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lunch break

Feeling very horny today just finished putting the shopping away, decided I would take my boyfriend Dave some lunch at work, I grabbed the cooler bag and placed some ice cubes in a candle, binding tape, black cloth, 4 pegs couple and of soft drinks and sandwiches, I went up stairs thought best get changed removing my clothes to leave black bra, black panties put my long black boots on and long black leather coat, I left the house to go to the car I placed my left hand down my panties and I was very wet putting my fingers to my lips I licked of my juices started the car and set of.
Parked the car and proceeded to walk to the office I could see all the other employees leaving for there lunch, up the stairs to daves office all was quite I looked through through the office door Dave was busy working has I creepted in did dent even look up I sneaked up behind him started kissing and licking his neck his face was all smiles, has I kissed him with a passion I told him to clear his desk and he did has I ordered him to when the desk was cleared I kissed him has I pushed him back onto it removing his clothes kissing and biting his nipples pulling of his trousers and boxers he was left naked I went over to the bag and fetched out the binding tape has I took hold of his wrists and strapped his arms to the table legs while I went down to the bottom and binded his legs to the bottom legs , kissing his body has I moved up to his face took a black cloth and blind fold him stuffing the last bit into is mouth,
Has I sat on a chair at the side of him watching his binded still body I placed a finger inside my panties and started to careress my cunt witch was dripping with my juices sucking each finger has I filled them with my cum I stood up and walked over to Dave sweat dripping from his brow, I took the 4 pegs from my bag and place one on each nipple and two on his balls he started to moan with the pain pinching them tighter on each nipple he tried to wriggle is chest reaching out I slapped his face hard then I reached down with my wet lips and kissed his cheek softly moving down to his nipples blowing and kissing each one has they turned redder and redder with the pegs kissing all down his belly biting hard to leave my slut marks on his flesh, his cock was long and very hard balls red with the pegs taking hiscock in my mouth started to suck and lick the shaft biting hard leaving has many slut marks has I could down the length of his shaft placing my finger in my mouth making it wet I started to insert it into his ass whimping moans was coming from Dave moan of pleasure and pain has I fucked his ass hard forcing my finger harder every touch tongue going back and fo on his cock long deep strokes sucking the nib hard has I poked my tongue in to get all the pre cum from him I got up and took the blind fold of his eyes and he looked at me with a bit of a evil smile I walked over to the chair and took of my coat and put one leg over one arm and another other the other so my cunt was on full show for him to see taking my fingers and running then up and down my clit my juices running down my legs taking my fingers pushing them hard inside in and out has I fuck myself hard Dave panting and sweating begging me to fuck him I got up went to my bag and took the ice cubes out and started running them down his chest and nipples cooling the burning down from the pegs my tongue licking the melting ice cubes from his nipples I got on top of the desk and climbed on top and I started to fuck that bastard so hard moving in a circler moment ramming it further into my wet cunt taking it balls deep faster and faster I rode him then he let out a cry and filled my cunt with his juices has I carried on fucking him to get all the cum from him has I gripped my nipples pulling them to my mouth has I sucked them hard I got of him and put my coat on walked over to the table and untied him orded him to get his clothes on I placed a sandwich and a coke on his desk and said lunch is now served , enjoy and left.

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