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Psychology Experiment

As a college psychology professor, I have noticed that one of my students is always trying to prove me wrong or argue points with me during class. So one day after class, I ask her to come by at the end of the day to discuss her attitude. Just when I am thinking she is not going to come, she angrily flounces into my office and closes the door for privacy. She then proceeds to tell me that she can’t stand any man telling her how to think. I tell her that this is a place of open minds, not closed. She then berates me for typical institutional thinking, but while she is doing this, I notice her nipples are rock hard. I realize that this must be the first time a man has ever stood up to her, and it is exciting her. I think to myself: time to try a little psychological experiment!

To stop her venomous diatribe, I roughly grab her shoulder and tell her to be quiet. She gasps at the physical contact, and tries to slap me. I grab both her hands and tell her to desist. While she struggles, I notice she is scrubbing her body against me and beginning to pant. I tell her that I am going to change her attitude toward men, and proceed to use my telephone cord to bind her hands. She begins to tremble and asks what I am planning to do to her.

Without saying a word, I throw her over my lap and pull down her shorts and panities and begin to spank her with my bare hands. She struggles furiously to start, but eventually goes limp. She starts to beg for mercy and I can feel how wet her pussy is on my lap. I ask her if she could have anything at this point and time, what would it be? She starts crying and tells me nothing would please her more than me sliding my cock into her and fucking her senseless. I respond by slowly taking my clothes off as she squirms with anticipation. I slide my incredibly hard 8 inch cock into her swollen pussy and she begins to climax immediately. I pull out and tell her she enjoyed that too much, and that she must pay the price. I take my cock and put the tip against her asshole. She begs for me to stop, and tells me she never has has anal sex before. I smile wickedly and and slowly slide my raging hard-on into her ass. As I begin to rhythmically pump in and out of her asshole, she begins to convulse with orgasm after orgasm. I pull out just before I am about to cum. I grab her by her hair and turn her head towards me and blow my load all over her face for the final humiliation. I put my clothes back on and untie her. She stands up and tells me that she needs to be taught more by professors like me. I tell her the lessons have just begun…

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