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The Flower and the Sun – second half

Second half ~ The Flower and the Sun

Kelsey couldn’t explain that she couldn’t talk, couldn’t force the words out that she was nervous and almost frightened and strangely, wildly excited. Hearing the tone of Nick’s voice she rushed to the living room not daring to hesitate for even a moment. She had no idea why Nick headed in the other direction but didn’t bother to ask not wanting to make things any worse. Upon arriving in the living room she wondered just how one awaited a spanking, if she should sit or stand. She decided to stand in the center of the room. Back straight, hands clasped white in front of her, knees feeling like jello she waited. Nick charged in seconds later and ordered her to the back of the sofa. Kelsey moved quickly around the sofa and stood at its center. She should have figured out when Nick sent her here, he had chosen the sofa as her spanking place. Nick’s hand circled her arm and guided her to the sofa’s back, “right up against the sofa, Kelsey. Now, bend over, hands on the seat.” Kelsey tried to bend but something just would not let her move so compliantly. She felt Nick’s strong hand pressing her mid back to force her down. She bent, her hands automatically reaching out in front of her. The sofa pressing in her belly brought her awareness of the butterflies flitting around inside her. Nick applied more pressure to her back, which brought her up on her toes. He pushed more and her feet left the floor. Her bottom was in a very high, very vulnerable position and she felt herself beginning to get wet. She clamped her legs tight together hoping Nick wouldn’t notice and think she was demented. She didn’t understand herself why her body was reacting like this and knew she could never explain it to Nick.

“Kelsey! I am going to talk and you listen carefully,” Nick began in a voice unfamiliar to Kelsey. “By my calculation you have been out playing every day for the past three and a half weeks. I am going to call it 25 days. For each day you impulsively left here to run off with your friend leaving things undone or done haphazardly it is my decision you will receive 5 smacks per day, for a total of 125 smacks. Nick heard Kelsey gasp. “I have also made the decision to add 25 smacks for your obstinate refusal to pick a place for your spanking.” He felt Kelsey tense under hand as he began to rub her cool bottom. Fingers splayed he rubbed each cheek in a slow circular motion as he continued, “Since you couldn’t decide you will be rewarded with the opportunity to experience each choice I offered you. Your first 50 will be administered right here. “Relax your legs and your bottom. Do Not reach back”. He tapped Kelsey’s bottom. “Relax the muscles, Kels, right now!” Nick watched the tension slowly leave Kelsey’s upturned derriere. “I am only asking this for your good, Kels, tensing makes the sting worse according to the owner of the adult store, so try to keep from tightening your muscles.”

“Kelsey,” Nick went on as he massaged, warming her bottom, “our safe word is yellow. If at any time this becomes a situation you cannot handle for any reason, call out the safe word and we stop. Either one of us can stop this spanking with the use of our safe word. “Do you understand?” He grinned at Kelsey’s whispered ‘yes’. “But I want you to know, if you stop me, we do this all over again tomorrow, and again and again from the beginning until it is completed, so that this problem is behind us, and completely resolved. Got that?” he asked and patted Kelsey’s raised behind when she nodded.

“Okay, Baby,” Nick said gently, “I want you to tell me why we are doing this.”

“Because you are a tyrant,” Kelsey grunted and tensed her buttocks and legs.

Nick almost laughed but managed to keep from losing his stern countenance. “KELS!”

“OOOOOO kay! I have been rotten and pouty and not doing the things I really want to do. I have been going off with Janet and coming home late, the house is a mess, I’m a mess and I haven’t been able to stop myself for some reason. Is that good enough?” she almost growled.

“Good enough. Kelsey, I want you to thank me for spanking you. And when you really are sorry about the way things have been lately, I want you to apologize. Then when this is over neither one of us will feel bad about your behavior any more, understood?” Nick asked gently.

“Thank you, Nick? You expect me to thank you for this?” Kelsey asked incredulously as she tensed and her legs becoming rigid.

“Yes, Kelsey, you’re going to thank me. How comfortable are you in this position, Kels? I can wait all night, can you?” he asked, his hands beginning to knead the tense muscles of her bottom.

