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Miranda's Fantasy

Miranda’s Fantasy

By: vixen_deb

Ankles crossed, back reclining against the trunk of a huge elderly oak, Amos sat nursing his last beer. Eyes scanning out across the water, he was unaware of the small fishing boat trolling along the bank and the small flock of Mallards floating on the greenish-blue glass of the Millpond. Truth was he was psyching himself up for tonight. He knew to do what was planned he’d have to be damn near drunk. What she was asking was going to be really hard for him to do. All these weeks of practice, changing strategy, working up scripted dialogue had seemed exciting and wild. But going through with it was going to take all he had.

He’d been a ‘guy’ all his life. When you played sports getting naked in front of others on an almost daily basis was just a part of being a guy. High school and college baseball and football gang showers were easy to do. You just limped to the shower and got out of that damned nasty uniform as quickly as you could. Screw anyone looking. A guy played hard, got filthy and no one was keeping him out of the shower. Amos had been a wide receiver in his younger days so sweat was nothing new, but a couple of times he’d been hit so hard he’d pissed himself before his body lay still on the turf. Talk about wanting to get clean. Yeah, being buck ass naked with the guys was simply a part of life. But with girls he’d been different. It simply wasn’t the same.

He closed his eyes and willed himself to see the part he was to play tonight. He sighed. He knew with a couple drinks, as hard as it might be, he’d do what Miranda had asked. God, Miranda was a witch. She’d cast a spell on him as she’d led him to do things he’d never imagined he could do. It wasn’t so much that he was shy. The fact was he was simply a decent guy. Something about ‘women’ mystified and intrigued him. He’d always viewed them as delicate and fragile. And truth be known, he almost worshiped at the shrine of femininity. He had the utmost respect for females and Miranda had certainly showed him another side. Where most girls were a bit shy about their sexuality, every word Miranda said and every move she made implied a dare that you keep up with her. Without saying a word it was as if your balls were on the line. She had a look in her eyes, a tilt to her head, and a wiggle in her walk that screamed the question, ‘are you man enough for me’? Oh yeah, little darlin, he was definitely man enough. He just preferred they keep the sex play private.

He hated to admit it, but he was in love with her. How could he not be in love with someone who brought out the beast in him? And Miranda had been teaching him things about himself from just about their first date. Amos closed his eyes and followed Miranda, once again, up the winding path that led to tonight.

First Miranda had told him how big and strong he was and how she liked it when he stood up to her and took control. She’d grinned, those brown eyes sparking fire, as she’d told him how a ‘man’ wouldn’t let her get away with things. A man would take her over his lap, pull her panties down and spank her good. That was the first thing he’d done he had never even imagined he could do. It took him awhile to separate ‘hitting’ from ‘spanking’. Oh, and Miranda twisting and kicking over his thighs going wilder and wilder the harder he spanked made it easier and easier to do. The sight of her sex becoming more and more wet with every pop of his hand brought out ‘the beast’ in him too. It wasn’t long before Miranda presented him with a long oak oval headed hairbrush, then a wide leather belt and then wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a bows, a wooden and leather paddle.

The path twisted and he’d run after Miranda not wanting to be left behind. It was a fantasy. She’d met him at the airport a trench coat covering the sheer white lace bra and panties. She’d been naughty while he was away so of course the spanking couldn’t wait. He’d had her lift the coat and lay over the front passenger seat in the parking lot. Then he’d had her pull those panties to mid thigh. He’d spanked her long and hard as passers by glimpsed her writhing on the seat, high-heeled pumps kicking and pointed toes pushing at the concrete. He’d been too focused on her undulating bottom and small yelps to be too embarrassed by what was happening.

They’d covered some rough terrain as she’d led him to take control in parks and along the shore of the beach, once she’d even slipped beneath the tablecloth in a nice restaurant slipping him out of his pants and into her mouth before he knew what was happening. As exciting as all of it had been, Amos had been thinking lately that he honestly didn’t relish the thought of a police record for public indecency. Miranda had many small fantasies she’d brought to a boil in the cauldron of his mind and he’d followed along without much complaint happy to fulfill her lusts. He couldn’t fault Miranda; it was his own doing to be so easily led.

