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Naughty Niece

I remember it as if it were yesterday, sneaking in two hours late hoping that my Uncle Bob would not catch me. He was easy going but always preaching to me about how young girls should always be careful and in the house no later than ten at night.

Uncle Bob was 36, over six foot tall and very handsome. My friends always made eyes at him when they came over to do homework. Sandy my best friend thinks he looks like Nicholas Cage, now that I think about it he does a little bit. He always sounded harsh when he yelled at me, but his soft sparkling blue-green eyes gave him away every time. He moved in when my father died in a car accident two years ago, my mother’s brother had always looked out for us so she had him move in.

My mother worked as a staff nurse at the local hospital, she took on the night shift because it paid more money which left Uncle Bob to look after me.

I slowly pushed open my window praying it would not squeak and that Uncle Bob was asleep. The last thing I needed was for him to be upset with me since this mornings little incident . I was in my room in my undies when I cut the end of my finger, without thinking I yelled for him. Uncle Bob came running in and stopped dead in his tracks, I forgot I did not have a bra on and my full ripened breasts were standing perky . His face blushed but he did not look away, he seemed to stare a little longer than need be. Tossing me a towel and saying, “Cover yourself up Tiffany.”

Walking over only after I had covered my titties ,but staring the entire time. When he stood close to me I felt the bulge in his pants against my side. For some unknown reason I could not help but smile. He turned swiftly after taking care of my finger and left the room. We did not speak to each other the rest of the day. Now here I am trying not to wake him as I sneak into my room.

Once inside I thought I was safe, and no one would know any better, but I was surprised as the light clicked on. There he stood , hands on his hips in black boxers, starring at me like I stole a million dollars from the damn bank.

“Where the hell have you been? No, don’t answer that! Follow me young lady we have to talk.” He stormed down the stairs turning only to make sure I was right behind him.

I hung my head as he made me stand in front of him while he sat on the couch. “Come here now!”

“Yes, Uncle Bob.” I muttered still with my head down.

“I am going to have to do something I never thought I would Tiffany. Do you realize it is midnight? Now pull your pants down and bend over my knee. This has got to stop”. I started to slowly pull my pants down feeling a little excited but not sure why. It could have been the three beers I drank, or just the heady aroma of his cologne assaulting my nostrils.

I had let my mind drift too much and Uncle Bob pulled me to him jerking my undies down with my pants. “Take them all the way off now!” I kicked them aside as he pulled me over his lap. with my butt high in the air. I felt the first slap flat against the rounded cheek, his hand was big it spanned both cheeks. Again I felt the sting, by the third time I let out a whimper and he stopped, but did not have me move.

“Tiffany, baby I am sorry. I was just so worried about you. Worried something had happened to my little baby. Maybe one of those boys might have touched you.” His hand was now rubbing the spot where he had just smacked. I felt heat building in my core and a wetness between my legs. The sensation sent ripples through my body to my nipples making them hard. I was sure he could feel them since my tube top had come down and my nipples were rubbing against his thighs.

I still said nothing but enjoyed the feel of my Uncles hand rubbing my butt. One of his large fingers slid down the cleft of my cheeks touching my milking hole. I heard him take in a sharp breath. “Did my bad little girl enjoy me spanking her?” I nodded my head dumbly wanting him to push his finger more deeply. “Do you want me to tell your mother what a bad girl you have been?”

I screamed out , “NO, Please do not tell her!.”

“Then you must suffer whatever punishment I decide you need understood? Or I will tell her everything.” Again I nodded, both worried and excited. He sat me on his lap, leaning me back onto his shoulder spreading my legs slightly open as he stared into my eyes. Slowly he smiled as he slide his hand down to cup my wet mound his middle finger sliding down my cleft and back up again. He moaned almost as loud as I did. He continued until he found my throbbing pebble and ran circles around it, teasing me. His lips soon found my jutting nipples suckling each. Watching him made me want to touch him but he would not allow it.

He laid me on the couch my legs wide open, he put my legs over his shoulders staring down at me as he lifted my ass off the couch, his mouth slowly descending my thighs kissing his way to my waiting cunt. Uncle Bob licked my lips up and down, then around my clitty snaking his tongue back and forth as I writhed beneath his prowess. My hips took on a mind of their own, as did my mind and hands. Placing my hands in his hair pushing him deeper into my dripping wet center. “Yes, oh yes Uncle Bobby eat me!!”

“My little sex slut loves to have her pussy eat doesn’t she? Now show me how much you want it, tell me.” He smiled wickedly as he stopped touching me with that wonderful tongue of his.

“Please, please don’t stop lick me, eat me, please, oh please I need to come!” He had me begging like I have never begged for anything. I felt my butt lower to the couch and wondered what he was doing. That is when I saw his huge erection sticking out of his boxers, with a one swift movement he had them down and rubbing his throbbing cock up and down my wetness. Repeatedly he teased my clit, my honey hole and ass with his big hot meat.

“Oh God, fuck me , please fuck me Uncle Bobby! Make me your little whore , I need to feel you inside before I burst.” He could sense my urgency and need. That wicked smile of his, but his eyes shone with lust he wanted me just as much as I wanted him.

Thinking how sexy it was that my own Uncle, my mother’s brother wanted me turned me on. He positioned his cock at the entrance of my hole, my legs draped over his thighs and ass suspended in the air as he started to enter me. His hands, one on each breast, rolling my hard nipples as he pushed in another inch. “You are so tight baby, mmmmm you feel so fucking good. Oh yes your tight little twat is sucking at my cock.”

“You are so big Uncle Bob, so hot.” Writhing at the pain of his thickness as it entered me. he reached down and started rubbing my clit and I felt myself start to milk around his cock.

“That’s it my sex kitten, come on my cock. Tell your Uncle Bobby when you are going to come. You like when I talk nasty about your tight little pussy don’t you? I could make you my little whore whenever I want can’t I?” I was feeling so much pleasure from this beautiful man that I knew I would spread my legs for him anytime he wanted me to.

“Yes Uncle Bobby, Oh yes I am gonna come on your big cock , YES, YES!!” Right at that moment he buried his big meat deep inside me, one , two , three and a wave of pleasure beyond what I ever have known shot through me.

“That’s it baby ride it out , ride the wave of pleasure while Uncle Bobby comes in your tight little hole. Here…I … come.. ahhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssss.” He exploded deep inside me, sending another wave of warmth and tingling through my body making my toes curl tightly. He slowed his pumping, milking his seed deep inside me.

Yes , this was the beginning of me doing a lot of bad things so my dear sweet Uncle could punish me.

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