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Spanking My Lover

I watch you walk back into the room. You’re holding the hairbrush that I just sent you for. It’s a light colored wood with thick bristles. I never see you actually using it to brush your hair. I think you told me once that it was too wide, or the bristles weren’t just the way you like them or something. I can remember the way your head tilted when we talked about it, and how your cheeks blushed just a little.

“Its for other things”, you said and turned your head away almost as if you were afraid to look into my eyes. I think about that every time I see you carrying it. It sits on your nightstand anyway, mostly unused, in the same place day after day.

As usual, you’re carrying the brush in one hand almost hiding it behind your back. I’m trying to look into your eyes, but your head is lowered. You’re concentrating on the floor and your bare feet as if you might trip and fall. I wonder to myself what is going on in your head. I wonder exactly what you are thinking as you make the trip from the living room into the bedroom and back. You’re shuffling slowly and making quite an adorable picture doing so with your blonde hair falling just below your shoulders and my oversized T-shirt riding down to the middle of your thigh. Through the white cloth, I can see the sexy outline of your body. Even though I will be seeing all of it soon enough, I strain to make out the smooth outline of your hips through the light material. I know what is hiding under the caricature silk screen of our favorite band and I can barely see that you appear to be already quite aroused by our little fantasy. I think for a minute that I could just stop, pull you to me, and make love to you for the rest of the night.

You’re extending the hairbrush out to me, and finally looking at me with those lovely green eyes. Your face is framed perfectly by light blonde waves. I look back into your eyes and, without speaking, take the brush by the handle. I notice a bit of a nervous twitch as you bite your lower lip. We share a moment while we stare into each other’s eyes, a moment of mutual trust, respect, and love. We both know that it’s a game we’re playing but to mention it would break the spell like trying to hold a soap bubble in your hand.

After accepting the brush, I hold your hand as well as your gaze and lead you over to my right side. I’m sitting in a straight-backed chair in the middle of the living room. I know that you like the open feel of this room and the semi-publicity of getting a spanking in a room where we entertain guests. Although I have spanked you in the bedroom, we typically reserve that space for other intimate moments.

Allowing your motion to be led by my hand, you gently lower yourself down. I have seen you perform this balancing act many times. As you tip your body forward I always notice that your hair moves just enough to cover your eyes. Leaning down gently, your thigh touches mine, your stomach leans on my knee, and finally, with an exhale, as if you have been holding your breath, you slightly lift your toes from the floor and allow yourself to be completely supported on my lap.

I place a hand on the uppermost part of your thigh, right below your beautiful bottom almost as a way to line up my target to the right spot. After so many trips over my knee, you always seem to find the perfect position without even having to think about it. Your butt is directly over my thigh, just forward enough that you have to somewhat extend your legs behind you but not too far that you are off balance. During the first few seconds over my lap you always smooth your hair back as if to try to keep it out of your eyes. I love to watch it fall back in place, the cascading blonde wisps impervious to your impending situation. Your bare feet stretch and search for the carpeted floor, fidgeting as if to find familiarity in your new position. The T-shirt you’re wearing has fallen subtly over your shapely form and ridden up slightly to give me a peek at the smooth skin of your thigh.

I begin to rub your bottom cheek. I love the feel of the firm yet womanly shaped flesh under my hand. I start by tracing small circles starting from the top of your thigh covering only half of your behind. I can feel you starting to push your butt back, pressing yourself into my hand.

“You’ve been a bad girl lately.” I use a low serious voice as I continue my massage.

“Yes sir, I know.” Your reply starts off very timid, as if you weren’t expecting to have to speak.

“You know what happens to bad girls.”

The conversation is part of the ritual, and one that we both take special pleasure in. I for one love to hear you tell me that you know you’re about to get a spanking.

“Yes sir, they get spanked.” I believe that you enjoy hearing yourself say it too. Without waiting for a response, you say in an almost throaty whisper “I’m ready for my spanking.”

When you say that I can envision you tightly shutting your eyes and clenching your fists. The tension in your bottom is evident under my still massaging hand. Your thighs twitch slightly as the muscles visibly tighten from your backside outward. With that verbal cue of the fact that you are ready for the next step in our dance, I raise my hand and bring it down firmly on the center of your bottom.

The first spank brings a light squeal from you followed by a breathy “OW”. Raising my hand again and again I bring down deliberately placed smacks on each cheek. Each spank fills the room with a satisfying sound as my hand makes contact with your gorgeous bottom. Every slow firm spank makes you clinch your bottom and push yourself harder into my lap. Even under the cover of the T-shirt, the sight of your butt writhing on my lap makes me excited beyond belief. The spanks in this stage bring sighs and moans from your clenched lips. Continuing the rhythmic smacking I listen for an occasional softly spoken “ouch” that lets me know that the spanking is having the desired effect.