Kelsey felt his hand. It was so strong and yet so gentle she wriggled in response. She took a deep breath, gritted her teeth and in embarrassed compliance pushed the words, “Thank you for spanking me, Nick”, out of her throat into the air. She felt her face flame with pride and humiliation. But, deep inside, some place she’d never found before, she did thank him, she did want this, she did need this. She didn’t understand, but she knew Nick was right and she really didn’t like admitting it even to herself.

He took a deep breath after Kelsey’s pouted ‘thank you’ and summoned his courage to follow through with this spanking. “Kels, relax your legs!”

He heard her soft moan the same time he saw her relax her legs. He also noticed the rose blush blooming on her face. He drew back his hand and SMAACCCK, SMAACCCK, SMAACCCK, SMAACCCK, SMAACCCKED, alternating cheeks with a second or two between the first ten smacks. Then SSSMAAACKKKED, ten more times alternating upper thighs. He liked the feel of Kelsey’s bottom giving then bouncing back under his slaps. His hand was beginning to sting and he wondered if Kelsey’s bottom was stinging in the same way. Kelsey’s wiggling and soft moans were also holding his attention. He drew his arm high and SMMMMMMAAAACCCCKKKEEEDDDD another set of ten licks to her heating bottom. He watched her pelvis tuck and lift, her hips squirming as he continued with the thirty first through fortieth SSMMMAAACCCKKKKKS, his hand on fire, hot and burning. He rubbed Kelsey’s bottom absorbing the heat, noticing the pink that was deepening with every smack. “Kels, your doing real well, only ten more to go here, then I’ll let you rest a few minutes.” He lifted his hand and brought it down sharply alternating cheeks and upper thighs completing the first fifty SSSSMMMMAAAACCCKKKKKKKS. “Good girl, you can stand up now, Kels” Nick said as he rubbed his hand trying to ease the burning sting.

Kelsey pushed herself back and stood. Her hand going immediately to the burning flesh of her bottom to try to rub some of the fire away. She had found herself gritting her teeth and becoming angry the last ten pops to her tender bottom. If Nick hadn’t threatened to start from the beginning and do this all again the next night she would have yelled the safe word he gave her. The thing was, as hot as her bottom got, as much as it stung, it really hadn’t hurt it had just made her pout and become angry. After some consideration as the smacks rained down on her bottom jarring her and making her twist to avoid them, she had realized she was not angry with Nick, but angry with herself for hopping in the car with Janet every time she came by with shopping or lunching plans. As she thought and rubbed she realized her behind was very warm and that she had become even more wet with desire. A soft gnawing had begun deep inside making her feel a bit perplexed and a little shy. “Hmm, what, Nick,” she asked as his voice pulled her from her reverie.

“I said it’s time to go to the bedroom for the second part of you’re spanking, Kels! GO!” Nick ordered firmly. Kelsey pivoted on the ball of her foot and stomped to the bedroom. She stood looking at the unmade bed as Nick came in behind her carrying a wooden spoon. She gasped as she realized he had meant what he told her and wished she’d been able to utter something, anything, when he’d asked her to make a choice. When she heard his voice, stern and commanding, “get on the bed with your bottom raised high, Kels, Now!” she quickly got on the bed on her knees, resting her head and shoulders on the soft wadded covers. She felt embarrassed and knew she was blushing. And in this position she was very aware of the heat in her raised cheeks, the slight sting, and the tingling muscle.

She felt the mattress give as Nick placed a knee to the right of her resting his weight. She went rigid when she heard him instruct her to lower her panties. She softly moaned, “Oh, Nick, please don’t make me do that”, and he began to count. She was concerned about getting through the next 100 spanks definitely not wanting to have any more added. She reached back before he counted ‘four’ and hooked her thumbs in the waist of her panties. Her eyes stung from gathering tears of embarrassment and humiliation as she slowly worked her panties over her protruding backside, pushing them to her upper thighs. Nick ordered she push them lower. With shaking hands and a quivering stomach she slid her panties to just above her knees. She gasped as Nick’s fingers stroked lightly along her crevice sliding in her wetness. She felt her inner muscles grip and release. She breathed deeply as his fingers explored her lips brushing her clitoris, moaning softly, as she began to move with his fingers. His hand gently rubbed her bottom and upper thighs. When he told her to spread her legs she complied without hesitation craving his pleasurable touch feeling her panties from being able to spread her legs but just so far. She wanted them off, her legs spread wide to give Nick better access to her wet desire. She realized with a start that she was very confused. She didn’t and did want this, all of it.