After tonight he’d have to do some serious thinking. He’d follow along this one last time. After all they had been planning it for weeks. Everything was arranged. It was a fairly elaborate fantasy. Amos thanked heaven it would be in the privacy of Miranda’s apartment and not on the courthouse square. The alcohol was on the counter in the kitchen, food was prepared and the choreography was fresh in their minds. Amos knew only one thing for sure as he gathered the bottle empties and headed to his car, good or bad, this would be a night he’d remember all of his life.

Miranda’s invitations had been hand written in calligraphy and hand delivered to very special people she had been grooming for weeks, just for tonight. She’d carefully brought up the subject of spanking at work in a timid, shy kind of way, little manipulator that she was. She spotted her allies quickly; three women a bit older than she who had somewhat similar desires. Of course their desires were milder, much tamer in comparison, but they’d suit her purpose. She was certain at least two would be curious enough or intrigued enough to see the fantasy through. Then there was the old beau that had wanted to date her so much he’d made a fool of himself for years. She’d never been attracted to him at all, but he’d made a nice companion for dinner and movies when she failed to make a better date. She thought of him as her ‘last minute puppy boy’ and she’d made it very clear to him that they were NOT dating. He too would do nicely for what she had in mind. And knowing the way he idolized and wanted her she was sure he’d stay to the very end.

It was very simple. Miranda had invited the select few to help make her fantasy come true. She had invited them to be a ‘part’ of her fantasy and she’d asked they go along with whatever happened, not to let anything concern them. All four had accepted her invitation and everything was ready.

They’d had a lovely dinner and had been playing cards for about an hour as Amos steadily poured drinks to ‘relax’ their guests and Miranda did her best to lose every hand to become more and more ‘moody’. The group seemed to be in good spirits, comfortable with each other. Miranda had asked everyone to let the night happen and not be put off by what might occur and she had explained that her fantasy wouldn’t be complete without their participation. They had all agreed. It was time for the fantasy to begin. Amos took a deep breath and winked giving Miranda the sign he thought it was time to begin. He quickly finished his drink and hopped up to make another.

“I don’t want you drinking so much, Amos”, Miranda whined, “this is ‘my’ party and you’re going to screw it up”.

“Miranda, you have guests, behave!” Amos responded malevolently.

Miranda smacked her cards down on the table and sneered at Amos, “Fuck you!”

Amos grinned. He took in the somewhat shocked looks on the faces of their guests and hoped they’d go along. “Miranda, one more word, girl and you’ll be sorry,” his voice came low, threatening.

Miranda lifted her hand sticking it right in his face, middle finger extended, “Fuck you!”

“Alright, you had to push, now go get the hairbrush and meet me in the living room, Miranda!” Amos instructed with a grimace.

Miranda stomped through the kitchen and down the hall. They had planned the best ‘view’ for their guests. The living room was sunken down 4 steps. From the dining table there was a clear view for every person at the table who sat looking down through a wrought iron fence and stairway to the big open living room. The sofa had been moved to the far corner and tilted a bit from the wall so that the arm faced the diners. Soon Miranda came pouting into the living room with the long oval hairbrush. A peek over his shoulder and Amos could see the guests were all riveted on the scene unfolding before them.

“All right, Miranda, take your panties off and hand them to me,” he instructed. He heard a sharp intake of breath from the dining room and wondered which lady was shocked by his instructions. When he heard worried mumbling he glanced to see that one of the ladies was standing and trying to work her way out from behind the table. He gentled his voice and spoke to her, “It’s okay, Lucille, this is all a part of Miranda’s fantasy. Please don’t be alarmed.” Lucille sat back down, but didn’t look at all happy about what was going on. Connie leaned over and nudged her whispering something he couldn’t hear. Lucille gave a short embarrassed giggle and blushed. (What Connie had whispered was, ‘come on, I know you have a couple porn videos, I’ve watched them with you. Don’t be such a hypocrite, here’s your chance to see some hot action right before your none too innocent eyes. You ain’t foolin me one bit lust queen!) Susan sat quietly but her eyes darted from Miranda to Connie and Lucille. He noticed that Hugh’s eyes were locked on Miranda and that he seemed to be oblivious to the goings on at his elbow.