After I know I’ve given you enough spanks to move on to the next stage, I stop briefly and listen to you catch your breath. My left hand that has been holding you tightly in place relaxes and starts to gently rub your back while its partner slowly lifts the bottom of the T-shirt until your panties are exposed from the waistband down. Folding the T-shirt up and holding it in place I can see a small strip of bare skin between the very top of your panties and the T-shirt. Your perfect milky skin is just peeking through. Tugging gently at the top of your panties makes them snug around your butt. The panties themselves do not really offer too much protection but I know you enjoy this intermediate stage before your bottom is completely bared. I have always loved to see you wearing just your panties. The way the soft material seems to cling to your skin, the way the small strip of lace around the edges accentuates the well-defined lines of your butt, hips and thighs and the way they bunch up slightly as they disappear between your legs. They are made of a rather thin silky white material with little hearts on them. I don’t recall seeing these before. They must be new. I notice that as they disappear between your legs there is a bit of moistness and a few wisps of blonde curls peeking out from behind.

During this reprieve you have relaxed considerably over my lap. You are fixing your hair again, and occasionally dart a nervous look in my direction. Your legs seem more relaxed and your thighs a little more parted than before.

Deciding to make you wait a little longer, I massage the silky material with the little hearts. Keeping my hand firm on your panties, I rub so that the silk rubs on your pink skin. You love silk lingerie and I can tell that rubbing it over your bare skin turns you on. I love rubbing only one cheek and watching your panties crease along the center of your bottom. The massage has brought a few moans from you and the moist spot on your panties has grown a little. I finish the rubbing with a teasingly quick pass of my finger between your thighs, then immediately raise my hand and smack you several times very quickly.

The resumption of your spanking seems to have surprised you because you respond with a jerk of your body and kicking of your legs. When you kick your legs in this position, it makes your butt move and your panties alternately stretch and relax over your reddening skin. I like it when you kick and quickly decide to give you more fast and hard spanks to keep up the momentum. Now your hand is coming back seemingly with a mind of its own as if to protect your bottom. Quickly holding your hand in mine, I sturdy you on my lap while not missing a beat of the rhythm that has developed of smacks that are switching between ones that glance off of one cheek or the other and make your fleshy globes quiver and smacks that are targeted firmly in the middle of your butt yet fall far enough on either side that the cheeks are not left out of the action. Along with moving your hand, you have finally found your voice and have started a series of ouches, ooos, and ows that seem to blend into one long song of distress… or is that pleasure?

I love the way your sexy body moves during this stage of your spanking and almost hate to pause. I make myself stop at the thought of moving on to the final baring of your bottom. You are still a little jumpy as I place a hand gently on your bottom and start to rub again over your silky underpants. Your skin must be more sensitive than when I was massaging you before because your cheeks are tightening just from the soft rubbing. Gentle moans escape from your lips as I concentrate my massage in the very center of your butt and slowly work my fingers up and down from the waistband of your panties to the smooth skin between your legs. Your legs part as my fingers start to explore further down.

After rubbing my fingers on your dampening panties for a while, I make my way back up to the top and gently tuck a finger under the waistband. I love to bare your bottom very slowly and only pull back an inch or so before running my finger along the waistband. The very top of your butt crack is exposed and the skin is still relatively white up this far. Using my back and forth motion under the waistband, I push your panties down a little further stopping on the up-sloping part of your bottom cheeks. Releasing the waistband, my hand moves farther down. Without losing contact with your skin, I push my hand under your panties and palm your left cheek. My hand is nearly covered by the silky material. The skin is warm to the touch and there is even a slight feeling of moistness near my fingertips. As I push downward, you cooperate by slightly raising your hips to allow the front of your panties to catch up. The panties gather in a bunch framing your beautifully round butt. In the center they are still held loosely between your cheeks.

Looking at the contrast between the white material and the reddening skin I can see that my spanking has fallen on target. The very center of each bottom cheek is a darker shade of pink than the surrounding area, there is also a darker area around in the center of your butt very low to your slightly parted legs. I can’t resist gently running a finger down the dark crevice stopping just short of touching your most private area. Soon enough I will have the opportunity to pay full attention to that area with more than my fingers so I refocus my attention on the area framed by the t-shirt and the silken panties.

Pushing the panties farther down your thighs seems to let you know that its time for the spanking to start again. I notice that as the material slides to just above your knees, you have tensed slightly on my lap. The muscles in your butt and thighs are again tensed in preparation for a spanking and your hands are gripping the legs of the chair. Not wanting to disappoint someone who is obviously mentally prepared to be spanked, I smack you hard on your right cheek. The tempo of spanks is not as fast as before but soon develops into a steady rhythm. I am sure to allow myself time between spanks to watch your cute bottom quiver a little. You are developing a rhythm of your own, pushing yourself into my lap with each smack and kicking your legs in the air. I imagine that there is quite a lot of rubbing of your naked womanhood on the leg of my jeans. Your butt is turning redder with each spank and you have finally kicked your panties off onto the floor. Delivering several hard spanks directly over the dark area in the middle of your bottom right above your thighs makes you cry out and at the same time part your legs, giving me an incredible view.

