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Bad Boys get Spanked and Wanked

Bad Boys Get Spanked and Wanked. by Zack Smyth

I went to a unisex boarding school and although they put salt peter in the milk to reduce out sperm production, it didn’t seem to have much effect on our strong bodies with hormones raging like never before. We all had wet dreams I’m sure, and some of the boys sought relief by masturbating in the woods behind the school. Others played “pick up the soap” while in the shower, and one cornholed his younger brother regularly (they were expelled). I was fortunate to find a novel way to get off while riding horseback on some of the school’s horses. I found that the rhythmic gait, fast “spanking trot” and leather caressing my inner thighs led to ejaculation, especially when accompanied by swats from my riding crop. The only problem was that telltale spots showed on the front of my riding pants when I got back to the stable so I took to wearing a long riding coat that covered it all up. Things were going well for me that fall term and I simply sent my soiled riding pants to the cleaners and my dirty jock straps to the laundry after ‘sexercising’. It all came to an end one rainy day when the Headmaster’s wife, who was down at the stable cleaning her saddle because it was too wet to ride, saw the spots on my pants.
“What’s that?”, she asked, pointing to the wet spots on my crotch..
“Oh, that’s just a little rain water,”I answered drawing my riding raincoat tightly around my waist.
“Let me see.” she said, pulling the front of my coat open and inspecting the damp spots closely, turning up her nose as she sniffed.
“Ha!” she exclaimed. “Those are semen spots. I thought so when I saw you beat that horse with your crop. You’re a sadist! Go to the infirmary at once for punishment. I am going to call Miss Vickie right now and tell her what I found out”.
So saying, she picked up the phone and called the school nurse while I trudged out in the rain and made my way slowly to the infirmary. I didn’t know what to expect, but was upset that my fun had been discovered and was afraid they wouldn’t let me ride the school horses again.
When I got to the infirmary, Miss Vickie was waiting for me.
“Ha!”, she said. “I hear you’ve been beating one of the school horses. Why did you do that?”
“I, I…. just flicked him a few times with my crop, that’s all,” I answered sheepishly.
“Lets see your pants”, she said, pulling the front of my raincoat open and inspecting the telltale wet spots on my fly.
“Those look like semen spots to me, young man.” she said as she pulled on a pair of latex gloves and smeared some of the gloop that seeped out of my soaked jockstrap onto her gloves and took a good smell .”You beat that horse because it helps you squirt, didn’t you?”
“I, I, I,,, . ummmm, well…” I stammered as I hung my head and blushed deep red.
“Naughty boy ! You will be punished. Come with me!” she ordered as she led the way to a private examining room down the hall as I clanked along behind her in my riding boots wishing I wasn’t there.
“Take that coat off and stand infront of me,” she commanded as she shut and locked the door behind me.
Then she went to the closet and got out a white rubber apron, put it on and sat down in a straight backed chair without arms.
“Come over here, you naughty boy, and drop your pants,” she said taking my crop from me.
As I was undoing my belt and unzipping my pants, she kept slapping the leather loop keeper of my crop against her rubber apron.
“Ha! Just as I thought” she said as she pointed with her crop to my soaking wet jockstrap.” Push it down around your knees”.
As I tried to push my thick, wet jock down, she kept slapping the crop against her hand and continued to berate me.
“Naughty boy. Bad. bad, boy. You sadist! You beat that horse for your own satisfaction, didn’t you?’
” Hurry up! You will be punished now”.
So saying, she pulled me over her lap, pushed my head down with one hand and started whacking me with my crop. WHACK WHACK WHACK
“Now, see what it feels like, you naughty boy”. she said as she whacked my bare behind
“How old are you, you naught boy”, she asked between strokes.
“Eighteen” I managed to respond between sobs,
“All right, young man”, she said. “I shall give you eighteen strokes, and one to grow on!”
Whereupon she pulled my shirttail up over my shoulders and really laid into me with that crop and made me count them out. She alternated swats, from my butt to upper thighs and back till the 18th stroke, and then gave me the final 19th with all her strength, so I almost jackknifed up off her lap.
“All right, you naughty boy!. Get up, get dressed and get out. Be here every day after your ride. If I find semen spots on your pants, you will be whipped again and again until you learn to control yourself. I will call the stable and find out which days you ride, so don’t try to hide from me or I’ll double your punishment.”
I nodded my head as I tearfully pulled up my wet jock and spoiled pants, picked up my coat and shuffled out the door with my head down and stumbled down the hall, wiping the tears from my eyes.
The next week was pure hell for me. I thought of running away, but where would I run to? I couldn’t go home, as they would find out right away what had happened. I even thought of suicide, but couldn’t decide how to do it, I had to keep riding because that was the athletic sport I was assigned to and when I rode, I invariably squirted in my pants so got spanked when I went up to the infirmary. I was afraid I might even get expelled. To make matters worse, my ass got so sore that I had to get some cowboy underpants from the tack shop in the village so I could keep on riding. Miss Vickie called me a “:sissy boy” when she caught me wearing them.