Miranda hadn’t paid any attention to what was going on behind her. She’d slipped her hands up under her skirt and slowly lowered the sexy red lacy panties she’d chosen to wear tonight to her ankles and stepped out of them, handing them to Amos. As he took the panties he instructed Miranda to bend way over the arm of the sofa and to spread her legs wide. Everything got quiet behind him as he raised Miranda’s skirt up over her back, baring her bottom to all of them. He knew from their practice sessions it could be easily seen that her lips were open and shaved as smooth as a babies and he knew every one at the table was getting a classic shot of the lovely rose tinged gap. He stood well off to the side and began to spank with his hand. In the well-lighted room the handprints that sprang up bright pink were also easy to see. Their audience was very quiet as he pinked Miranda’s whole bottom.

As there’d been not a peep from the watchers, he asked Hugh to please count the next set of strokes. He could hear Hugh’s gulp all the way across the room before Hugh croaked a red-faced assent. With that Amos raised his arm and brought the hairbrush down with a resounding smaaaack! Behind him he heard a throaty, “one”. Arm raising higher with each pop to Miranda’s sweet, now reddening ass, he’d listen for the count, “fifteen”. Miranda began to kick, yelping each time the brush landed, “twenty”. On the twenty-fourth stroke Miranda growled, “Enough you Mother Fucking Cock Sucker,” kicking out at Amos as she tried to right herself and stand.

“Oh, no Miranda, I was going to make it twenty-five, but your nasty little mouth has made this just the beginning”, Amos told her as the brush came down harshly and he heard the croaking voice a short distance away pushing to whisper, “twenty-five”.

“Hugh, come down here, I need your help,” Amos barked as he leaned over holding tightly a still struggling loudly complaining Miranda. As Hugh walked into his peripheral vision the man’s hard erect phallus strained pushing out against his pants. Amos thought ‘good, exactly as I want you, ole boy’. Still leaning over the squirming Miranda, Amos directed, “As I have my hands full here, let’s get these clothes off Miranda, Hugh… how about getting that shirt off and then take off her bra.”

Hugh’s face turned crimson and the look he gave Miranda was priceless. His eyes sought Miranda’s with a plea for help. Miranda raised her head from the sofa just enough to give Hugh an almost imperceptible nod and Amos saw the ever so slight curling at the corners of her mouth as it stretched into a smile. Hugh was so caught up in reaching to slip the soft white top up Miranda’s torso Amos was sure he didn’t realize that Miranda was torturing him and enjoying his discomfort immensely. Miranda gave the appearance of a pout as Hugh reached to unhook her bra and slipped it free from beneath her. She sulked, “Traitor!”

Soft murmurs came from the dining room.

Amos added, “Hey, Hugh as long as you are being a traitor,” he punctuated his words with a wink of conspiracy, “how about going to the bathroom and bringing back the things set out on the counter? There’s a slender brush, some KY jelly and a few other things… just grab them all.” Giggles came from behind him when he’d mentioned the KY jelly and it made him grin. ‘So far, so good’. Hugh was back in no time with the things set out for tonight. Amos wondered if that had registered with Hugh as he’d gathered them.

Hugh blushed even deeper as Miranda’s torso rose from the sofa so that she could look him in the eyes and stick out her tongue, giving him a glimpse of milky breasts, nipples puckered and erect. The lump in Hugh’s pants grew pressing and straining against his fly. Amos locked his eyes on Hugh’s fly as he instructed, “Hugh, that looks really uncomfortable. Unleash that animal, get those pants down and we’ll give sweet Miranda here a little lesson”. Amos’ eyes slid up to catch Hugh’s and he caught the quick flash of unbridled lust as it crossed Hugh’s face. Miranda certainly had Hugh pegged, she’d known he would go along with anything that was asked.

Miranda gave a quick full body burst of resistance that Amos quelled instantly with a hard smack to her twisting bottom. “Behave!” he barked.

“That was really uncalled for Miranda, now you know what’s going to happen. It’s real discipline time, sweetie and you ‘asked’ for it,” Amos declared assuming a much stronger posture with her. “It’s ‘split’ time, baby. You behave or it will be much worse.”

