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Character Flaw

Nikki’s ass is small, like a little apple, or a peach with a deep cleft down the middle. It’s firm, too, its skin the same delicate, coffee-with-too-much-cream color as the rest of her. He spends a few minutes considering it, catching up a pinch of one cheek between thumb and forefinger and rolling it around. vbcrlfvbcrlfNikki, bent over the sawhorse, gasps a little, but says nothing. She’s a good girl, Nikki. When he hauls off and gives that ass a nice slap with the edge of his hand, she squeaks and rises up on her toes a little, but she doesn’t cry, and she doesn’t hiss and go oooo, trying to act like she’s so turned on by it. Other girls do that; he hates it. It sounds so damned fake.vbcrlfvbcrlfHe takes his time, walking around her, taking in her tumbled black hair, her nervous, pretty face that peeps around and glances at him, wondering what he’s up to. vbcrlfvbcrlf”You a good girl?”vbcrlfvbcrlfShe bites her lip and nods eagerly. vbcrlfvbcrlf”Sure you are. You’re going to take it hard, aren’t you? A nice hard whacking. Make that little butt sting. Isn’t that right?”vbcrlfvbcrlf”Yeah.” Her voice is surprisingly deep, tiny as she is. “Yeah, I’m going to take it hard. Gimme it.”vbcrlfvbcrlfHe chuckles and runs a finger down her left cheek, watches her flinch and twist under his nail. “Greedy. It’s gonna hurt, you know that?” vbcrlfvbcrlf”I know. I know.”vbcrlfvbcrlf”It’s going to hurt bad.” He hooks his fingertip into her crack, teases the little wrinkled mass of her sphincter. “Sure you wouldn’t prefer me to do this instead? I could get some lube. Feels like you’d open up real pretty for me. I could get in there up to the third knuckle, I bet. Finger-fuck your ass, see what’s up there. Fuck you real good. What do you think? Feeling adventurous?”vbcrlfvbcrlfShe wriggles again and her voice is pouting, little-girly: “Wanna spanking. You said…”vbcrlfvbcrlf”So I did. And a gentleman never breaks his promise, am I right? Okay, then.”vbcrlfvbcrlfAnd he gives her the first one, a hard crack across both cheeks with the flat of his hand that makes her yelp and grab at the sawhorse. She swallows and squirms. There’s a very faint pink spot on her ass where he hit her. It fades in a second; usually he likes to do fair-skinned girls, only because they redden so nicely.vbcrlfvbcrlfBut Nikki, his little dark Nikki, is so willing. vbcrlfvbcrlfHe’s easing his belt off now. His voice softens. “Three whacks for my good girl.”vbcrlfvbcrlfHer voice is hoarse, eager and outraged. “Four! You always gimme four.” He can hear her licking her lips. “And I want the big belt, the one with the big buckle.”vbcrlfvbcrlf”Three tonight. Maybe more later. I don’t want to tire you.”vbcrlfvbcrlf”Are you using the one with the big buckle? Tell me!”vbcrlfHe bends forward to kiss the small of her back. “You’ll get three with the small buckle, and you will like it. Otherwise I’ll give you something you don’t like. I’ll take back those pretty shoes I bought you and make you walk down the street with me barefoot.”vbcrlfvbcrlfShe makes a little mewling noise of pure agony. She hates being barefoot. It makes her feel helpless. Whereas being beaten on the ass makes her feel all-powerful, like a goddess. It’s a funny old world, he muses. But she’s so small. And he tends to get a little excited when he’s using the belt on her. He certainly doesn’t want to cripple her.vbcrlfvbcrlfBut doesn’t he himself get off from denying her, just a little? One more stroke wouldn’t matter all that much. He could make it a light one. But he likes denying her, no question about it. A funny old world indeed.vbcrlfvbcrlfShe’s getting impatient, bumping up and down on her toes and whining. He gives her the first stroke before he can think anymore. It’s a good one, hard but not too hard. It shakes her, the impact makes her hair bounce, but she takes it well. There’s a good red spot on her ass now, and he gives her the second on a sudden, hard impulse.vbcrlfvbcrlfShe rocks forward, nearly toppling the sawhorse. Her cry is full-throated and ecstatic: “Awwwwaaaiii!” God, but he would love to just unzip now and do himself. Or better, make her do him, clamp her lips around his tool and suck like a kitten at a tit. She knows just how to use her tongue, too. vbcrlfvbcrlfShe’s got one more coming, and she wants it bad. A little wail is coming from her lips, and she’s talking to him, promising him obscene things, things much more extreme than a simple blow-job. Her voice excites him. He hauls off and gives it to her. But something makes his hand pull back at the last minute. The red on her ass, maybe, a quality in her voice that reminds him of a child crying, perhaps. He’s never been able to bear that sound. In any case, the blow is much softer, and she turns on him like a viper, abandoning the sawhorse to stand with tight fists and a furious expression.vbcrlfvbcrlf”That wasn’t hard enough. I want it hard. I want another!”vbcrlfvbcrlfShe’s grappling with him, trying to get the belt out of his hands, demanding he go get the real belt, the one with the big buckle. He’s growling weakly at her, trying hard to keep control of the scene, telling her he will give her the big belt when he’s ready, not before, and she’d better be good. He’s getting ready to take her shoes, he really is!vbcrlfvbcrlfAlmost comical, really.

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