After several more smacks, watching your parted legs and your writhing backside are almost too much for me and I have to stop to touch your wetness. The sudden transition from pain to pleasure makes you stop kicking, but the squirming continues in a decidedly different way. I place a finger just inside your pussy and gently rub, enjoying the feel of the soft moist skin. You are pushing back on my massaging fingers and moaning quite intensely. I decide to combine the two sensations and smack your cheeks lightly with my left hand. These light smacks bring sighs of pleasure. After several more smacks, I stop both the rubbing and the spanking. Still holding you firmly over my lap I wait while you calm down a bit. Eventually you start pushing your hair back again and I notice you darting quick glances at the hairbrush that I placed on the floor near your head.

“Is my spanking over now?” Almost timidly, you ask. Seemingly anxious to get on with some sort of action. I am personally just enjoying admiring your semi-nude body stretched out over my lap.

“I don’t think so, not quite yet.”
Stuttering a little, you say “Are..Are,.. you going to paddle me…. with the hairbrush?”

“Yes I am, hand me the hairbrush.” It is a command, but still quite softly spoken.

At the command, you whimper a bit but comply by bringing the brush up to the level of your back. Taking it from you, I immediately touch the smooth wood to your red bottom cheeks. We both know that this is the last stage of your spanking. I am anxious to start so that we can move on to what I am sure will be some great lovemaking, but there is more to be said in our little play.

“Are you ready, I am going to paddle you now.”

“Yes sir.” This last is said through clenched teeth, because you know that the first whack of the paddle will follow almost immediately.

With a loud smack, the brush makes contact in the center of your bottom cheek. A loud “Ouch!” follows. Switching cheeks back and forth, I paddle you in a hard steady rhythm. I can see the cheeks of your butt turning quite red, but you are not moving as much as you were earlier in your spanking. Eventually your movement nearly stops and even the muscles in your butt seem to relax despite the continued paddling. Its as if you have finally submitted completely to the spanking. I continue to paddle you for a few more whacks and then drop the paddle to the floor.

I know that you are very tender and sensitive so I gently rub your bottom cheeks. Barely touching the warm skin, I start to trace small circles. Moving slightly, I allow my fingers to sink slightly into the dark crevice between the fleshy globes. Applying pressure as I move toward your legs I continue to rub until my fingers find moistness. Barely inserting a fingertip into your pussy I start to rub your lower back with my left hand. Teasing you with my fingertips makes you spread your legs to allow more access. I oblige by inserting a finger farther inside of you. The warm wetness on my hand makes me want to pick you up and rush you into the bedroom, but instead, I decide to continue teasing you a little. Rubbing fingers both inside and outside of your pussy makes you moan loudly and start to buck against my hand. Your excited screams make me finger you harder and faster. I know you too well and can tell when you are about to come. As you start to get closer, I slow down my manipulation to make your teasing last a little longer.

“Stop teasing me!” you scream

“Not just yet… ” I want to keep you in this position just a little while longer. With your beautiful ass pointing skyward and your legs spread you are incredibly sexy and I enjoy it too much to let you up just yet. “I’m not sure that I’m done spanking you yet.” Its an idle threat, but to accentuate I smack you softly with my left hand while my right hand plunges two fingers into your pussy.

You let out a scream moan combination while I continue to finger you rapidly. The renewed fingering and the light smack send you over the edge. You buck uncontrollably against my hand and grab the legs of the chair for support as your entire body convulses in an orgasm.

I continue my massage of your bottom while you relax from the orgasm. Even gently touching your pussy makes you jump, which I take great pleasure in. For several minutes I massage you watching you lie helpless over my knee. I want to allow you plenty of time to relax before letting you up.

Eventually it is time to let you off my lap. You scoot back slightly until your toes touch the floor and you can balance on them. Using my waiting hand for support, you slide until you are nearly halfway off my lap and then stand with wobbling legs slightly bent at my right side. Holding you firmly around the waist, I pull you again. This time with a twisting motion until you end up sitting on my lap with a slight, almost inaudible, “ow” as your tender bottom makes contact with my lap.

Without saying a word, I kiss you softly on the lips. Quick kisses of each lip and soft, gently placed, flicks of the tongue combined with my hand rubbing your naked thigh make your breathing change to short deep pleasure-filled breaths.

After a few minutes of deeper kisses as I explore your body with my hands, I slowly lift you in my arms and carry you to the bedroom where I will be able to continue to make love to your entire body for the rest of the night.

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