Amos wondered if anyone understood what was happening as Miranda instantly ceased struggling as he’d spoken. For all intents and purposes Miranda was the model of submission as she’d meekly stilled and softly answered, “yes, Sir”. If they knew this was all an act they gave no indication. They all seemed locked in the scene before them, all realization that this was planned buried in their subconscious.

Hugh’s eyes just about popped out of his head as the request to pull out his raging hard-on registered but Miranda’s previous okay and slight smile had given him all the impetus he needed to comply. He reached to quickly unfasten belt and pants, pushing them apart and down slightly to expose a glorious erection bobbing slightly under the parted shirttail. Amos quickly calculated that ole Hugh’s pecker was at least nine inches in length, thick and meaty (all three ladies gasped behind him) as he further instructed, “lean over here, Hugh, I need your hands for a few minutes”. Hugh leaned over very aware his penis was sliding along Miranda’s cheek as Amos placed his hands on Miranda’s vulnerable hot ass, fingers dipping into the crack, “Good, now spread her for me, and keep her nice and tight and open.”

As soon as Hugh had Miranda’s buttocks stretched tight enough that her anus contracted and loosened trying to adjust, Amos ran oil-coated fingers along the length of the crevice from tailbone to clitoris. Miranda moaned as Hugh’s eyes drank in the sight, his hard cock twitching against Miranda’s face. It was hard to tell if the moan had come from fingers or cock, maybe both. Amos had to fight not to laugh as he saw Miranda’s trying hard to focus on the beast against her cheek, too close to really see and frustrating her no end because she could tell it was definitely worth a much closer inspection than position allowed.

Amos reached to pick up the slender brush from among the assortment brought from the bathroom and dropped in a pile on the lamp table to his side. Taking aim he began to spank Miranda’s crack. Hugh’s fingertips spread her even wider so as to keep from being clipped by an off track lash of the brush. Smack! Smack! Smack! Miranda’s anus tightened with each pop of the brush like some squinting eye. The pops brought the blood rushing to the surface of her skin and the deep rose of her slit began to deepen under his service. He knew that Hugh wasn’t aware that his head lowered degree by degree with every stroke of the slender wooden brush. Miranda began to squirm and moan as the strokes found the mark time after time. He watched her hands clench and relax, her torso undulating, her hips beginning to buck a bit making Hugh’s job more and more difficult.

Amos changed implements swapping the brush for a heavy wooden ruler flat on the underside with a soft V shaped topside. The topside couldn’t have fit Miranda’s open valley any better if they’d used her as a mold. Only a fraction wider than the brush the ruler landed differently, making a real impact. Miranda’s hips began to jerk, her pelvis grinding into the arm of the sofa as moans became deep groans. Hugh was no longer worried about his fingers; he was too engrossed in watching every pop of the ruler and being swept up in Miranda’s undulating dance with her new partner. The fluid that had seeped accumulating steadily through the spanking became a stream pooling in her lips. Amos gave her another couple of cracks in her crack then quickly switched off the ruler for the thick flesh colored dildo on the table. Expertly he twirled the rubber head in her fluids then slipped it into her oozing sweet hole. He noticed Hugh’s pelvic rhythm mimicking the slow deep strokes of the dildo in his hand. Miranda began to whimper as her body sucked to hold the dildo deep. Her tight hole contracted winking as the dildo slid in and out of her very wet vagina.

Just as Miranda began to pant and gasp, her body sending the telling signs that she was coming close to slipping over the edge, Amos stopped. He looked at Hugh and smiled. Handing the bottle of lotion to him, he asked if Hugh would do the honors while he made himself a drink and took a short break. As he began to step away he instructed Miranda to hold position until he returned. Her mumbled pouty, “yes, Sir” came meek and breathy as Hugh’s fingers began to work the lotion gently up and down her split taking time to explore all of the places he’d only imagined for years. As Amos walked to toward the dining room he heard Miranda begin to moan. It wasn’t easy to allow someone else to touch what he considered ‘his’, but he knew a part of Miranda’s fantasy was to tease and torment Hugh a little and he’d agreed. Besides he had to prepare for the final part. And ‘it’ would take some effort.

