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My 2 Days in Sex Ed Class part 2 by Lightfoot

This was the day of the intercourse class. I walked up to the front of the class wearing the same robe as I had wore the day before.

I was very excited. I had been awake half the night jacking off like crazy, thinking about how I had masturbated in front of the class, and how everybody had reacted, and anticipating of what was going to happen today.

Under my robe I was totally naked with a full hard-on, my body was trembling. Miss. Johnson, our sex ed teacher introduced the female volunteer, who was to be my partner.

She was really cute, she had long flamming red hair almost to her butt. She had beautiful bedroom green eyes, and sensual lips. Her name was Heather.

She looked at me and very softly said “I watched you yesterday. You were so nice and nasty looking. You know, you made me cum 8 times. Today, I want you to make me cum a lot, cause I plan on making you cum a lot.”

Well, I thought I was going to cum right there. The way she looked, the way she spoke. My dick started throbbing, and pre-cum gushed from my rigid shaft. I wanted her, and I wanted her bad.

Miss Johnson could see what was happening to me. She smiled and licked her lips. She turned to the class and said, “These two lovely people are going to demonstrate intercourse for you. If you notice, there is a twin size bed set up behind Heather. That is where they will demonstrate.”

She then turned to us and said with a devilish look, “you may disrobe and begin. Oh, and if you find it necessary, you may also engage in oral sex.”

YES! She was telling me that I could do everything I wanted to do, to this gorgeous girl. Heather and I faced each other, and I opened my robe and let it fall to the floor. I stood in front of her totally naked, and in all my 81/2″ hard splender.

Her breathing quickened. As she knelt down in front of me, she said” You have such a beautiful dick. She then opened her mouth, and slid down my entire throbbing member. As she went up and down on my raging hard-on she would suck and flick her tongue on my screeming cock at the same time.

My hips started pumping to and fro, my breathing was very fast, and I stated to moan. She slid one hand very gently up and down my butt and my back. She took her other hand and gently started to massage my balls, while quickining her speed up and down my pulsating rod. She stopped just long enough to say, “Give me your cum, baby! Then she continued licking and sucking my throbbing wet dick.

Suddenly I was there! Wave after wave of hot white cum shot into Heathers mouth, on her face and hair. I was moaning very loud, and I was shaking violently! It was such orgasmic estasy! As it eased off, she finished lapping up the rest of my sperm. My dick got even harder, I was wanting her really, really bad.

She got back up, walked over to the bed, took off her robe, layed back on the bed, raised her legs and slowly opened them. as I gased upon her, I started breathing very fast, My raging dick started pulsating up and down.

She had the most beautiful body that I had ever seen. Her long flamming red hair was all over the bed and on her. Her pinkish-brown nipples were swollen away from the rest of her breasts. Her stomach, hips and thighs wre designed by the devil. Her pussy was so beautifully nasty. She had a small, closely clipped mound of red fur just above he clit, and the rest of her orgasmic pussy was hairless.

I immediately started sucking her nipples, while with my hand began to massage her clit, and finger-fuck her womanhood, just really jacking her off good. She cried out “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!

I quickly dove down on her muff. I started licking her clit. She started to shake and tremble. I then thrusted my excited tongue deep into her pulsating, wet lovehole. She trusted against my tongue, and her beautful hot clear cum started to gush. She cried out in orgasmic estasy!

She just kept cumming and cumming all over my mouth and face. she tasted like hot candy. Suddenly, I released streams of hot sperm all over her legs. I then moved up, I was still cumming, as was she, and I thrusted my screaming dick deep into her hot, wet, wanting, cunt!

We both were pumping, writhing and clawing each other. Moaning and groaning very load. We both were cumming again and again. When we finally stopped. I went down very slowly licking her with my tongue, and then started to lick my sperm from her throbbing cunt. She started cumming again. I again plunged into her, and within a few minutes we both were cumming uncontrollably.

The class was going wild! A couple of students were engaged in oral sex. Almost the entire class was masturbating and cumming, as was Miss Johnson, while sitting in her chair.

At the end of that school year, the school board changed it’s policy again. They never thought anyone would really fuck in front of a class. I was told that they were pretty shocked, to say the least, as were a lot of parents.

That summer Heather and I fucked and loved on each other manny times. In the autumm, she left to go to college. She would come back every once in a while, And we would once again engage in orgasmic estasy.

Heather eventually went on to become a very famous television and motion picture star and a successful business woman. She bleached her hair blonde. Every christmas, she sends me a card, as I send her one, too.

Every once in a while, she’ll come to Atlanta on business. And when she does, she never fails to set an afternoon and evening aside for us, And we’ll make love that is just as intense as it was years ago in miss Johnsons sex class.

Her and I have something very, very special and will always remain very close, even though we lead separate lives.

I’ve never told anyone about her and I. They probably would’nt believe me anyway. Only those in Miss Johnson’s sex class know who she really is. You would too, if you seen her.

But is Heather her real name? Don’t count on it. She’s a beautiful lady. And miss Johnson? Well, that’s another story to be told. One that is also very steamy.

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