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Wife’s Ass Distress 2

Carrie reached for her mobile phone and called her boss to tell him she was sick and was not able to come to work. Big Tex was a very nice fella and would support her all the time. She made the call, played her role and after finishing, she made the comment to frustrated Huskerboy that she pulled one over on that ole boy again. She then bragged to him about her plan that day but leaving out the sex and erotic passion that evening to tease and keep him in suspense.
Carrie got up and started her morning constitution while frustrated Huskerboy went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee before work. While Carrie was sitting on the potty the house phone rang. She yelled out to Huskerboy to answer it. This morning Huskergirl’s awesome musk was not the only thing in the air, there was FATE!!
On the line was Big Tex who was not a happy camper. He told Huskerboy that when Carrie called him she did not hang up her mobile phone and he heard all her smack she was throwing out after the call. He tried to call her back but it was going right to voicemail so he decided to call the house to give her a piece of his mind. Carrie left Big Tex a mess that day having to cover her staff meeting for her that afternoon while still having to handle his work as well.
Big Tex was really upset she played him like that and told Huskerboy she needs to call him. Huskerboy told Big Tex that he was so sorry that she had left him holding the bag and then it happened. Huskerboy told Big Tex you know what Carrie needs sometimes is a “Good Ole Fashion Big Red Nebraska Spanking.”

There was silence and then with that classic Texas draw Big Tex said, “Well she should not have messed with Texas, I am on my way.”

Huskerboy was in shock, he could not believe he just ratted his wife out and his fantasies had overtaken his logic and shy nature. Surly he is not going to fire her, and then it hit him. I think he is going to spank her. Wow! Huskerboy did not know what to think and say. Part of him was concerned and another part of him was overwhelmed with passion. The thought of that awesome ass of hers upturned getting red made his cock want to explode.
Carrie and that Glorious Gluteus of hers were sitting on her special Husker logo potty seat when she noticed again just how very wet and hot her womanhood was this morning. She rubbed her precious beautiful love muffin and chills shot up her spine. Her little pussy was dripping her sweet love juice this morning. Huskergirl was feeling full of herself and thought she would go tease ole Huskerboy a little. She sashayed in and told him that she was going to take a nice long bath then play hooky the rest of the day.

Huskerboy smelling her musk was sporting some serious wood already from his spanking fantasy as she teased him with that red PJ clad ass of hers. He was just sitting there with a silly shit eating grin on his face just ready to explode.
Then the game changed and there came a knock on the door. Carrie notice that poor ole Huskerboy was in no condition to answer the door so she said, “All right, I guess I will have to find out who is at the door you hard little cob you.”
Carrie swayed over to the door teasing Huskerboy and swinging that sexy booty of hers. When Huskergirl opened the door she went into shock. There standing in the door looking angry with his red face was Big Tex, her boss.

In a very broken and shocked voice she said, “What what are you doing here boss?”

Big Tex got hit between the eyes with the sight of his hot Husker MILF manager in her sexy PJ’s standing right in front of him. He, like Huskerboy, appreciated her fine assets. One thing he was not prepared for was the amazing passion musk she was giving off and the slightly damp patch from her pussy on her Husker PJ’s.
Tex just stood there with his senses overwhelmed, almost in a daze. He knew Carrie was a beautiful woman but was not ready for what he was encountering.
Finally, after what seemed an eternity, he got his wits about him, cleared his voice, and said, “We need to talk!”

Huskergirl was scared and was trying to fight back her tears wondering what was going to happen next. Tex took her gently by the hand and they both went to the kitchen table where Huskerboy was still sitting in a daze in pain and with a boner like a Viagra malfunction. He seemed a little sheepish since he was part of the reason for this visit by Tex.
Tex told Carrie to sit down and listen to him. Carrie was nervous and was not her haughty, confident, large and in charge self. In fact she was acting more like a naughty Catholic school girl sent to the principal’s office.
Big Tex said, “You know Carrie, I have always supported you and am very hurt you would lie and cause a lot of extra work and stress for me. All this just so you could play hooky and go shopping.”

Carrie tearfully trying to recover said, “No Tex, I am not feeling well,” then faked a cough.

Big Tex sternly said, “Enough Carrie, I heard what you said on your mobile this morning. Carrie Sue, is that what you really think of me and how you respect me?”

Huskergirl started to tear up knowing she had been busted by that stupid smart phone that had out smarted her!
Carrie said in a breaking voice, “Please Tex, I am so sorry. I hope you are not going to fire me; are you?”

Big Tex said, “Carrie, I am not going to fire you. I did try to call you back, but your mobile was off line so I called your house phone and talked to your husband. Dear, he is the one that gave me the recommendation on how to handle this.”

In shock, Carrie looked at Huskerboy and said, “What did you say?”

Before ole “lost for words” Huskerboy could respond, Big Tex spoke up and said, “What you need, and how did you put it Huskerboy, oh yea that’s it a “Good Ole Fashion Big Red Nebraska Spanking.”

Carrie Sue’s face went flush and she was lost for words. Sitting there on her squirming hot hiney looking like a naughty school girl she finally responded teary eyed, “A spank… spanking Tex?”

At that point ole Huskerboy did not know what to do. He could not believe what he was hearing. His hot wife was about to have that amazing hot ass of hers spanked in front of him. He had never had the courage to do it but had always fantasized about it.
He was torn if he should protest or intervene? Big Tex got up and pulled out one of the chairs away from the table and set down.

He then said, “Carrie Sue, come her.”

Huskergirl was also in a daze. The strong independent lady felt compelled to follow the request and stood up.

Big Tex said, “Are you ready?”

And with tearful hesitation Huskergirl said yes. Wow Huskerboy could not believe it. She agreed and now he does not have to defend her, she agreed!
By now Huskerboy’s passion was overtaking him and he stood up to watch the coming spectacle, sporting a massive hard on and just smiling with that shit eating grin of his. Big Tex then took Carrie Sue’s hand softly and gently and helped her across his lap. She began to blubber and cry softly. But strangely inside she uncovered an excitement and anticipation that was sexual in nature!
Big Tex said, “Carrie honey, you have had this coming a long time.”

He reached up to pull her red Husker PJ bottoms down, and as his hand gently brushed across her sweet ass it sent chills down her spine. Carrie was so confused, this was the same sensation she would get when her pussy would be turned on.
Huskergirl was feeling an exploding mixture of emotions. In part she was embarrassed and scared that her bare hiney and pussy would be exposed to her Boss in such a vulnerable position. Big Tex could see everything back there, she thought. Carrie also could see her husband standing behind her with a massive boner and shit eating grin on his face. She was a little miffed and embarrassed how much Huskerboy was enjoying this. She also was concerned just how much this spanking was going to make her naked hiney sting?
The emotion that shocked her most was she could already feel her sweet pussy getting sensitive and she worried what if she dripped her love juice on Tex! This was a spanking, it was supposed to be punishment and hurt, why am I so hot and my pussy ready to drip?
Big Tex on the other hand was getting overwhelmed himself. Carrie Sue Huskergirl was morning fresh and when he was slipping her PJ bottoms down that amazing musk of hers rose to meet his olfactory senses, which overwhelmed him with her sexuality. Even Huskerboy could smell it across the room. Tex could not believe how sexy beautiful her ass and pussy were. Watching her in the office in her always sexy cloths, he had always wondered what her hot husker ass looked like bare. Well now he had his answer, there it was bare, vulnerable, quivering, and giving off the most incredible smell that enticed all his manhood.
His big long horn started swelling against her out of his control. Both men paused in admiration of the awesome sight, both with that same shit eating grin.


(Image Source: Buttman)

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