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Virgin Experiences First Orgasm and Spanking

Going into grade eleven, I had a pretty good life. Good grades, a supportive and loving family, and a good group of friends. But sexually, I was extremely deprived. I was such a pure little virgin…

I was a tease, and the guys loved me for it, but what I really longed for was someone to touch. When would it be my turn to have my first orgasm? I relied on masturbating for a while, but still I had never cummed.

When I was with my friends sometimes we would watch movies in each other’s basements. I would lie across Matt or Kevin, and love the feel o their warm bodies. I knew that they would fuck me in a second if I asked, but I was way too self conscious for that. So, each time we would get together, I would get nothing…until one fateful day…

We had all gone to Kevin’s house to watch some movie. I can’t remember which one. It didn’t matter, though…I fell asleep five minutes in (I had a rough week at school and was dead tired). When I woke up, it was one in the morning and everyone had gone home. Everyone, that is, except Matt and Kevin.

“You looked so peaceful, and we knew how tired you were, so we let you sleep.”

I didn’t doubt their honesty for a second. They were good friends. But, I was in a mischievous mood.

“I don’t know what you guys are trying to pull here…” I said, but smiled devilishly, hinting towards my true intentions. They looked at me, then each other, then me again, then each other again. A flick of my tongue convinced them; I was horny as hell.

“Why you naughty little girl!” Matt said. Then, before I could think twice, he grabbed my legs, flipped me over and then WHACK! He spanked by bottom twice before putting me back down. It wasn’t enough to actually hurt, but there was some throbbing and I was most definitely turned on.

I gave him one look, and then dropped my pants to reveal black lace, leaving little to the imagination. I slowly walked up to him and pressed up against him. “You’re going to have to do a bit better than that!”

So he took my invitation and swung me over my knee. But the spanking didn’t come right away.

“Well Kevin,” Matt exclaimed. “It looks like we’re finally going teach her a lesson!” Kevin approached and started to slide the thong down my legs and off my body. He began to caress my bare buttocks. Then all of a sudden, SMACK! It began. It was the most painfully pleasurable thing I have ever experienced in my entire life. I knew it was Matt doing the smacking because he had large hands that fit nicely on my rear, just as I had imagined. When he had finished, he swept me off my feet and the three of us went to Kevin’s room.

I was plopped onto the bed. “Please,” I begged. “Touch me. Lick me. Make me um, damn you!” So Kevin straddled on top of me and began his work.

First he lifted off my little tank top to reveal a bare chest. “No bra?” he exclaimed. “Your bottom will hear the end of it soon, but not yet.” He brought his mouth close to my already hard nipples and began to suckle on one of them. I moaned with delight as Matt took over the other one. Then, as Kevin kept fondling my breasts, Matt started to go lower.

He approached my virgin vagina and began to blow softly over the wisps of brown hair. It took all my might not to scream out loud. Then he began to lick. First around the outside, caressing the swelling lips. Then all of a sudden, I felt his tongue dart up my vagina extremely fast. Flicking wildly, his tongue covered every area. By this point I could not contain my rowing orgasm, and so I let it out. Kevin came down ad they took turns drinking my warm fluids. Then Matt instructed me to stand up.

I did as I was told, and stood, although after that experience it was more of a hunch. “You, my dear, have been extremely naughty.” Matt exclaimed. “So, as promised, I will spank your little as once more, and then I am going to send you home. But don’t think this s in any way the end.”

So once more he flipped me over his knee and tenderized my buttocks. Kevin then helped me get dressed again, and they sent me home. Oh, the adventures I started… (to be continued)

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