Too soon his hand withdrew and trying to tense she realized it was very difficult with her legs spread even partially. Her body jolted as she heard then felt the sharp biting sting of the wooden spoon over and over. She tried to be still but it hurt. Each smack landing in a slightly different place soon had her squirming and groaning. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, and SMACK. “OHHHHHHH!” Her hips jerked on their own. Her hands gripped and twisted the bedding. She pushed her face straight down into the bed to keep from yelling and hollering. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, and SMACK! The spoon connected with a bite that made her flinch. Her eyes burned with tears. She tried to lower her bottom but Nick’s left arm wrapped her waist lifting her high as he began to pepper her thighs with the spoon. Kelsey couldn’t help kicking her feet or howling into the mattress. The SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK to her thighs had her crying and twisting in his arm. She wriggled and winced as the next SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, landed left, right and center on her seared derriere. She no longer felt angry. She felt hot and for some reason sad. She had flashes of lunches with Janet when she remembered thinking she should be at home. And she recalled how awful she’d felt as Janet had dropped her off at home many times and she’d realized how late it had gotten and how much she had left undone. She remembered every time she’d felt bad about things she had done and bad about herself, her actions, and mistakes. Oh, mercy! It hurt to have Nick spanking with that spoon. Her bottom wiggled, tucked, twisted and jerked with every last SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.

Nick dropped the spoon and rubbed Kelsey’s hot deep rose bottom. He saw the sheen of wetness on her upper thighs. He knew she could feel him rising to the occasion as he stroked the heat of her, which warmed his hand instantly. Her cheeks were so smooth and hot. He maintained his grip around her waist and let her cry as he massaged and she flinched and moaned through her tears. His fingers went dipping into her wetness, sliding and stroking her. With two fingers he parted her lips and caught her clitoris gently between them, sliding slowly up and down. Kelsey began to move in a different way as he stroked. He rubbed her tight rose hole with his thumb. He relaxed then loosened his grip on her so she could lie flat, but she stayed on her knees, groaning now in pleasure. It took all his resolve to think about finishing the last portion of her spanking. “Kelsey, Baby. It’s time to finish this. Stand up, Baby,” he directed. When he saw Kelsey begin to move to stand he gently helped her to her feet. Her bottom was a deep pink and so hot to his touch. He reached out and rubbed gently as he spoke. “Kels, get an armless chair from the dining room and place it in the center of the den.” Kelsey reached to pull up her panties and he quickly added, “leave your panties where they are.”

Kelsey felt more foolish than ever walking with her panties snug just above her knees as she went to do as Nick had instructed. She couldn’t believe how wet she was as she felt her fluid with every step. Her fanny was burning and she felt soreness with every step too. She couldn’t help reaching back to rub as she stood by the chair she had placed in the center of the den and waited for Nick. She thought about telling him to go jump in a lake if he thought he was going to give her 50 more spanks as a tear rolled down her cheek. She brushed it way hastily hoping Nick hadn’t seen as she heard his footsteps behind her. She jumped, startled as she felt him undoing the safety pins which had held her shirt high above her fanny. The fabric tickled as it relaxed and slid back into place. She moaned as it slid over her very sensitive and resonating cheeks. When she heard Nick ask her to take off the shirt she pouted but gathered the fabric in her hands and lifted it off over her head. She held it out to him. He dropped it on the floor by the chair as he sat. When he handed her the plastic bag she knew from the feel what was inside before she pulled the paddle into view. Seeing it and remembering the last two sessions made her whimper. Another tear rolled down her cheek which she hastily brushed away when Nick told her to hold it until he asked for it. She’d almost forgotten how strange she felt standing naked with her panties still around her knees. When she saw Nick’s gaze she knew he was looking at her breasts with their tightened nipples. Her breath caught in her throat as it hit her how turned on she was.

