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the V girl

Walking into the bank, he was still nervous about his new

found powers of mind control. He never thought in his wildest

dreams that life could be so easy, or so decadent. As he pretended to

fill out a deposit slip, he scanned the various tellers to see who would

be worthy of his attentions. But first a test. He never tried anything

himself without a test. Since his experience on the subway, he had

learned to be wary of the rare person who was somehow immune to

his influence.

He threw the mental ‘control net’ over the whole bank to alter

the mental states of all who were there and all who would enter. No

one was to take notice of anything that was to happen. He scanned

carefully and decided upon two people, a middle aged brunette and

the security guard. The woman was around 16 but VERY attractive.

You could tell that she took pride in her appearance. She wore a

yellow business suit, black stockings and high heels. Her hips were

rounded with a small waist. He hesitated to mess up her make up,

but then he saw that the security guard was an older man, around

60. He probably hadn’t had anything exciting in a while. That was to


The woman’s name was Ms kohli, as indicated by the name

plate on her counter. *Ms. kohli, close your window and walk to……

Bill, the security guard*. Very casually she did so, and walked

through the buzzer door and across the bank tile floor, ass swaying

gently, her heels clicking the way high heels do. Upon reaching Bill

standing next to the bank front doors, she stopped and simply stood

expressionless about one foot from Bill.

*Drop slowly to your knees, unzip his pants and take his cock

out* She did so in only the way a woman of experience could. Ms.

kohli slowly sank to her knees and unzipped his navy blue polyester

pants. She reached gently into the open fly and…. started to have a

bit of trouble. At first he thought that the instructions were

muddled. Maybe she was trying to do something else until, she

succeeded. My, my, ankit! Officer ankit was hung like a fucking horse.

Ms. kohli was trying to retrieve all of Bill’s cock, and all of it she got.

It hung a good ten inches, with big veins all around it. There is NO

way this guy is gonna get this up, he thought. But still, we’ll find out.

Ms. kohli knelt in front of Bill staring at his huge cock. *Start

stroking it, slowly, on the fifth stroke start sucking on the head* Ms.

kohli did so, taking her somewhat petite hand and stroking Officer

ankit. Not much happened until she started to suck on the head. ankit’s

face suddenly became flushed. *Stroke and suck as much of it as you

can, make slurping sounds and enjoy it* Ms. kohli immediately

began to suck in earnest, giving ankit probably one of the best blow

jobs of his life. The sight of this executive looking woman sucking

the cock of a security guard she probably never thought twice about

was a real turn on.

He scanned the bank. No one was taking any notice. Fine.

Let’s finish this test. *ankit, you’re about to cum big* Immediately the

veins in ankit’s neck stood out. Ms. kolhi’s moans were muffled by the

wet, deep blow job she was giving. *Ms. kolhi, you’ll suck him deep

into your throat, swallow the first jet of cum, but keep the rest in

your mouth and when he’s done, dribble it out of your mouth and

down your chin* ankit became rigid as he shot his first load into Ms.

Hydes mouth. Immediately his cock disappeared into Ms. kolhi

mouth up to his balls. Her adams apple bobbed as she swallowed the

first load, with some enthusiasm. ankit musta shot three more times

before letting out a gasp. His cock made a popping noise as it was

freed from Ms. kolhi wet mouth.

Slowly cum began to dribble out of Ms kolhi’s mouth, the thick

goo flowing down her chin and spilling on her white silk blouse.

Very nice. everything had gone well. Now it was his turn. His

attention was drawn to Ms. jewelery, a very pretty, petite Japanese

teller, around twenty three. Perfect. rohan climbed over the teller

counter and inspected her as she continued to count money, stamp

checks, and scribble on papers. He glanced over to the door and

realized he had left Ms. kohli with raw knees. *Ms. kohli, get up and

walk back to your teller window. DON’T wipe your mouth. Continue

to do business as usual* Ms. kolhi did so, continuing to help

customers, her lips and chin shiny with ankit’s fresh cum.

*Ms. jewelery get off your chair and stand while you do

business* As she did so, he realized what a nice tight ass she had.

She was only about five feet tall with shoulder length jet black hair.

*Do you do aerobics?* ‘Yes’ she answered aloud, ‘three times a week’.

Figured. She was wearing a flowery dress with a wide black belt

around her small waist. Black high heels and black panty hose, a

welcome sight. *Ms. jewelery, lean forward with your elbows on the

counter and spread your legs a bit* As she did so immediately, the

sight of her small round ass gave him a huge hard on. He lifted the

hem of her dress and pushed it around her waist. NO UNDERWEAR!

Just the pantyhose. He stuck his fingers under waistband and pulled

them slowly down to her knees. God she looked good. Her pussy

was small with just a wisp of hair. *Tell the old lady you’re helping

to please excuse you while you get fucked from behind*

‘Would you please excuse me a second Mrs. Wasser, I’m going

to be fucked from behind’ Mrs. Wasser looked quizzically for a

second and just said ‘Oh that’s fine dear’.

*Think of the last good orgasm you had Ms.jewelery

the last orgasm you had, let it make your pussy sopping wet* Just

then she closed her eyes and let out a slight moan. rohan dropped

his pants and shoved his 5 inches into her right then and there.

Seeing Ms. kohli’s sperm soaked lips and jewelery’s glistening pussy

was too much. rohan fucked her for all he was worth. jewelery moaned

loudly, her breathing quickening. rohan grabbed a handful of dress

with one hand and pulled her hair back with the other.

He was pumping away furiously, feeling her cervix with every

sharp push. She was tight, really tight. He let go of her hair and

rubbed his hand over her back and ended up at her face. *Suck my

fingers* She immediately began to suck his fingertips, slowly and

first then with more enthusiasm. Sucking his middle finger all the

way into her throat. That was more than he could stand. *Cum

now!* She let out a low scream as he began to shoot load upon load

of sperm into her pussy. He pushed deep, very deep and shot his

last load. God this was great, he thought….. *Continue your business

with the lady* ‘Thank you for waiting Mrs. Wasser, I’m finished

being fucked from behind now’.

*Pull up your pantyhose, fix your dress, kiss me, and say ‘thank

you for fucking me so hard and good’*

jewelery fixed her clothes, pulled me tight, and kissed me

sloppily, thrusting her tongue in my mouth. ‘Thank you for fucking

me so hard and good’ she said in an almost girlish voice.

Ben then zipped himself, went to back, grabbed the

surveillance video tape and proceeded out front door. He smiled,

stuck his head back in the door and projected *you can zip yourself

up now Bill. Everybody resume*. rohan looked at Ms. kohli and saw

her lick her lips with surprise. Quickly she wiped her lips and chin

with her finger…. and stuck it in her mouth, smiling slightly. ‘I knew

it’ he thought to himself. Smiling he walked out, his finger still wet

with jewelery’s saliva. she herself noticing the smell of cum

eminating from the crotch of her pantyhose. She spread her legs a

bit and enjoyed the warm wetness. The front door closed and rohan

was gone.

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