“Ladies,” he nodded as he passed the table and walked to the adjoining kitchenette, “would you please join Hugh in the living room. I’m going to need your help for the next round of Miranda’s discipline”. He looked over his shoulder and mouthed, “her fantasy” and winked making them conspirators too. Each sat back thinking, a blush rising to her face. Lucille sighed deeply crossing her arms. But Claire hopped up sliding her chair back and with a daring look tossed over her shoulder at the other two, made her way to the living room. It only took a few seconds for Susan to rise and with an ‘I’m not gonna be left out look’ at Lucille to make her way from behind the table and down the stairs. “Come on Lucille, let’s join the party”. Lucille shrugged giving in and followed.

Amos thought ‘whew’ and slid open the drawer in front of him. He quickly undid his pants, stroking his hard throbbing cock a couple of times before positioning the rubber over its tip and unrolling it down his length. He hurriedly popped the top of the second tube of KY he’d placed in the drawer yesterday squeezing out a cold glob in his hand. He lubed his now encased rigid dick sighing as the cold soon warmed as he stroked it his length making the rubber very slick. He zipped his jeans up just enough that they wouldn’t fall off and pulled the long shirttail back over his ‘surprise’. He walked very carefully back to the living room.

“Miranda, you’ll do as instructed, do you understand?” he asked sternly.

“Yes, Sir,” she replied meekly then turned her face into the sofa so no one would be able to see the sinister grin that sprang to her face as she reveled in the fact that her fantasy was being played out not only in front of them, but with their participation. She’d had this fantasy a very long time and it had taken months to prepare Amos and then once he’d agreed, weeks to work out all the details and set it in motion. Most were put off by a ‘need’ for exhibitionism. They didn’t understand and right now, Miranda didn’t really care. All that mattered was that four people were going to witness this, close at hand and in participation. What a coups. Miranda had to work to rid herself of the gloating and to reassume the pouty submissive fa├žade.

Amos spoke his practiced lines, “Lucille, if you would, please take both of Miranda’s hands and stretch her tightly from that end of the sofa. Hugh, rub that hard monster all over Miranda’s face. Susan and Claire be patient for just a couple of minutes, please”.

The long thin wooden paddle was under the other things gathered from the bathroom. He worked it out from under them and grasped it in his right hand. Fingers flexing he worked the handle into a comfortable grip. All four of them winced as he brought the paddle down with a loud crack across both of Miranda’s buttocks. An angry red splotch sprang to show exactly where the paddle had landed as Miranda yelped, her body jerking in reaction. As Amos brought the paddle down again and again he barked out, “Hold position, Miranda and keep those legs wide apart.”

Miranda’s whimpered, “Yes, Sir,” brought a blush to every face but not one made any attempt to stop what was happening.

Once Miranda’s whole bottom, sit spots and upper thighs were glowing, Amos stopped and exchanged the paddle for the dildo, lubing the rubber cock as he spoke. Eyes wide, almost shocked but following his directions, both Susan and Claire, standing at Miranda’s hips, reached down using both hands to spread her cheeks wide. “Good, excellent, ladies!” Amos praised. “Now all of you hold her fast and tight”, he instructed as he glanced at each one to give them the reward of his smile. And with that Amos began to work the dildo he’d lubed into Miranda’s tight little ass. She winced and struggled a bit but they’d figured out as they’d planned and practiced for this to work, that Amos had to do this quickly enough they’d not lose their participants. He took only seconds to work the big flared head of the dildo through her tight ring then with precision began to work it deeper and deeper. Once Miranda had taken it all he began to stroke her ass deeply.

Claire and Susan seemed dumbstruck. Amazing that both seemed to pull Miranda’s cheeks even more tightly apart in their shock at being such close witness to the dildo fucking of Miranda’s ass. Hugh was grinding his cock all over Miranda’s face, his pelvis beginning to hump into her as he watched the dildo slide in long strokes in and out of the tight ring of Miranda’s anus, the ribbed ring of tissue pushing into her and pulling out of her with the sliding shaft. Lucille had Miranda’s hands in a death grip, knuckles white, as she leaned back keeping Miranda stretched out; no small feat the way Miranda’s body had begun to writhe.