Nick reached out looping Kelsey’s wrist in his left hand. He pulled her slowly so that she bent over his lap and then lowered to lie across his thighs. He arranged her easing her head low and watched as her hands reached out, one gripping the paddle tightly, to steady her by pushing against the floor. He decided to pin her legs so caught them between his own. This put Kelsey’s beautiful deep pink fanny over his left leg, and in this position she was open, nothing hidden from him. He loved looking at her womanhood. She was so vulnerable in this position, so trusting. He knew laying over him as she was; she could feel the stirrings of his desire. His hand rubbed. “Kels. There are several other reasons for this spanking. As much as you deserved this, it isn’t punishment or discipline. Do you know why we’re doing this, Kels?” Nick asked.

Kelsey groaned. She wasn’t happy about being asked to talk in her present situation. She gritted her teeth, took a deep breath and sighed. “So I’ll think twice before just running off to play?” she asked in irritation. All of a sudden she couldn’t talk. The tears came. She sniffed and cried gently basking in Nick’s sweet caresses. She knew he was waiting. She calmed herself and whispered, ” because I took out on you, the disappoint and anger with myself. Because I got defensive and wouldn’t talk to you. I pushed you away emotionally and hurt you. Because I couldn’t seem to find away to stop myself from doing things I didn’t really want to do.”

“Give me the paddle, Kelsey,” Nick instructed as he continued to massage rubbing her back, thighs and bottom. “Thank you,” he said and laid the leather across her cheeks and began to make slow lazy circles. “I couldn’t think of another way to help you. I wanted to show you without fussing. I don’t like it when we don’t get along, Kels. And I wonder if you have any idea how difficult it was to make this decision and how difficult it has been to carry it out. I really dislike when we close off from each other and don’t talk about things. But trying to talk to you about this didn’t work. You can be very stubborn when you want, know that? It seemed the harder I tried to get you to think about things the further you receded into yourself, completely blocking me out.” Nick drew his arm back… WHACK! “You pushed me away, Kels!”

Kelsey jerked from the crack of the paddle then moaned as the heat of the connection surged through her. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Kelsey bucked and yelped her body beginning to writhe. Her eyes welled with tears. All she could think of was the way she had treated Nick the past three weeks, her moodiness, being unable to get a handle on her behavior. Tears began to flow as the paddles came down again and again on her already tender bottom. CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, CRACK. Kelsey hollered and cried. Her bottom began to lift to the paddle then grind into Nick’s thigh as her hands gripped twisting carpet fibers between her fingers. She kicked and twisted unable to move as Nick wrapped his arm around her and lifted her so that he could smack where her buttock met thigh. She wasn’t angry any longer, but she felt sad and her heart hurt. To know she had taken her disappointment and anger with herself out on Nick caused her to feel nauseated and tense. Her bottom sore and searing squirmed and jerked as the paddle connected.

Nick stopped to rub Kelsey’s reddening fanny, thighs and back. He talked as he massaged while Kelsey wiggled and cried. “Kelsey, let go. Just let it all go. What ever is bothering you, Baby, just let it go. I love you, Kels. That’s all that really matters, Baby. In a few minutes this will all be over and we’ll put this behind us for good. Then neither of us has to worry about it or even think about it. It will just be over and done with.” Nick’s voice reassured and soothed Kelsey as his hand wandered up her back, around, rubbing, down over her blazing buttocks, down her thighs and then back up between her legs. His fingers teased and stroked gently in her slick wetness, finding and feathering over her clitoris. Kelsey cried softly, sniffing, and moaning. She felt Nick shift. Then growled and writhed with each SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. Her pelvis lifted to meet the paddle squirming from the sharp searing pops then lowered to grind into his thigh. She felt the tears rolling down her cheeks. She became aware of the growing desire to feel Nick inside her. All the sensations took her over. She became all feeling, but for some reason she still fought to hold on to her pride and dignity. Her body was fire and tears and a gnawing hunger for her husband. The combination of hot searing smacks to her vulnerable flaming bottom and erotic strokes to her most sensitive spot drove all conscious thought from her mind. Low ragged growls came from deep inside her as her body jumped with each connection of the paddle to her bottom.

