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Master Darter

I courted her for 3 months online…. I finally met her for 3 weeks in Chicago…. When we met we connected and felt the passion that would soon ignite.

That same night I showed her my restraints… The black leather menacing yet the rabbit fur lining soft and seductive… I put her face down over my knee with all her wrists and ankles having the restraints on and her very naked.

She was nervous, but I could feel her juices flooding my knee and was very encouraged. I took my lightest paddle – a cheap 3-dollar dimpled ping pong paddle – and gave her an experimental slap.

She jumps but otherwise stayed still. I said, “Marie, how long have you wanted this?” She said, “I came to you months ago Master.” I swatted her again and again and again. I spanking her to a light pink and she is moaning by now and sliding off my knee – squirming. I am having so much fun and my leg is soaked.

I put her on the bed and I tied her up face down. I start fingering her pussy while rubbing her ass. I pick up my flogger and start flogging her butt with soft, slow and steady stokes stinging and dancing on her hot flesh. I do this for perhaps 50 slashes – slowly – her cumming the whole time turning and turning nice and red.

When I finally stopped she was limp but when I put some ice on her hot buns and she woke right up and was very alert. She was wet again yet another fresh white spot appeared. I turned her over on her hotttttttttt ass and made gentle passionate love to her. She was like a wild bronco and her ass hurt so much I got the best fuck of my life! I must have slammed her for a good 40 minutes – I have never been so hard in my life!

I think I’ll treasure that forever.

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