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“bunny” sighed – deeply satisfied. After a moment she slipped out of the bed even though her knees were still shaky and began her morning tasks. She picked up the clothes her Master in his haste to take her to bed had left on the floor and put them in the hamper. Next she went into Master’s bathroom and set out his razor and other toiletries and started the shower. She was careful to make sure it was hot just as he liked it. When it was ready she went and knelt beside the bed signaling to him that everything was ready.

Master had watched idly as his sub looked after his comfort. She was still new to service, but she approached everything with a joy and sense of wonder that was missing from more experienced girls. He studied her as she moved about the room. She had a gracefulness about her movements that came from years of training in dance or movement. A consciousness that every move was watched and must therefore be visually pleasing. Her figure was pleasant and she had great legs, a pretty girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

“bunny” waited with her eyes lowered waiting for a sign of what he would like her to do next. His hand came out and caressed her cheek. Her heart thrilled just a little at his touch. Gently she pressed her cheek, just lightly, into his palm. Her pulse quickened the slightest bit.
“I would like you to wash me this morning, my “bunny”.”
“Yes, sir.”
He got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. “bunny” followed on her knees. He stepped into the shower and gestured for “bunny” to join him. She gasped as the heated water hit her body. It was hard to breath it was so hot. Master was standing directly under the jets getting his hair wet. “bunny” had never served him in the shower, but it didn’t take a genius to figure out what to do. She picked up the shampoo and squeezed a liberal amount into her hand and waited. Master stepped back a little out from under the water. “bunny” rubbed her hands together covering each with shampoo and then she stood on tiptoe to reach the top of his head. Her hands lathered the shampoo into his hair. She was careful to scrub the scalp too. At one point she slipped slightly and nearly fell, but Master’s strong arms caught her and pulled her into him. He looked down at her and laughed gently realizing her problem. “You could have asked me to bend over, my “bunny”.”
“I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t know.”
“I told you before you should ask when you are unsure. Do you not remember me saying that only last night?”
“Yes, sir. I’m sorry, sir”
“You’ll have to be punished.”
“Yes, sir.”
“But not now. Now just finish washing me.”
“Yes, sir. Could you rinse your hair sir?”
Master stepped back under the water and rinsed his hair. “bunny” picked up the body sponge and covered it with body wash. Master stepped out from the water again and she began washing his neck, shoulders and back. The she stepped around him and washed his chest. As she did his hands came up and caressed her breasts. His thumbs rubbed roughly on her nipples until they were hard and alert. She felt her pussy stirring, but ignored it by focusing on the task at hand. She moved around him again and washed his ass carefully and his legs. Then she circled back around and knelt again to wash his genitals. Softly she lathered his cock and testicles and rinsed them. His cock responded to her touch and got semi hard again. It looked so delicious she licked her lips. She looked hungrily up at her Lord.
“May I suck your cock, sir?”
“Yes you may.”
She immediately swallowed all of it before it could grow any harder. She loved, absolutely loved the feel of a cock hardening in her mouth. To feel it grow and expand deeper down her throat. To feel it harden and stiffen in the confines of her mouth. Master’s cock was still somewhat soft so she slid her tongue around it as she sucked on it – hard. She could feel it filling her mouth pushing down her throat. It was too much she had to let some of it out. Still sucking as hard as she could she let some of it slip out. Then a little more. Then a little more until only the tip
was still in her lips. His hands dropped to the top of her head and forced her back down. He controlled her now. He moved her mouth up and down his cock in a rhythm of his choosing. He was gagging her now with the force of his hard cock. Oh God, she was excited. He was using her mouth like a pussy and just fucking the hell out of it. And, my God, it excited her.
“Get up, turn around and bend over.” He ordered. “Brace yourself.”
Immediately she was up and bent over. He buried his cock in her pussy with one thrust. She screamed with joy. Finally she was filled with his huge hard cock. Thank God. It was a miracle she didn’t come in the first stroke. She fought hard to hold back, to obey him, to not cum without his leave. But that was nearly impossible. He was fucking her deep and hard. Fucking her for his own pleasure. Her pleasure or pain was immaterial to his own gratification and that got her hotter than before.
“Cum with me, little “bunny”. Cum all over my cock.”
She screamed with joy as the explosion rocked over her body.
“Yes. Yes. Yes. Thank you, Lord. Thank you.”
His cock shot load after load of cum into her pussy. It slipped past and washed down her legs. He pulled out and she sank to the floor of the shower. She sat up and cleaned his cock once again. This time with her mouth. He patted her on the head and stepped out of the shower. Hurriedly she washed the cum off her legs and followed. He was drying himself with a towel. She reached timidly for the towel. He gave it to her and she dried him off. Then dried herself. He pointed to
the door and she left him to finish alone. She knelt outside the bathroom door and waited patiently for Him to emerge. He would then give her her assignments for the day. She knew she would spend an hour in thy gym exercising – probably by dancing – to keep her body as trim as possible. Which wasn’t all that trim, she said to herself. She also had some work to do at the
office even though it was Saturday, but besides that her day was open. Undoubtedly Master would fill it with things necessary for her training. This was the beginning of her second day this rotation. Master had three slaves and each one spent two full days caring for him and he rested and they all shared his care on the seventh day, then the rotation started again. On the five days between their rotations they took care of the house and did the shopping so that Master never had a care, the household ran like a well oiled machine.