Nick watched Kelsey’s body on his lap. The fingers of his left hand worked gently stroking as his right hand delivered kisses of fire to Kelsey’s deep red cheeks. He felt the resistance leaving her body as muscles loosened. He listened to the sounds of crying growls coming from deep inside her. She no longer kicked or moved to avoid the spanks. Fingers sliding between her lips, he stroked. Her clitoris was swollen and standing, pushing to meet his touch. His fingers explored and found her entrance. He spread his hand, his index finger sliding into her as his ring and pinky finger continued to stroke. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. He listened as Kelsey began to sob. The view of his wife’s openness over his lap was almost more than he could stand. Her hip rubbed and jolted against him bringing him painfully erect. His breathing was becoming labored. He loosened his grip on Kelsey’s legs pushing her panties down her calves and off her feet with the paddle. He whispered, “Spread your legs for me, Kels.”

Kelsey’s legs parted to open for Nick. His fingers were making her almost crazy. The intensity of the paddle and being touched left her wanting more and more and more. She began to sob. She writhed and cried trying to maintain her control. Her body was a contradiction of pain, pleasure, control and release. Her mind and body were in conflict. Her mind tried to maintain control while her body gave in to all the tactile sensations. Something snapped and Kelsey found herself sobbing as if her heart would break as she finally let go of all her misdeeds and negative thoughts and finally let go of all the control she had. She didn’t want to hang on to anything but Nick. She wanted to be held and protected and taken care of. She wanted to be close in mind and heart and body with her husband. “I’m so sorry, Nick. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!” she groaned as she released her guilt and shame over the past few weeks. Then she realized she was releasing all the negative feelings she had about herself, allowing them to slip away with her tears. Her mind no longer fought the smacks, she no longer felt humiliated, she wasn’t embarrassed and she was far from feeling like a child. The sharp stinging smacks tearing through her had her body dancing with the paddle and Nick’s fingers. All she wanted was to feel. Just feel. She didn’t want to think. Couldn’t think. There was simply too much feeling, too many sensations for her mind to do anything but concentrate on her skin and muscle and the electric tingles flashing through her.

Nick felt Kelsey let go. There was no more resistance. Her body reacted to the slaps and strokes, without thought, without any resistance. He played in her increasing fluid, teasing, and pleasuring as she spanked her. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. He paused to rub and massage as his fingers continued to tease. His heart thudded in his chest as he heard Kelsey whispering through her tears, “I want you. I want you. I want you.” His breathing became a pant it took all his strength and determination to finish Kelsey’s spanking. SMAAAACK, SMAAACK, SMAAACK, SMAAACK, SMAAAAAACK!!! He dropped the paddle and lifted Kelsey into his arms. She felt like a rag doll as he pulled her close and cupped her head to his chest. He let her cry as he whispered the calming soothing words, “I love you, Kels. You’re such a wonderful woman. There’s no one else in the world as special as you are to me. I love you, Baby.” He kissed the top of her head and temples, brushing the damp hair back off her face. She burrowed into him, hiccuping and sniffing. He could feel the heat of her bottom burning his thighs. “It’s all over, Baby. Shhhh, sweetheart, it’s all over. Oh, Kels, you’re such a good girl. Shhhh, Baby, it’s all over.”

Kelsey whimpered, “I want you, Nick. Now. Please.” She wiggled in his lap trying to calm the deep gnawing hunger in her core and winced from the acute tenderness. “Please. Make love to me, Nick.”

“Yes, love.” Nick stood up scooping her into his arms to carry her to the bedroom. Kelsey’s whisper in his ear stopped him instantly. “Are you sure, Kels?” he asked and felt her nod against his neck. He let her feet drop slowly to the floor and steadied her as she stood. He watched as she walked back to the chair and climbed into the seat on her knees facing its back. She held the back of the chair, knees slightly apart, back arched.

“Now, Nicky, please, make love to me, now,” she whimpered lifting her bottom high.

