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It was late, I was getting sleepy. My drumline (I’m the drum captain) was over at our instructor, Josh’s house. He had invited us over that night to watch DCI videos with him. I looked over to the blond guy sitting on the couch to my right. Josh is a hottie. Ever since he became our instructor my Junior year of high school, I’d thought about what it would be like to sleep with him. To just let him fuck the hell out of me.

Now I was a Senior-and I had become very naughty over the past summer. I had lost my virginity to my boyfriend, just the greatest guy I have ever dated (and who I am still together with). But now, whenever I saw Josh, I just wanted to jump on him, to feel him in me just once. And I think he knew it.

Back to that night. The drumline was going home, everyone was leaving. As I was walking out the door with everyone, Josh tapped me on the shoulder. “Stay a few minutes, will you?” I nodded my consent and he shut the door again.

“What’s up?” I asked. He shrugged.

“I just wanted to show you these. Come in here.” I followed him into his room, where he had hung pictures of his high school drumline above his bed.

“See if you can pick me out,” he said. I kicked off my shoes and knelt on his bed, peering at the rows of faces. As I was trying to decide which one was high school Josh (he was then 20, a Junior in college) I felt hands slide over my back and onto my tits. Surprised but pleased, I sighed. He began to work his hands around, making my nipples stand straight out.

Suddenly I realized what was happening. I turned and pulled away. “What are you doing?” I asked.

He grinned. “Giving you what you want. I know you want me, and to be honest, I want you too.” I blushed.

“Josh, you know I have a boyfriend.” Josh nodded.

“I’m not going to tell him,” he said. “Are you?” I shook my head…..

“I guess not.” Josh grinned again and pulled me towards him, both of us still kneeling on the bed. Kissing me, he pulled my sweatshirt and bra off while I ran my hands over his hard chest and stomach. He leaned over and began to suck my tits, gently at first, then harder. He grabbed my ass with one hand and rubbed me between my legs with the other, and I could feel myself getting wet.

I let my hand stray to the bulge in his jeans. I unbuttoned his fly and reached my hand inside to feel his hard cock. Suddenly, I pushed him back on the bed, so hard he bounced on his back. I yanked off his jeans and boxers to let his cock stand straight up. God, it looked good. I went down on him, gently at first, letting my tongue trace over his head, massaging his balls. I got more and more excited, and he grabbed my head and began to moan. I sucked harder and took as much of it as I could into my mouth-it tasted so good.

I snapped my head up before he could come…..I didn’t want that, not yet. I was dripping wet with excitement by this time. I stood up and took of my jeans and underwear, and went back on to the bed and straddled him. I bent my head to kiss him, teasing him. I lowered myself just so his cockhead would touch my wetness-then I’d pull away again. I think my aggressiveness surprised him-before I could get him inside me, he sat up and threw ME onto my back. “I want you so bad,” he told me.

I spread my legs around his hips and grabbed his ass. He thrust himself into me, and I moaned-loud. He pulled himself all the way out before doing it again-and again. Finally, staying inside, he grabbed my hips and started pumping. God, it felt good. I moaned louder and louder, and he started to sweat. He rubbed my clit with one hand, driving me wild. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. “You’re going to make me come!” I moaned.

He smiled. “You’re going to make me come,” he replied.

We exploded against each other at the same time. I screamed his name over and over, and he yelled mine. Satisfied, we lay back against the sheets together. I was still shaking from the experience, and he soon fell asleep. Driving home, I felt so wicked – it will always be our secret.

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