Master’s bathroom was very large with mirrors on two walls, so “bunny” could see his reflection as he shaved, brushed his teeth and combed his hair. Her head was properly lowered, but through lowered lids her eyes followed his movements and she watched lovingly her master’s movements. He was a tall man standing 6′ 2 ” he was slender weighing in at 195 pounds with stringy muscles. His hair was gray, belying everything else so young and energetic about him, but worn longer than was the norm hanging in the back to his shoulders, curly there and he couldn’t do anything about it no matter how much he brushed or combed. He had a compact cowboy butt from his years in his youth when he was indeed a cowboy.

As he finished applying the shaving lotion and turned she had once again lowered her eyes and as he saw her kneeling there he marveled at her beauty. She had an almost perfect sub presence and presented a most pleasing sight as she knelt there. His hand went to her head and he caressed it for a moment then taking a handful he lifted her to her feet and captured her mouth in a very satisfying kiss, running his hand down her back to her sweet round ass and fondling her as was his wont. Her breasts were pressed tightly against his chest and her mons had been pulled against one of his legs, her pussy stirred again. Then he gently put her from him and turned to dress in the most frustrating way he had of turning her on then making her wait for his pleasure. She loved it all.

Over his shoulder he gave her his breakfast order which included what she would be allowed and sent her off to the kitchen to tell sapphyre, who was the cook this week. When he was dressed he greeted lexi with a good morning kiss and quick fondle. She was in the hall waiting to begin cleaning his room. He then passed through the kitchen to give saphyre a kiss and a good morning then went upstairs to his office to check the messages which had come in overnight. He made two phone calls, then there was “bunny” on her knees telling him his breakfast was ready, did he want to have it on a tray in his office, or to come to the dining room. He had not told her to dress so she was still nude, she had brushed her hair and was lovely to look upon. Master replied that he would have breakfast in the dining room and gave her a slap on her rump as she hurried back downstairs to be sure everything was prepared. When Master got to the table his breakfast was in place and “bunny” was kneeling by his chair. The other two girls had already eaten so they were each busy with their work. As he ate he fed his girl bites of this and that as he chose and when she wished, a sip of his coffee. She had become used to the taste of honey in it and enjoyed it very much now. Her Master drank a lot of coffee and took it black with a tablespoon of honey, the honey went systemic and his cum tasted of it, this was a common household story about how the master’s seaman tasted of honey a slight salty sweet taste which was most pleasant.

By the time he had finished eating, the other two girls had joined them and Master gave the orders for the day, “bunny” was to help the other two girls with the household chores and then while sapphyre answered the phones and attended to Master’s needs “bunny” and lexi were to spend an hour in the gym room exorcising. Then after their shower and getting dressed in the household uniform, (a simple straight shift) sapphyre would take her turn in the gym while the other two tended to daily business and attended Master. And so it was, Master went back to his office and the girls to their appointed tasks, one always close to a phone to answer calls and screen them for the Master.