Seeing Kelsey open and wet, squirming and wriggling as she lifted cheeks hot and rosy from her spanking drove him over the edge. He jerked his shirt over his head dropping it hastily as he grasped the buttons of his jeans tearing them open, shoving them down his legs and kicking them off in a heap on the floor. His erection bobbed in front of him as he walked to Kelsey. He stepped close rubbing against her. As he leaned over her back to cup her breasts the heat of her well-spanked bottom burned against his groin. Her pelvis pushed straining into him. Her moans as he moved against her tender bottom sent a shiver shooting from his hairline to his toes. He softly bit on the back of her neck and shoulders making her groan and quiver, her pelvis doing a perpetual dance against his. He whispered he loved her in her ear as he kissed and bit it gently making her whimper and shudder underneath him. He loved the way it felt to have her body move under his, naked hot flesh against naked hot flesh. Her sounds were a symphony, which echoed through his body bringing physical reactions. He moaned softly as he reached to touch and tease her wetness. Her back arched under him as her body strained to connect with his, wiggling, pushing against him, seeking him, as his fingers played gently, sensuously sliding against her swollen peak. He listened as her breathing became loud and ragged.

Kelsey heard his whispered words and became lost in her desire to be filled by him, joined with him. Her body moved of its own volition, straining to become one. The ache inside her was almost maddening as her body sought release from its overwhelming need. As he whispered, bit and began to touch her so intimately she could no longer think all she could do was feel and crave being closer. She felt her body wince and jerk each time he slid against her tender bottom. She felt the sting, the burn, and the heat resonating between them. She heard the begging plea in her voice as she softly growled, “Nick, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, make love to me. I want you now, Baby, pleeeeeeeeeease!” Then she felt Nick’s warm hands massaging her ‘spanked to screaming’ cheeks, parting them, then closing them to shift and part her again and again. Tears of want and a need so strong she could barely find enough air to breathe flowed freely down her face. She whimpered and begged, wincing as his hands continued to arouse her more and more. She felt a quiet deep desperation building deep inside her to simply be filled by this man she loved.

Nick moved his finger to tease her tight opening that flexed and seemed to almost wink at him as he had rotated her cheeks open and closed. Kelsey’s lack of normal shyness and modesty, her complete trust and submission to him brought a deep feeling of power and with it a feeling of tremendous responsibility. He knew he could never do anything to hurt this woman he loved deeply, wholly. And he realized with clarity the awesome gift she offered in her trust and submission. Kelsey’s priceless gift was a strong aphrodisiac filling his mind and body with a desire to dominate and take her now completely, just as she offered herself with no resistance between them. He felt his finger slide through the ring of tight muscle, pushing into her hot smooth anus. Her tensing bucks gripped and pulled at his finger. His hand grasped his near to bursting shaft and guided its head to enter her, his tip pushing slowly as her opening stretched to accommodate and mold itself to fit him. Ahhhh! He felt her tight and hot and wet wrapping him as he pushed deeper and deeper into her. This was a feeling he loved, the way her body welcomed and changed to not only admit him, but to surround him becoming a part of him. He moved finger and pelvis in the same tempo…pushing slowly then pulling quickly, to repeat and enter her slowly again and again. He leaned over her and with his free hand began to stroke her puffy lips and clitoris. As he touched her he remembered time lapsed photography of flowers from bud stage to full bloom opening before his eyes in seconds………..she was his flower. And she was blooming in his hands.

Both gasped and moaned, groaned and growled, moving faster and faster. One body was gripping, while the other slid freely, smoothly, pleasuring. Moving together, pleasing each other, meeting time and time again, they danced, flower and sun. Softness and hardness coming together, penetration of the sun’s warmth and the blossom’s acceptance of the dance carried them further and further. Petals opening straining toward the sun, stretching, growing, in nature’s way, bringing fullness of the bloom. With a cry, they both found release.

Still and limp, forehead resting on her arm, struggling to find her breath and listening to Nick’s sweet whispered words of love, appreciation and admiration in her ear as he lay breathless and spent over her back, Kelsey made another discovery. Nick had ‘made’ her do nothing. He had simply known her well enough and loved her deeply, care fully enough to offer her the gift of a place where she was totally safe to offer herself to him completely. She knew in her deepest self, Nick would be her safe place, always, time and time again.

©April 01, 2001

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