Nobody knew about my plight except the headmaster’s wife and the school nurse so it wasn’t so bad after all. In fact, after a while, I even began to look forward to my daily spankings and tried to shoot my jizz while riding so I would be sure to get a good whipping. I found I could shoot more than one load during my ride if I leaned forward and jammed my cock and balls against the saddle horn while galloping uphill so they got pummeled, smashed and bashed till I squirted. On days that I couldn’t manage an ejaculation, I didn’t get my spanking either and vowed to do better next time. ‘I think I’ll try using my crop at he top of the hill ‘, I thought to myself,’ that ought to help it come out’. Indeed it did! I found out that if I timed it right, I could raise my arm and bring my crop down on either my boot or my horse, it didn’t seem to make much difference which, to make my cock shot out a good load of spunk. Just like Pavlov’s dog drooling at the sound of the dinner bell, I could now ejaculate at the SMACK of a whip. That’s when I began to get an erection during my spankings, and it felt good rubbing against her smooth, cool rubber apron.
One day, after a sterner than usual cropping, I felt my cock harden and I shot my jizz all over her clean white rubber apron as bucked my ass in time with her swats.
“Aha!” she said. “I thought so. You naught boy. Get down and clean up your mess with a washcloth, rinse it out in the sink and come back for another eighteen swats. They will be harder than any I have given you yet”.she added slapping her crop against her rubber apron.
When I finished wiping my spunk of her apron, I rinsed the washcloth out in the sink and then returned to lie over her lap again, ready for my next spanking.
“You naughty boy.” she said WHACK
“Bad, bad boy”. WHACK WHACK WHACK
“Now you’re in real trouble. You freakin’ fetishist.” WHACK WHACK WHACK
“You will be punished good, this time!”
I began to cry as she laid into my bare ass with the riding crop
“There, ” she said after the last stroke. “That’ll teach you to dirty up my rubber apron.”
Then she sent me on my way, admonishing me to be sure to be there the next day right after my ride.
As I got dressed and stumbled toward the door, she took of her rubber gloves, hung up her apron and put the crop in a cupboard before unlocking the door saying, “there, now, we’re all ready for the next time.”.
Things went better for me from then on. I even went down to the village and bought some new riding pants, spurs and a leather crop as my ejaculations became more intense and my visits to Miss Vickie more and more exciting. Thus, my sexual education began. I learned to love and respect dominant women, a lesson that was beaten into me so effectively. Even after I graduated, I used to go up to the school on alumni day, take a ride on one of the school horses and spend the night with Miss Vickie who had her own apartment and a good assortment of spanking implements that she used on her naughty boy with predictable results. Now, however, she didn’t allow me to shoot my load onto her rubber apron, but made me roll over and lie on my back over her lap, with my feet on the floor on one side and my head on the arm of a nearby chair.
“There,” she said after positioning me so that my by now thoroughly erect cock was sticking straight up in her lap “lift up your head and watch as I smear this erection cream on your penis.”
Whereupon I saw her open up a jar of white cream, smear gobs of it on her rubber gloves and anoint my prick with it. The feeling was both delightfully tingling and excruciating as she began to slowly stroke my by now pulsating and jerking cock. Soon I felt a tightening in my gut, and my balls moved up in my scrotum as I saw my pre-cum begin to ooze out of my cock head.
“Now watch closely”, she said as she used the oozing white stuff as a lubricant and began to stroke my cock faster and faster, till I came in great globs that shot up into the air as she stroked me to the best climax I had ever experienced. As I gasped and convulsed in ecstasy, she continued to milk my pecker .
“Come on, big boy,” she said as she squeezed my balls “Get it out now. All of it! Let me see how much you have to give.”
When I was completely drained, my prick started to shrink back down into a mere shadow of its former self and became flaccid. Then she made me kneel infront of her and clean my spunk off her apron with Kleenex tissue and mop the floor. When I finished, she told me to toss the soiled tissues in the trash and stand infront of her with my hands clasped behind my back and my legs spread as she smeared Ben Gay on my cock and balls.
“There.” she said .”That will make you remember me.”
Then she put me to bed.
“I put rubber sheets on your bed so if you have a wet dream, you won’t soil my linen”, she said giving me wry smile.
Needless to say, I slept like a log. The rubber sheets felt smooth and cool against my nakedness and the Ben Gay she smeared on my cock and balls made them tingle delightfully. I didn’t have a wet dream that night. No waking up in the middle of the night to find my PJ’s and sheets all sticky and gooy with my cum. My nurse knew how to take care of her naughty boy all right.
The next morning, she led me out to the woodshed and made me drop my pants and bend over a sawhorse so that my bare butt was up and the skin stretched tightly over it.
“Hold that position now,” she said as she reached for a thick leather strap that hung from a nail on the wall. “I’m going to give you a good whipping tat you will never forget.”
WIth that pronouncement, she began to whip my upturned ass, upper thighs and bare back with well placed strokes. WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK…………..
“There, now,” she said stopping to catch her breath. “Thats what baughty boyss get from me.”
After she let me up, she gave me a hug and handed me a jar of cream.
“Here, take this with you. It will help you wank properly. Read the label now.”
I took a good look at the jar and read the label “ELBOW GREASE” ; Your mother told you to use it’.
We both got a good laugh out of that, and she gave me a pat on the crotch as I got in my car.
“See you next year!” I said as I drove down the drive, squirming on my well reddened ass ..

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