and causing her to scream with pleasure. Doing this for a few minutes, she was wet, her juices dribbling ever so slowly, him lapping it up as fast as he could before his monstrous cock was placed where his mouth had been. She screamed for more, feeling the head of the member being placed near her open vagina.

He shoved it in, slowly at first, before going faster, a shriek of pain emiting from the woman’s lips as he pushed it in all the way, pounding her pussy like he had never done before, feeling this woman’s tightness around his dick. He moaned, feeling his member already start to boil, nearly overflow with the cum. She groaned back, wordlessly pleading for his cum to be all over her pussy, to be splattered there, warm, wet and hot. He screamed again, his dick pulsing violently one last time before a spray that he couldn’t control burst into her genitals. She moaned louder, louder than what had been in the halls as she arched her back, screaming for more.

A gutteral snarl pushed its way out of Willow’s lips as he pulled out, exhausted and spent, he fell into a deep sleep in what seemed to be moments, his body curled up at the foot of her bed. She, on the other hand, her eyes a bright red leaped at him, her sharp canines sinking into his flesh as she laughed a wicked laugh, straddling his back and leaning over him, her still wet pussy flowing juices and the leftover cum all over his back side.

“My darling..Welcome to or family..” She purred softly, stroking his thick brown locks as his skin began to pale, pale pale..

Two hours later, Allen awoke, he felt different, looking down at his hands, he noticed they were white as snow, he heard a soft murmur behind him. As he turned around, he saw Willow, a small, secret smile, just for him appeared upon those luscious crescent lips he loved. She was holding a breakfast tray, which she offered to him.

He paid no heed, running at her with inhuman speed and slamming her into the wall, his hands on her supple, huge breasts, his mouth on hers, his tongue erotically dancing with her own as she twisted her legs around his torso, both of them snarling ferociously as his hands found their way into her hair, winding around the ebony strands in a soft, yet raging way..

Allen was not an average guy anymore. Allen, was a vampire.

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