Now Amos had two moves to make to bring this fantasy to fruition. Before the shock wore off he barked for Hugh to rub his cock along Miranda’s lips. Hugh almost buckled at the instruction but reached to grip his cock and slide it along Miranda’s lips. When all eyes leapt to watch Hugh’s purple head slipping along Miranda’s mouth, Amos quickly pulled the dildo out and rammed his cock into Miranda.

Amos saw and heard it all in slow motion. Miranda screamed her body bucking at the intrusion of Amos’ fat throbbing cock jamming full length into her. Claire and Susan both seemed stunned for the seconds it took them to figure out they were holding Miranda open and watching Amos pumping into her ass. Lucille yelped, “Oh, my God”, and Amos’ eyes glanced to the spot Lucille was watching wide-eyed. His hips pushed battering his cock into her with fury when he saw Miranda open her mouth and begin to greedily suck on Hugh’s swollen cock, tongue lapping then lips slipping over it drawing it deeply into her mouth.

For what seemed an eternity no one moved. And in little more than an instant it was all over. Claire and Susan didn’t know whether to watch Amos’ cock or Hugh’s; both men were in the ‘hump to cum’ zone. Lucille let go of Miranda’s hands and went flying backwards to land flat on her ass. Miranda was sucking with abandon at Hugh’s now pumping beast. Amos could feel Miranda going rigid as her body reached its apex and he heard her howling in climax. Hugh reached to squeeze, stroking his cock creaming Miranda’s face as Miranda opened her mouth to cry out. And as both Susan and Claire yanked their hands away, one to cover her eyes the other her mouth, and Miranda’s cheeks closed on his dick, Amos’ pelvis ground desperately into her delivering his load deeply up her tight sweet ass. All of it happened at once in seconds but in Amos’ mind the whole scene came slowly in ‘professional photographer rapid-fire snap shots’.

Gasping breaths were the only sound. Each dealt with the experience silently. Minutes passed then one by one they began to move. Amos pulled out of Miranda’s ass and he tucked himself away zipping up. Hugh put the now flaccid monster back in its cave. Lucille began to laugh like a hyena as she lay on the floor flat on her back. Miranda pushed backwards and rose to almost buckle as her weight settled on her feet. Susan and Claire both reached out to grab her and walked with her from the room.

“Shiiiiiiit! That was amazing!” Hugh roared, “I need a DRINK!” as he headed for the kitchen. Amos walked around the sofa and held out an hand to the still laughing Lucille and helped her awkwardly to her feet. Every time she peeked to glance at him she’d break into wild giggles. Amos put his arm around her and led her across the room and up the stairs to the dining room.

He asked softly, “Glad you stayed?” Lucille couldn’t answer all she could so was laugh and nod as her face reddened.

Susan, Claire and Miranda came into the dining room within minutes. Miranda had slipped into a nightgown and her fluffy baby blue robe. Damn she looked so innocent as she sheepishly smiled at each person in turn.

Miranda thanked them all sweetly for ‘not only fulfilling her fantasy, but also for making it ‘way hotter’ than she had ever imagined.

They sat in semi-comfortable companionship chatting. Not much was said about the happenings of the night as each chose instead to hold in private what they had taken as theirs.

As their guest chatted amiably and finished a last drink, Miranda sat almost silently as she smiled at each, then dropped her eyes demurely to savor her experience.

Amos wondered if things would calm down now that this had played out for Miranda. He knew though, that if Miranda had even stranger things in mind, he’d probably be moving on; tonight had been all he could manage. He was still having a hard time believing they’d pulled things off as well as they had. He was going to have to have a talk with Miranda tomorrow, a very heated one with her belly down over his lap, because they’d agreed that the fantasy wouldn’t become a threesome and he wasn’t at all happy about Miranda taking Hugh into her mouth. He smiled to himself. Miranda had taught him well and tomorrow he would show her just how well.

Before too long the guests began to say good night and straggle out on their way home. Taking their memories with them as they left to ponder the night’s happenings for days to come, they smiled and waved as they headed to their cars.

Amos kissed Miranda passionately then wrapped his arm around her and flipped off the lights as he led her to bed. The apartment was dark and quiet as they cuddled in bed spooning naked in each other’s arms soon drifting off to sleep.

And so ended… Miranda’s fantasy.

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