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The First Time

Going to a big College means some new experinces. Going to a college out of state means a whole lot more.

I left for Texas to get away from my life back in Minnesota. I left to get away from my family and experince life on my own, i never thought in a million years that I would find a sex partner. Back home I had had a few girlfriends but I never had sex with them. I just never felt right.

After I moved to college I met a girl that I felt so comforable with that sex just did feel right. It had been a few days after I moved to Texas that I met her. She was incredible, blue eyes, about 5′ 10″ tall, sexy brown hair and a very cute face. She almost looked like someone I had been dreaming about for many years. She was living in the same apartment complex as I was.

She, like myself, had just moved there to start schooling. I bumped into her (literaly) when I was coming downstairs from my apartment. I appologized and helped her pick up her things. As we both bent down to pick up her stuff I got a small peek at her breasts. They were just perfect, not to big and not too small. I told her that I had just moved here and if she could be so kind enough as to direct me to the campus I would be very grateful. She said that she too was new and if I wanted to help her move in the rest of her stuff we could perhaps search for it togehter. So i did. She was moving into the apartment right next to mine.

We Found the college and had dinner, if you can call Mc Donalds dinner. We then Headed back to our apartment complex. As we got to the second floor I said goodnight and started to head into my room. She stoped me and asked if I wanted to come inside her apartment, she was feeling kind of out of place and she wanted someone just to talk to. I had no problem with that in fact I too was feeling a little out of place and a kind friendly face was just what the doctor ordered.

We sat for about 5 hours in her apartment telling each other about where we came from what we were going into. I was going to be a bio teacher and she wanted to be an actor. We quickly became friends after that, and we spent increasingly more time together. She rapidly became my best friend.

Well about 2 months had passed and she had gotten a lead in a student directed one act play. I was in her apartment one night helping her with her lines, We came to a part in the play where she is supposed to kiss the guy she is talking to. She asked me if i minded her kissing me just so she could keep in charater. I said I had no problem with that if she wanted to. She came over and kissed me, softly and sweetly.

After that we just stood and looked at each other for what seemed like a eternity but actually it was only a couple seconds. She then leaned in and kissed me again, this time she let it linger. It was absolutly fantastic. I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her closer to me. She started to rub my back and I dropped the script I was holding in my hand to the floor and started to rub her back. I then moved my hand forward to fondel her brests. I could feel her nipples getting harder and I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra.

We pulled back just for a moment as she took off her shirt and then proceeded to take off mine. I sucked on her firm brests, by now her nipples were extremly hard and as I moved my tounge back and forth on her nipples her breathing became incresingly heavier, she sucked on my shoulders and my ear. The sensation felt so good. I then leaned back up and started to suck on her neck. I could feel the veins pulsing in her neck. She then told me to stop. I thought to myself oh great she’s got a boyfriend she never told me about or someting.

I was just waiting for that whole “Your’e a nice guy but” thing. What she said to me however totaly shocked me. She said “I don’t want a relationship however I do want to make love to you. So how about if we just become sex partners?” I looked at her and said ” I game if you are”. With that she pulled me into her bedroom and proceeded to take off her pants and mine also. She pulled a condom out of her night stand and told me to put it on.

I told her That before this continues there is something she should know. I was a virgin. She told me that She kind of knew and That is why she asked me if It was okay just to be sex partners. She then slowly moved up to kiss me on the lips. I could feel her tounge rubbing up against my lips. I had never wnated someone so much in my entire life. As we knelt on her bed in a embrace we slowly started to move in a laying position. As we became totaly prone she reached down and put my dick into her cunt. The sensation was absolutly fantasitc. I could feel it moving from layer to layer, with each one it getting tighter and tighter. Then I hit a layer that made her gasp. I realized I had hit her G-spot.

Slowly I proceeded to push a little father in. I let it sit for a second, then I proceed to pull out. In and out, in and out. Slowly With each stroke I could feel her pushing her hips into my dick. Slowly, slowly then building up into a faster pace, with each stroke she let out a little moan. I went faster and faster she wrapped her arms around my neck as I went faster and faster, I could feel her cunt start to throb, she was having a orgasam. I could also feel my dick start to throb.

I could feel my cum swelling up inside, she had another orgasam and her cunt started to really tighten around my dick. THis was enough to make me cum and she had her third one at the same time I was cumming. We then collaspesed into a heap of sexual satisfation. I rolled over and asked her if I had done it right. She said that while it wasn’t perfect I was still very good. She then leaned over and as she started to suck on my ear she wispered ” But we got all year to make you perfect”.

We had many sexual experiences after that but that first time will be someting I will always remember.

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