Since it was Saturday it was a relatively slow day and when about noon “bunny” was summoned by the intercom to Master’s office. She found him in his big leather lounger having another cup of coffee and smoking his pipe, the aromatic tobacco he smoked filling the room with a very pleasant aroma. She approached and assumed the kneeling position of slave girl in waiting, knees spread, sitting back on her heels, her breasts thrust forward , her head lowered, waiting for her Master’s command.

“You are not to repeat your mistake of this morning my sweet, your punishment will be light since I am having a good morning I think an over the knee spanking will suffice, come and lie face down across my lap”.
Trying unsuccessfully not to grin the slave girl quickly rose to do as she had been instructed. She enjoyed being spanked in this manner.. Her Master raised the shift over her back exposing the delicious round fullness of her bottom, running his hand over it for a moment. Then with no further adieu gave her a smack on her left buttock which could be heard to the other end of the large house and the girl jerked and let out a shriek that left no doubt of her distress.

“That was just a test my dear, now as I give you the spanks you are to count each one and thank your Master for the lesson. You will not cry out again or I will have to gag you, do you understand?”
Between quiet pitiful sobs “bunny” nodded and said “yes Master”

“Now if you relax the muscles it will not be so hard to bear, you will receive 20 licks.”
Just as she began to relax he gave her the next blow to the other cheek, a deep indrawn breath then “That is number one, thank you Master for teaching this girl to ask when she is not sure.” Her Master rubbed his hand over the distressed bottom and slipped it between the top of her thighs to feel between the lips of her pussy, just as he thought in spite of her anguish she was wet and slippery. He tarried there as her bottom rose a little to encourage his fingers, then withdrew them and gave her four spanks in succession giving her only enough time to thank him for each one. Again he fondled and rubbed the insulted round bottom and as she quietly sobbed again slipped his hand between her legs. This time he slid two fingers into her and as he moved the in and out his thumb found the button of her clit. She was so hot now and he stroked her unmercifully for a few moments until the moans and thrusting of her hips told him she was almost at the point of no return then he stopped. Another suppressed moan as her bottom raised up trying to recapture the fingers. He hit her again the sound loud in the office as his palm made contact with her flesh, a strangled “Aaahhh”, then a quickly said through muffled sobs, “That is number six, thank you Master for teaching a girl to ask if she is not sure.”

Measured spanks now rained on her bottom as between each one her Master paused for her to give the proper response. With each blow she received welcome caresses to ease the pain while she gave the count and thanks. At number twelve her Master again began the teasing of her pussy, slipping his fingers into the now flowing wetness and slowly moving them in and out. He added a third finger now and kept the ball of his thumb aligned with the now swollen and sensitive clit so each time he inserted his fingers into the tunnel it came in contact and bumped the hard little button. “bunny” was so hot and so much in need, biting her lip now to keep from cumming because she knew that would only bring more punishment. After what seemed to her to be a very long time she could stand no more and said “Please Master may a girl cum?” Her Master growled no, and once again removed the hand from between her legs as her hips rose behind it in frustration.

The punishment began again and the activity had it’s impact on the Master. “bunny” had been feeling his erection against her lower belly and mons when she moved with the blows or movements of her Master’s hand. This acted as a further frustration and increased the need for the girl. She began to concentrate on the feel of that big cock against her and began to go into that special place that only girls such as she can feel and none can adequately describe. Each blow from her Master now fed the pleasure and when she had counted twenty spanks her bottom as red as a beet, she was so passionate that when her Master turned her over to sit in his lap and her smile was radiant. With tears running down her cheeks she asked if she might kiss him and when he nodded her hands went behind his head and he received the most passionate kiss imaginable. His hand pushed between her legs and as it reached it’s goal found her already spreading herself open for his touch. He knew it would not take much so inserted his thumb, from this position the upper portion of his thumb and wrist came in contact with the clit as he slowly moved his thumb in and out. The kiss became sweeter and sweeter until they were both lost in it, at the same time her pelvis was thrusting in time with his movements and soon it became apparent that she was reaching a point beyond denial. Not wanting to break the wonderful kiss the Master grunted accent as her hips became more insistent and with a muffled cry she began to cum,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and cum and cum.

Her Master knowing how this worked held her as the aftershocks made her shudder time after time and finally she was once again calm, put her back to her knees in front of him and indicated she should remove his cock from his pants.


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